Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assistance Package 95a

The ninety-fifth entry continued the lies and errors - and it was in this entry that I first got involved in the comments. This entry needs to be divided in two.

# Our neighbors had a dartboard that made a bizarre sound that resembles the words, "lotion, lotion, lotion" when you connected with a dart.
This is at best a creation of a seriously deluded and irrational mind.

# Because we Aspergians tend to bizarrely process sounds as words, the feminine sanitizing cream stuck.
Upon investigation, this is a false statement.

# Sensory mix-up is an unfortunate side effect of Asperger's syndrome, which is more evidence of the need for a cure.
Upon investigation there is no such thing as "sensory mix up".

# People who suffer from alektorophobia (fear of chickens) are much more likely to avoid going to a Bruce Springsteen concert, not only because they turn the lites off, but because the keyboard solo in "Badlands" as well as the violin solo in "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" both resemble the sound of a chicken.
Oliver made this up.

# He proved this not only by performing at an Autism Speaks benefit, but by turning the lites on instead of off when he sings "Born to Run" to accomodate those with sensory issues.
It has already been established previously that this is not true.

# Speaking of lotion, it is not masculine for a guy to use it, at all.
This is an untrue statement.

# All Aspergian young men should be taught to avoid lotion at all costs, so that they do not appear gay or homosexual.
This is bad and ill educated advice.

# Because it is a sin to have sex with a man, autistic boys should be taught that being strait is the only option.
Being straight or gay is not something that is taught.

# Aspergian boys may be subject to exploitation, or demasculization, from their bullying peers. Behavior like this must be stopped, because it can severely jeopardize a man's sexual orientation.
There is much wrong with this statement.

# Had he (Freddie Mercury) listened to God, maybe he would still be singing today.
It can not be confirmed, but apparently Mercury was brought up in a religious environment - so he did listen to God.

# Autism is a horrendous disease that needs to be cured. Please join me in the fight against it. It will not be easy, but it is worth it, and in the end, we will emerge victorious.
As I am typing this, Oliver is losing the battle and losing it badly. This is because he is unable to fathom the fact that he is wrong.

# That is right, TruthMeister. Lotion is feminine and should not be used by a man. The same goes for body oil.
Again, this is completely false.

# That's not lotion, dumbfuck. That's medicated cream. Lotion is used by ladies to make them smell nice and oh so smooth to the touch.
All lotion is medicated cream of some description.

# Dumbfuck, I just explained the difference between lotion and medicated cream. Are you gonna listen to me or not?
It's the right thing to do to not listen when someone is giving incorrect information.

# Sunscreen is a form of lotion and is incredibly feminine. Men should avoid it at all costs.
Sunscreen is essential for all human beings - male and female.

# Sunscreen is a product of Big Pharma. It is not medicated at all.
It most certainly is medicated.

# I wouldn't mind getting skin cancer because (unlike autism) it's curable 97% of the time.
No it is not curable to that extent.

# Aftershave is incredibly feminine and should be avoided at all costs.
Aftershave is not used by females so this is a preposterous comment.

# Sunscreen is not medicated at all, nor does it protect against skin cancer. It is all a sham by Big Pharma.
It does protect when it is used correctly.

# I'm never having children, but the stuff you use for diaper rash is medicated cream, not lotion.
Medicated cream and lotion are the same thing.

# TruthMeister, I am right and you are wrong. End of story.
This is a childish comment.

# Anon, I am strait and you know it. Take that defamatory remark down before I sue you in court.
How can Oliver sue Anonymous without an address?

# I'm strait! I'm not having kids because I hate them.
This is a very good reason to have Oliver locked up for the safety of children.

# I graduated from University High School with honors thank you very much!
There is no proof of this.

# I learned about real life from having experienced it firsthand.
By his own admission, Oliver doesn't get out much so this is a misleading statement.

# I have grown up. I am now legally an adult.
In body maybe, but not in mind.

# You are a liar. I am not an idiot because my IQ is over 25.
That does not define an idiot.

# Age of Autism is not a tabloid. It is a reliable news source a la the New York Times.
It is well known that Age of Autism is a tabloid.

# I cannot be sued for asserting my own sexual orientation. Go suck a dick!
This is a contradictory statement.

# If you read the original DSM, you'd know that being an idiot requires an IQ below 25. Since my IQ is 146, I am not an idiot.
The original DSM has not defined "idiot" since 1969.

# I act like a mature 18-year-old. My male therapist told me so today.
He lied.

# The DSM has as much influence today as it did in 1952.
It doesn't.

# All of my academic credits transferred from Village Glen West to University High School in 2009, and I graduated with honors in 2010.
There is no proof of this.

# Believe it or not, it's completely possible for a special ed school to give out academic credits. Not doing so would be in violation of the IDEA act.
Upon investigation, this situation has nothing to do with the IDEA Act.

# Evolution was made up by man. The Bible clearly states that God created the Earth in 6 days, and then rested on the 7th (hence the Sabbath).
The Bible is demonstrably wrong.

# I can't be arrested for going on a public website.
You can if you are banned from that website.

# I will not suffer.
It is clear that Oliver is suffering as we speak as well as throughout the existence of his blog.

# Evolution is a lie. The Bible says so.
Evolution is scientific fact.

# I'm not being destroyed. I just powned all of you!
This is an example of a deluded mind.

# The world was dark until Rome became Christianized.
Rome was always Christian. Roman Catholic is part of Christianity.

# The Renaissance was when society rebelled against the church. That was bad, not good.
There was no rebellion against the church until Charles Darwin.

# The Crusades were a good time because it was when the Christians conquered the world and sent the Muslims to the cleaners where they belong.
No one has ever conquered the world.

# I will not suffer, and I am very tolerant of gay people.
There are many statements of gay intolerance on his blog that prove this statement wrong.

# If you knew the truth, you'd know that my father and I don't even live in the same house.
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# I am very tolerant, especially of gay people. I prove it every time that I comment.
You prove that you hate them every time you comment.

# I have a life and I do live. I must keep this blog to cure autism.
That's a very good reason to delete it because autism will never be cured.

# I do not need to use lotion because I am not a girl.
That is a poor excuse.

# I am powning all of these people, not the other way around.
It was obvious that Oliver was being owned.

# Actually, Sandy Kayler told me my IQ was 104.
Proper IQ testing people aren't allowed to do that.

# I did not ignore you.
Oliver ignores so much that is said to him it is unbelievable.

# I have proven numerous times how crazy I am not.
You have proven you are deluded numerous times, Oliver.

# I am strait, but my autism prevents me from having sex.
No it doesn't.

# Sandy Kayler told my parents and they told me.
As stated already, this person is not allowed to do that.

# I do not lie, and my real parents support my blog 100%.
Upon investigation, they oppose it.

# I am not a fool. I am in complete control.
It was quite obvious that he wasn't in control at all.

# Every time that I talk, I prove myself not to be crazy.
This is another deluded statement.

# I have a life off of the Internet, believe it or not.
You don't. You've said you don't.

# If my IQ was 80, I'd be borderline mentally retarded. I am incredibly smart.
You don't show it, Oliver.

# IQ tests ren't confidential. That's bullshit.
Proper ones are and always have been.

# The self test I took wasn't online. It was a self-administered test bought in a gift store.
That in upon itself demonstrates a lack of accuracy.

# I am not a fool. I am better than you and than everyone else.
This is another deluded statement.

# The world isn't turning on me.
Given everything that was happening at the time, it most certainly was!

This assistance shall continue.

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