Thursday, February 26, 2015

Assistance Package 66 & 67

The sixty-sixth entry is only the third entry to contain no lies or errors

The sixty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# Not only does this make him a fag, but it also makes him a pedophile
Pedophiles are not always gay. There are male pedophiles who pursue little girls.

# ...and proves he lied about being autistic just so he could sexually molest little boys.
It proves nothing of the sort.

# This essentially proves what we knew all along about neurodiversity; that they are a bunch of pedophiles
This is an inflammatory comment, and it is noted that he upset a lot of people with this.

# They believe that being autistic should be an excuse to get away with murder
No such excuse was given.

# They are admittedly modeled after the gay rights movement, and consider throwing pedophiles in jail to be discriminatory against homosexuality.
There is no proof of this view.

# We need to teach people that autism needs to be cured, is not simply a "different way of being," and that it is not a "human rights violation" to cure it but rather a moral and legal duty, on all of our part.
This, again, is demonstrably incorrect.

# We cannot have any more autistic people in this world if they all turn into pedophiles and then try to use their autism as an excuse.
Again, no such excuse was given.

# Anyone who subscribes to that ludicrous philosophy needs to know that autism needs to be cured for the betterment of society.
There is no evidence that it will improve society.

# I believe that real autistic people will accept that this is true and that their disease needs to be cured, and I am relieved to know that there are many of them out there.
Upon investigation, the vast majority of Autistics do not want to be cured.

# It seems as if neurodiversity would want him to get away with this heinous act simply because he is autistic.
Yet again, there is not proof of this.

# They're doing it with Zakh Price and now they're doing it with Nick Dubin.
The two situations are not comparable.

# The fact that this guy is a member of neurodiversity helps their cause even more.
It doesn't help either way.

# They just want to advance their sociopathic political agenda to make sure that autistic people suffer and end up in a mental institution, rather than being cured and leading productive, fulfilling lives.
It is possible to lead a productive, fulfilling life without a cure.

# Andrew, we all know that autism needs to be cured. That is currently the most hotly debated issue regarding autism.
This is false. The most hotly debated issues is over vaccines causing Autism.

# I have just exposed neurodiversity for the sham it is, and you refuse to acknowledge that.
He did no such thing.

# I exposed neurodiversity as a bunch of pedophiles who recruit autistic children just to sexually molest them
Again with the inflammatory comment.

# I will, however, become rich and famous as a result of this expose.
This is a preposterous notion.

# I will be singlehandedly known as the man who brought down neurodiversity, and I will be revered as a national hero for all mankind.
On the contrary, Oliver would be known as a maniac.

# And yes, I am strait and narrow, so that represents me even more
Me doth think he protests too much.

# I don't need to proofread my work, because it is all true.
"Proofread" is two words, hence the need to proof read.

# In Jonathan's case, I am absolutely positive that autism is the only reason why he is still a virgin at age 55.
There is apparently evidence to the contrary.

# I personally just want to advocate publically for a cure, on behalf of all autistic people whose voices have been silenced and censored by neurodiversity.
There is no proof that he represents anyone other than himself.

# Well, I guess in order for my true self to come out, I have to cure my autism first, because it is hindering my progress.
His true self is coming out with this blog.

# He finally came to the realization that Amanda Baggs is a fraud.
Upon investigation, Amanda Baggs is not a fraud.

# I completely agree with your definition of neurodiversity, and sometimes respecting people involves curing them so that they could reach their full potential.
They can reach their full potential without a cure.

# People as high-functioning as Ari Ne'eman have no right to speak for the entire autistic spectrum, as the issues can be very different.
The issues can also be very similar.

# That is why ASAN is pushing the new DSM to merge Asperger's and autism into one diagnosis, only to further their sociopathic agenda.
There is nothing sociopathic about that.

# 100,000 pounds would be only about 50,000 dollars
At the time, 100,000 pounds was worth 160,000 dollars.

# I may not need a cure as badly as some autistic people, but I need one nonetheless, and I believe that should be respected.
If Oliver wants respect he should change his tactics.

# My case worker at the Regional Center said that if I were to be diagnosed today I wouldn't be autistic
Upon examination this is not the case.

# It's best you just ditch neurodiversity altogehter and become pro-cure.
It's best if you stop telling people how to think, Oliver.

# Your friend has admitted to being a pedophile, so don't give me that bullshit.
There was no such actual admission.

# I do have Google, and I'm not the insane one here.
There is much proof on this blog of Oliver's insanity.

# I just completely blew the whistle on your movement and you don't have a leg to stand on.
No whistle was blown.

# They taught me great at VGW, and I wouldn't be who I am today without that school.
So we should blame VGW for Oliver being a maniac?

# The reason that I don't know jack shit about video games is that I've always resosted being an Aspergian stereotype, and that involves playing video games.
Playing video games is common amongst non Autistics.

# In order to resist the stereotype, I've shied away from video games my entire life, because it makes me more normal.
It does the opposite as a matter of fact.

# There are absolutely no noble reasons why someone would download child porn.
The police download it as part of their investigations. That's not noble?

# I'll bet Nick Dubin sexually molested you and you're unaware of it
There is no proof of this.

# A lying prick isn't someone who makes false accusations, a lying prick is someone who spreads rumors.
Rumors aren't always lies so this definition is not correct.

# I have never intentionally spread a false rumor about anyone, therefore, I am not a lying prick.
Not withstanding the previous error in definition, plenty of false rumors have been spread on Oliver's blog.

# You did defame me, because you called me homosexual, and I hate gay people.
It is not defamation to tell the truth if someone believes it to be true.

# Also, chelation isn't a "magic bottle"; it is a cure for autism.
That is the same thing.

# Andrew, it matters not what you say, but what you mean.
This statement is contradictory.

# I don't see why I would be laughed out of the courtroom because nothing on this blog could be used as evidence against me.
It has recently been proven that this is a false statement.

# Under the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, a judge cannot take one's computer away without reasonable cause.
The removal of Oliver's computer would have reasonable cause.

# I know what the real world is like, and it is not accepting of autism. That is why I want a cure.
It is far more honorable to seek to make autism acceptable.

# I'm gonna get chelation next week, as soon as the World Series is over.
There is no evidence that he did this.

# I'm not on the verge of a complete breakdown (I've got everything under control)
There is much evidence consequent to this comment that proves this wrong.

# I do need to get my life together, and get out of the blogosphere and into the real world.
And yet this blog is still online.

# I find neurodiversity to be a corrupt organization with bad morals, so I will do whatever I can to derail them.
Neurodiversity is not an organization.

# I'm fully aware that it could backfire toward me (as it already has to an extent), but I feel it is a risk worth taking.
It is not a risk worth taking at all.

# He's a heterosexual man who is married to Karen and has 3 children, including Sam who is severely autistic.
Upon investigation he has two children, not three.

# Also, I'm much better at thinking outside the box than they are, so I usually report things that others don't see.
This is an Autistic trait.

# I don't take LSD, just Risperdal and Buspar.
There are anti-psychotic drugs, which tell a very serious story.

# If I really wanted to know, I'd use Wicked Pedia and not Google.
If you really wanted to know, you would ask the experts in the field.

This assistance shall continue.

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