Monday, April 13, 2015

Assistance Package 89

The eighty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# When I talk about my autism, I pretty much tell it like it is.
It has been long established by now that he doesn't.

# My autism has caused me to have a shitty life, and I am incredibly honest about that.
Autism is not the reason for your "shitty life", Oliver.

# However, all the dumbfucks over at neurodiversity seem to take personal offense to the fact that I would rather be cured to give myself a better life.
You don't need a cure for a better life.

# They call it a "civil rights issue" and that I am "destroying the autistic community," as if there even was one.
As already mentioned, everyone affected by Autism is a part of the community.

# There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why an ND should be offended that I want to be cured. None at all.
There are many reasons.

# If their autism is milder than mine, then they should not tell me not to cure myself simply because they would prefer to be autistic.
They should.

# If they have the right not to cure themselves, I should have the right to cure myself if I so choose.
No you should not.

# It is not offensive to simply ask for a better life.
It is when you think that can only be achieved by a cure and that is not the case.

# Neurodiversity claims to be about respecting people for who they are, but they are anything but.
You don't respect who you really are, Oliver.

# They are an elite group who will expel anyone at a moment's notice for disagreeing with them even the slightest bit.
There is no proof of this, and besides this neurodiversity is not an elite group.

# I am not a human rights abuser, and I am not a hater. I have a disease and I want it gone, akin to cancer and AIDS.
You don't have a disease and claiming otherwise is a human right abuse and hate.

# I respect neurodiversity's opinion, but I do not respect them telling me what my opinion should be.
You don't.

# If they demand justice, so should we.
Oliver's form of justice is murder.

# We will not stop fighting neurodiversity until they are rightfully exposed as a fraud, and we will find a cure for autism for those who want it, because your opinion matters too.
The opinion supporting a cure is the fraud here.

# Nobody should take offense to anything that I say because I am not attacking them directly.
Yes you are, Oliver.

# I respect you choosing not to be cured, as long as you respect my wish for a cure.
There can be no respect for someone wanting something that is impossible.

# What I do not respect is the NDs trying to speak on behalf of all autistic people, while at the same time wasting our tax dollars towards their welfare money.
You don't pay taxes, Oliver, as you don't work.

# Also, let me make it clear that I do not oppose accomodations, and there definitely should be more of those.
Oliver is all about a cure and nothing else.

# A cure and accomodations are not mutually exclusive.
Yes they are.

# I feel that if it gives them a better life, it would frankly be unethical not to cure them.
It would be unethical because it would kill them.

# I respect ND's opinion, but many of them do not respect mine.
Nor should they.

# I just checked StatCounter. Nobody from Oregon; only Australia. Kelvin Protek is not a real person.
Upon investigation it is easy to avoid StatCounter on Oliver's blog.

# Any actual "parents and carers" would appreciate my efforts to bring awareness to this disease and for my efforts to cure it.
No they wouldn't.

# Unfortunately, he (Phil Gluyas) already deactivated his own Google account as a way of complaining when he lost his frivolous lawsuit against them.
Upon investigation, this is not why Phil deactivated his account.

# How could you (Phil Gluyas) have been out all day when it's early Sunday morning?
Upon examination it is clear that Oliver has not taken into account the time difference between Australia and the United States.

# I checked StatCounter as soon as they were left and the most recent visitor whose IP I didn't recognize was an Aussie.
As already mentioned there is a way to avoid StatCounter.

# Yes, I do believe that reasonable accommodations should be made for disabled people. What constitutes reasonable is another story.
This is a lie.

# Here in the United States we have both the ADA and the IDEA which mandate reasonable accommodations for all disabled people.
No it doesn't because it allows many forms of discrimination and has many loop holes.

# But you (Europe) also have lower autism rates due to your lack of childhood vaccines.
This is demonstrably false.

# However, once a cure is found, I believe we should encourage autistic people to take the cure and not our tax money so that they can be productive members of society.
Autistics can be productive members of society without a cure.

# I reported the Asspie Hater numerous times for impersonating me (and you), but as usual Google did nothing.
As established on the Criminal Canby blog this is a flagrant lie.

# I didn't know Google could ban IPs
They can't.

# You are right that it is not defamation to merely accuse someone with reasonable suspicion.
It is when the accusation is demonstrably false and/or causes damage to the subject.

# I never said we should coerce autistic people into curing themselves.
You don't have to, Oliver. Coercion will occur no matter what.

# If they are capable of leading fulfulling lives without a cure, then more power to them.
You can, Oliver.

# However, I do believe that people who have the option of a cure should be encouraged to take it by having any kind of public assistance withheld.
That's not encouragement. That's coercion.

# I know you disagree, and I respect that.
You don't, Oliver.

# I think that with a cure, results would be instantaneous, and no adjustment period would be necessary.
Results would be instantaneous - death.

# The reason I am pro-cure is that I believe a cure to be a quick, painless process, and I'd be much more reluctant if it required a significant adjustment period.
The adjustment period is for life because there is no cure.

# I also believe that Temple Grandin has succeeded despite her autism, not because of it.
No she has succeeded because of it - as she used it as a positive and not a negative.

# She can say whatever she wants, but I believe that had she been cured, she would've been more successful, not less.
This is demonstrably false.

# Even she has admitted in recent years that there are people lower-functioning than she is who could benefit from a cure.
There has been no such admission.

# She also doesn't try to impose her anti-cure views on other people the way Ari Ne'eman does.
She would if challenged.

# I view autism as completely negative and no positive at all.
This is wrong.

# The positive traits that autistic people may have are despite their autism, not because of it.
No it's because of it.

# A cure would only enhance those positive traits while eliminating the negtive ones.
No it would eliminate all traits and leave nothing - leading to death.

# When I talk about a cure, I mean eliminating the negative traits, because that isall I believe autism to be.
You are wrong, Oliver.

# I would also oppose a prenatal abortion because I am staunchly pro-life as per my Republican political views.
Finding a cure would provide this ability.

# Also, Karen McCarron is not a curebie like I am and I do not associate with her.
She is a curebie as previously established.

# Um, no, sorry, I don't offend you. I don't offend anyone. You are another sockpuppet, and I will not stand for this.
You do offend many people, Oliver.

# Any right-thinking person would want autism to be cured because autism is a disease and diseases need to be cured.
No right thinking person thinks that.

# You don't hear anyone calling cancer and AIDS "civil rights issues," because they are diseases in need of a cure as is autism.
Autism is not a disease.

# You can't stand the fact that autistic disease needs a cure, so you make up sockpuppets that make you seem bigger than you really are.
There is no proof that there are any sockpuppets.

This assistance shall continue.

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