Sunday, April 19, 2015

Assistance Package 91

The ninety-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# Let me just say that I accept this award with great pride and honor.
This is a bad idea.

# If Phil and his whack pack think that I'm an idiot, then I must be doing something right!
Given that it appears that he won this because he called all neurodiversity believers pedophiles, this was far from right.

# I am a better person, and autism needs to be cured.
Such arrogance to protect a clearly stupid act.

# Winning this award proves that Phil is the real idiot and I am smart enough to bring change to the world in the form of a cure for autism.
Oliver's ability to be clever is severely under question.

# This is the best award I have ever won. Way better than any of the ones at VGW.
I suspect it won't be for long.

# This award proves that I am sane and that all NDs are whackjobs.
No it proves that you are an idiot, Oliver - including your reaction.

# I would want to be perceived as bad by those people, so this means that I am making a very strong push for a cure and am gaining steam.
No, Oliver, to gain steam you have to avoid being seen as an idiot by everyone.

# Your website will come crashing down, but I must say this award proves who the real idiot is (hint: it's not me).
The award is appropriate, and the website concerned seems to be alive and well.

# I certainly think that it takes one to know one, which is why I consider this "award" an honor and do not take it the least bit seriously.
I suggest you take it seriously, Oliver.

# I truly do not care if there are people whom disagree with my pro-cure views, just as long as they do not interfere with me finding a cure.
Everyone will interfere with that, Oliver, because it's wrong.

# Also, there are less fortunate autistic people (such as Harold's son) for whom a cure is pretty much the only option.
This is not true.

# In terms of Phil giving us "awards," I am more than happy to be like you.
You shouldn't be.

# He refuses to revoke the award and see the truth despite the obviousness of Dr. Dubin's horrific crimes.
It wasn't obvious, but the award has since been revoked.

# But when I even did so much as suggest that all NDs may be pedophiles, Phil Gluyas completely blew his lid, which tells all the truth about him.
Upon investigation, many people reacted the same way.

# I would simply use that as motivation to become better myself, as hard as that may be.
The motivation should be to learn how not to be an idiot.

# All three of those authors have acknowledged that there are autistic people less fortunate than they are who could potentially benefit from a cure
They won't.

# If it was a curebie speaking, I would applaud them wildly, whereas if it was an ND I may ask tough questions but I would still be respectful.
I find this almost impossible to be believe.

# I do need to get laid, badly, even if a cure is impossible.
You don't "need" to get laid. That is the wrong attitude to take.

# I know not to tell that I'm Republican or homophobic, because that can be a turnoff.
That would be lying again.

# More importantly, however, I really shouldn't tell them that I'm autistic, because that is committing social suicide!
Actually it wouldn't be.

# Phil claims to be anti-discrimination and yet he practices it himself! What a hypocrite.
It is right to discriminate against those who prove themselves to be massive idiots.

# I am not an idiot, nor am I delusional.
Oliver behaves like an idiot and shows much delusion.

# The fact that Phil called me an idiot proves who the real idiot is, and it ain't me for sure.
This has already been addressed.

# Phil is an idiot because it takes one to know one.
This is childish and a social error.

# An idiot is someone with profound mental retardation, meaning that you have an IQ below 25.
No, the definition is far wider than that.

# Idiot is most definitely a scientific term, TruthMeister. It was actually included in the first DSM in 1952.
It is not a scientific term. It was a medical term and it's not even that any more.

# Dumbfuck, the first DSM was written in 1952. It's just as applicable now as it was then!
No it is not.

# The original DSM is better because it considers "moron," "imbecile," and "idiot" to be actual diagnoses. It also considers homosexuality to be a mental disorder.
The original DSM is now out of date and extremely bigoted.

# Naw, the DSM (1952) is much better than the DSM-IV-TR (2000). As Walter Cronkite would say, that's just the way it is.
It's not the way that it is at all. This is proof that Oliver is deluded.

# Walter Cronkite died in 2009. Before that, however, he as a staunch believer in the 1952 DSM.
There is no proof of that.

# I am not dumb, TruthMeister, I am smart. My IQ is 146.
IQ doesn't show actual intelligence. It only shows potential intelligence, and Oliver is not fulfilling his potential.

# I have used all 146 of my IQ points ever since I self-tested myself last year.
Self tests are unreliable, and it his obvious that he is not using what intelligence he has.

# It was incredibly immature and childish of Phil to call me an idiot, and it's baffling that he thinks people actually take him seriously.
Given the list of other people who have been given this label, it is quite a serious award.

# The original DSM is just as relevant today as it was during its original reign from 1952-1973.
The original reign was from 1952 to 1969, and it is not in any way relevant today.

# It was the only DSM that didn't pull any punches and refused to bow down to the PC liberal left.
The liberal left have nothing to do with the creation and alteration of the DSM.

# The only reason Barack Obama repealed the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is because he caved in to the liberal left instead of sticking to his morals.
His morals stated that it was the right thing to do.

# The Bible clearly says that it's bad to be gay.
It doesn't.

# The real idiot of the year for 2010 was Phil Gluyas, not me.
No, Oliver, it was you. You deserved it. You never ever call anyone a pedophile without proof. It's libel. As you have found out.

This assistance shall continue.

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