Thursday, April 16, 2015

Assistance Package 90

The ninetieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It turns out that the owner of this blog is STFU, who (thankfully) no longer believes that I am John Best.
Upon investigation that has been revealed to be false.

# There were two dead giveaways. The first one was on his Blogger profile. The date he joined gave it away.
It is a coincidence upon that same said investigation.

# Another one was his URL. It is exactly the same as his other blog that attacked me.
This is not proof. It is supposition.

# He claims to live in Korea, but that is a lie as he has previously stated that he lives in Oregon.
Given that they are two different people this does not apply.

# He did do a post explaining how to get onto my blog and avoid StatCounter, but I believe that is bullshit because the entire blog is protected, including the comments section.
No it's not.

# Also, that post dates to before I received my rogue comment, which was obviously left by Phil.
There is no such "obvious" guide.

# Anyway, this man from Portland (not Korea) needs to be dealt with fast as he is a liar and a coward. Cheers!
It is clear that the liar is Oliver.

# You haven't proven shit, dumbfuck. I will not be censored on your blog, so I do not comment there.
Censoring proven lies is wholly acceptable.

# You have yet to prove me wrong on a single thing. Autism needs to be cured.
Oliver, you haven't proven yourself to be right.

# How about you prove you're not a complete and total fraud?
Oliver, you need to prove beyond a doubt that he is a fraud.

# There is no challenge, TruthMeister. You tell lies. Now, please tell me your real identity.
There is a challenge because Oliver tells lies.

# I cannot comment on your blog as long as you censor me. You need to undo comment moderation before I can even think of commenting.
That is not an excuse not to comment.

# TruthMeister, I have proved it already.
Oliver, you haven't proved anything.

# You may not censor me because I speak the truth.
This is a lie.

# You are a disgusting troll who does not deserve to live on this Earth!
This is a typical reply from someone who has lost the argument.

# Wacka Dawson isn't gonna do a big article at all. He isn't gonna expose anything.
He did as a matter of fact.

# I am thought of as a well-respected autistic blogger who is not afraid to pull punches and call people out.
This is not true.

# I have never told a single lie in my whole entire life.
There are a plethora of lies on this blog alone.

# The things you have accused me of aren't lies; they are truths. Therefore, I do not need to prove myself.
They are not "truths", therefore you do have to prove them.

# I have already won the agrument, and I can call you whatever the Hell I want.
No, Oliver, you were losing the argument because you were running away from it.

# I have defeated you in every single one of your challenges.
There is no evidence of this at all.

# I have taken you up on all of your challenges, and I am undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins.
Upon examination not one of the challenges was even taken up.

# I'm not running and I've answered all of your questions. Enough said.
Oliver didn't answer a single question.

# I have unequivocally proven myself to be a winner.
No, Oliver, you proved yourself to be a coward.

# I always tell the truth, and you censor me anyway. Therefore, I will not comment on your blog.
Oliver lies, and a great deal.

# I have not lied at all. English is spoken in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Nowhere else.
It is spoken in almost every country in the world.

# The original DSM was published in 1952 while the DSM-II was published in 1973.
The DSM-II was published in 1969, not 1973. In 1973 there was a revision only.

# I have a high school diploma with honors from University High School.
There is no proof of this.

# I never lied to the staff at Village Glen West.
This has previously been shown to be false.

# The reason why Bruce Springsteen turns the lites on instead of off during Born to Run is because he cares so much about the autistic people in the audience.
This has already been proven to be false.

# The DSM-II was published in 1973 while the original DSM still has a huge bearing today.
The DSM-I has NO bearing on today. At the time of posting the standard was the DSM-IV. Today it is the DSM-V.

# I was just wreaking havoc and drawing attention to myself.
This admission proves that his previous comment about not lying to Village Glen West staff was untrue.

# I have always been very honest about the reason why I pulled the knife.
Despite much investigation the reason is still to be revealed.

# This can be proven by the fact that he (Bruce Springsteen) performed at an Autism Speaks benefit in 2009.
It proves no such thing.

# I did not lie about hyperventilation. I fake hyperventilated. That is not anywhere close to lying.
Faking equals lying, Oliver.

# The staff enjoyed my antics at VGW, and I did not get kicked out. The decision to leave was my own.
This is very hard to believe.

# Egyptians speak Arabic, not English.
They speak both.

# The original DSM is still revered by Focus on the Family, and the DSM-II was written in 1973.
Focus on the Family is not a reliable source.

# I never intended people to believe that I was hyperventilating. I was just seeking attention and wreaking havoc.
This has so much wrong with it, it defies description.

# The staff at VGW loved me and I was one of their favorite students.
I very much doubt this.

# Focus on the Family is a psychiatric group that seeks to cure people of their homosexuality, which was removed from the DSM-II in 1973, not 1968.
That wasn't what you claimed, Oliver. You claimed the entire DSM-II was published in 1973, which is wrong. Homosexuality can not be cured.

This assistance shall continue.

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