Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Assistance Package 92 & 93

The ninety-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, Andrew Ackner has waived his 5th Amendment rights and publicly admitted to writing all those horrendous comments on my blog.
There was no such admission that I saw.

# He didn't realize that Phil can't block IPs from his blog lobby, so he wouldn't have admitted to it otherwise.
Given the previous observation, this is irrelevant.

# In fact, it is a crime to cover up evidence that could implicate you.
Only if the implication is criminal in the first place and there's no proof of that.

# Also, even though Andrew was directly responsible for his horrendous comments, Phil was indirectly responsible as well.
This is drawing a very long bow.

# The fact that he did not publicly disown Andrew for those means that he endorses them and thus is indirectly responsible.
Or he knows that it never happened as I have already speculated.

# One does not actually have to type on the keyboard.
The Fifth Amendment doesn't provide for this interpretation.

# If hey can't say anything meaningful, they may as well just shut the fuck up.
Oliver you should take your own advice on this.

# TruthMeister, I've been a helluva lot more meaningful than you ever have.
This is entirely false.

# I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
There it is again, taking the oath and consequently perjuring himself.

# I have never committed perjury nor lied to my Lord. Lying is unbiblical so I do not do it.
Oliver you have done it so many times purgatory looks like your home.

# Actually, TruthMeister, there's nothing about fornication in the 10 Commandments. Only adultery.
It means the same in translation.

# If I fuck a girl, then I will no longer be autistic and I will close down this blog.
This is a ridiculous statement.

# No, TruthMeister. I will lose my autism once I receive a cure via chelation.
It is not possible to lose your Autism.

# Yes it does. Just ask John Best.
John Best is not a reliable source of information.

# John Best is an honorable and respectable man.
He most certainly is not.

# Kim Jong-il is a Communist dictator, while John Best is the father of a child with autism. There is absolutely no comparison between the two.
Upon investigation there is. One of John Best's views is for the government to take over all television networks. This is a Communist policy and dictatorial.

# When John Best becomes President, he will not be a dictator as we are not a dictatorship.
He would be, and that's why no one would vote for him in the electoral college.

# I am not an idiot, and I am voting for John Best in the 2012 Republican primary.
John Best is not a member of the Republican party and even if he was he wouldn't be running in California, Oliver!

# I am not crazy.
The sheer lunacy of the previous comment is ample proof otherwise.

# John Best is honest. The bank CEOs just spent their bailout money freely
John Best is not honest. The bank CEO behavior was legal.

# John Best is telling the truth. The Rothschild family controls the global economy.
He is lying.

# John Best is not an idiot. He is a man who is not afraid to tell the truth, unlike you.
It can be argued that he is afraid of the truth.

# John Best has irrefutable proof of all his notions, unlike you.
He hasn't proven one notion yet, that I've seen anyway.

The ninety-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Not only does he claim to tell the truth, but he censors me when I do.
You don't tell the truth, Oliver.

# He now moderates comments, so I won't be commenting there anymore.
So you refuse to use your rights under the First Amendment?

# He and all of Phil's buddies claim that I committed a crime simply by viewing Phil's website, which is utter bullshit.
As shown on the Criminal Canby blog this is indeed a crime.

# Not only is it not stalking, but it isn't burglary either, and that claim is even more ridiculous.
Again I refer to the Criminal Canby blog.

# A website is not property, it is merely a piece of cyberspace.
A website is indeed property, as is anything that you pay for and own.

# If you are gonna leave a point of access to your website, you shouldn't whine and cry when someone takes advantage of that.
Taking advantage when ordered not to is a criminal act.

# I didn't even use a proxy then (although I do now), and that isn't even remotely burglary.
If you take information from the website without permission, that is theft.

# How many dumbfucks can there be? First STFU, then the Asspie Hater, and now the TruthMeister?
As we have seen already, Oliver was Asspie Hater.

# You cannot be banned from the beach because it is a public place and not a private business.
You can be banned from the beach in a certain area if necessary.

# You can't be banned from the post office or DMV (Dept Motor Vehicles) for the same reason.
You can under certain circumstances.

# If a website is in the public domain, it can be accessed by anyone.
Not if a person has been banned from it.

# It's not illegal to gain access to a website. In fact, it is a constitutional right.
There is no such right within the Constitution.

# A sporting event is a private enterprise that requires an admission fee, so that is not applicable.
There are many sporting events that do not require an admission fee.

# Beaches are public venues. Pedophiles may go anywhere as long as they are not within 1000 feet of children.
They can't go to a beach if they are banned from it.

# You cannot be banned from the DMV because of a moving violation. You can still get an ID card at the DMV even if you can't drive.
But you can be banned from there for other reasons.

# Pedophiles can be anywhere as long as they are not within 1000 feet of children.
This is not true.

# Megan's Law states that pedophiles must stay 1000 feet away from children. It says nothing about avoiding the beach.
This is irrelevant as it doesn't take into account specific circumstances.

# The courts can ban pedophiles from going within 1000 feet of children. Other than that, they can't do shit.
Yes they can.

# Dumbfuck, Australian law doesn't apply here. This is the United States of America.
Irrelevant. American courts have powers that can be used for these purposes.

# That is not true, dumbfuck. The only laws that apply are those of a man's home country.
Not if he or she breaks the law of another country while in that country.

# Gary McKinnon will win his case in the English court system and be allowed to remain in his native country.
He would have lost had the English government not intervened.

# As long as he doesn't set foot on American soil, he's completely safe.
He isn't.

# The American courts can't touch him as long as he's in England. They don't have jurisdiction there.
They do if he breaks American law.

# He can't leave his native country, end of story.
He can if he wants to.

# He cannot be exiled from his country of citizenship.
What has an exile got to do with this legal argument?

# You can only get extradited back into your native country, not out of it.
Yes you can if you have broken that country's law.

# The English courts will not extradite him.
The English courts never made the application. The Americans did.

# A solid example of this is Roman Polanski. He raped a girl in the United States, and then fled to his native country of France where he has remained for more than 3 decades.
Roman Polanski was in Switzerland, not France, and he can't be extradited from there because at the time the United States did not have an extradition treaty with Switzerland.

This assistance shall continue.

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