Thursday, April 2, 2015

Assistance Package 86b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Phil, there are no biomedical treatments for anxiety disorder.
There most certainly are.

# And you haven't beaten John Best. You haven't even gotten a decision in your favor.
At the time - Yet.

# Even in a default judgment, you need to present a case, and you have none.
He obviously had one as the decision in his favor proves.

# Also, there would be no way to enforce an Australian court order upon a US citizen.
There are ways to do this.

# Calling curebies "murderers" is insanely delusional and should be enough to get you committed.
It's not because the argument has a great deal of validity to it.

# It's kinda funny that not a single curebie has been arrested for murder (and no, Phil, Karen McCarron was NOT one of us. She was a nut and does not represent our movement).
Karen McCarron killed her child to "cure" that child. That is curebie behavior.

# Saying that I am a murderer in waiting is extremely paranoid, so maybe you should take John Best's advice and go to the funny farm.
Given Oliver's consequent conduct, it can be stated that it is Oliver who is paranoid and maybe needs to go to a funny farm.

# Katie's mother is definitely pro-cure, as she wants to cure her daughter of a horrendous illness like any good mother.
Upon investigation, it would appear that the cure being sought was for GAD, not Autism.

# As for me wanting to committ suicide, you ripped that line way out of context, as always.
No, Oliver, you made the social error and you were called on it.

# I did state that I would likely commit suicide on December 31, 2011, but it had absolutely nothing to do with receiving a cure.
Yes it did.

# It had to do with losing my virginity, a fact that you know damn well.
The two were interconnected by Oliver's own words.

# Also, I would commit suicide to put myself out of my own misery, not because I hate autistic people.
The way to put yourself out of your own misery is to change your attitude, Oliver.

# I love autistic people, which is another fact that you damn well know.
This is a demonstrable lie.

# That is why I want them cured, so that they can reach their fullest potential, something they cannot do with autism.
Yes they can, if society will let them.

# In 1990, you brutalized someone at work, and John Best found out.
Upon investigation, the alleged incident occurred in 1999 and did not involve a work place.

# He then publicly posted it on his blog, and you decided to be a crybaby and sue him for defamation, when he simply told the truth.
Reading the decision, this was only a part of the case - and it was made clear that no brutalization took place.

# The US courts will refuse to enforce an order from Australia because it is outside their jurisdiction.
Not if the other party is American and that American has been found guilty.

# You would have to fly to New Hampshire to do that, and you've already admitted that you're too much of a pussy to fly anywhere.
That doesn't mean that he can't get a local attorney to do it.

# I do not lie, Phil. I have told the truth on this blog, and you can't handle the truth since you live in Phil's World instead of on Earth.
Oliver has told a large number of lies, and it is clear from observation that Phil has a better grip on planet Earth than Oliver does.

# You know that if you do you'll be arrested for stalking just like you stalked the KGAccount and called her a bad mother just because you have nothing better to do.
There is no proof of any stalking.

# The first amendment is sacred, and cannot be reversed by another country's court.
Proven defamation is not protected by the First Amendment.

# You simply told the truth about Phil, and he will be laughed out of the courtroom once he tries to present his case.
He obviously wasn't.

# If you think you have to "know them personally," that is bullshit, and you have a long way to go.
Those are Facebook's rules, and if you don't follow them on your own head be it.

# And yes, Phil, Katie is very much pro-cure, because she realizes that autism is a horrendous diseaseand wants to rid herself of it.
There is no proof of that.

# Katie's mother is also pro-cure, and Katie has decided not to rebel like the other NDs because she knows her mother is right and that a cure is the key to happiness.
As already mentioned, that is about GAD and not Autism.

# It was in an Australian court document from 1990 that you brutalized someone at work, and that is irrefutable proof.
No it isn't and the 2013 document is proof of this.

# And it is impossible to register a court order in the United States without flying here first, and you are too scared to do that.
As previously noted, a local attorney can handle that.

# Also, our courts are under no obligation to listen to yours, as they lack jurisdiction over us.
That is not a valid reason to reject any application.

# You will lose for being a severely deranged mental case, and will be locked up in a padded cell, just like the isolation ward at VGW.
He won, and I doubt any school would have a padded cell.

This assistance shall continue.

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