Thursday, February 5, 2015

Assistance Package 56b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the fifty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# This (the DSM-5 diagnosis merger of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome) must be stopped, as autistic people need to be cured, as do I.
It is fact that it was not stopped.

# That is not complaining, that is fact.
It is not fact.

# John Best has been known to speak the truth, and in this case he has actual court documents to back himself up.
Upon investigation there are no such court documents that support him. There are however court documents that oppose him.

# You mentioned slapping your boss, which is still assault and battery even if it does not result in serious injury.
Upon investigation, the person's boss was not slapped or assaulted in any other way.

# Joeker seems more trustworthy than you, so I'll tend to believe him on this issue.
It is unclear if Joeker is trustworthy or not.

# VGW is what gave me social awareness, and I thank it greatly for that.
As this blog demonstrates, Oliver does not have social awareness.

# I am more educated than you, Phil, as I have a high school diploma, so you should be the last person to question my education.
A high school diploma does not provide life experience, which Phil has as he is much older than Oliver.

# How could there not be a high school diploma? When you graduate high school, there has to be something you receive stating that you graduated.
Upon investigation, in Australia there is no graduation ceremony of any sort. As far as documents are concerned there are none. There is a designation called a VCE which appears to be the closest to a US high school diploma, but this is not provided in paper form.

# That would be the equivalent of a diploma. Otherwise, there would be no point in going to high school.
High school is about education, not diplomas.

# A safe haven and a sheltered environment are not the same thing.
In the education system they are.

# Professional wrestling is not a sport and is not considered something to be proud of, so that doesn't count either.
At the elite level, professional wrestling is very well paid.

# Also, it is illegal to hide potentially self-incriminating information, so your website could be subpoenaed/seized and you hiding it would be contempt of court.
Upon investigation, for a website to be in contempt, a cause of action would need to be established. At present there is no cause of action so the hiding of "self-incriminating information" is legal.

# I do have a sense of humor, but it's never funny to insult someone like you do to Jonathan.
It has been demonstrated that Oliver does not have a sense of humor

# I won't even be gay because of Leviticus 18:22.
A Bible scripture is incapable of dictating if a person is gay or not.

# Jonathan Mitchell, Jake Crosby, and I all have the right to demand a cure if we so choose.
It has been established that this is a waste of time and energy.

# What you NDs seem not to realize is that you are the agressors.
Calling for a cure is seen as aggressive.

# You deep down inside all know that there is a cure, and you don't want us to cure ourselves cause it makes you look bad.
No one knows that there is a cure, because there isn't one.

# Clay, Jonathan Mitchell lives independently from his mother and has since 1984.
There is no evidence to support this assertion.

# Heating is not necessary here in LA, because we have perfect weather.
I rather think that the recent cold snap would made that observation outdated.

# The Dodgers have not had a rainouts at home since 2000.
This is a social error stating the obvious without a good reason.

# While he does not work now, he did for nearly 3 decades so I'm sure he has enough for the basic utilities.
There is no evidence of this.

# I don't want my parents to support me my entire life.
It may be that Oliver might not have a say in that.

# I don't need an expensive condo like Jonathan; just a $500/month studio apartment would do for me.
Only those with criminal tendencies would inhabit those apartments.

# Especially with the increased popularity of Autism: The Musical of which I personally know two of the cast members
Upon investigation, no one knows Oliver from that cast.

# Also, only bottom faggots can get AIDS; nobody else.
This is demonstrably false.

# I hear all the time about autistics and Aspergians being arrested for sexual harassment/stalking simply because of bad social skills.
"All the time" is an offensive generalization that has no basis in fact.

# I think I know which line not to cross, but my social anxiety prevents me from perhaps going borderline, out of my comfort zone.
It is clear that Oliver does not know the line not to cross.

# On second thought, if I was a virgin (and told her so), then there'd be no STD risk on her part.
There would be if Oliver had not looked after himself in other ways.

# Tattoos are not art, and they are masculine because you have to get stabbed with needles.
This is a sexist remark because many females also have tattoos.

# The only thing I'm ever gonna smoke is Marlboro, again because of the masculinity factor.
This is another demonstration of the lack of social awareness.

# I also don't disrespect intellectualism as my IQ is 146 self-tested, and 131 online-tested.
He actually does disrespect it, because he doesn't use this intellect in the practical sense.

# Most of what I do for masculinity purposes isn't because of peer pressure, it's just how I feel more comfortable, and it's more to prove to myself that I'm masculine and strait, even though I know that in reality I need no proof and I am what I am.
It has to be peer pressure, unless Oliver is fighting the typical feelings of a gay person and is trying desperately to suppress. I express no opinion on which it is of the two.

# Everyone at VGW used to call me gay and a faggot and feminine so I feel I have to prove them wrong, even if I know I'm right.
The correct reaction to this would be to ask why they think he is that way, not to try to prove them wrong.

# Clay Adams: I'm smarter than you, so no I am not stupid.
The statement "I'm smarter than you" is stupid.

# Liver and chopped liver are the same god-damned thing, so don't fucking try to lecture me on that one.
Can one consume a whole liver in one gulp? No, so they are not the same thing.

# Explain that to me, Mr. Section 8 Discharge.
This is defamation.

# Also, vaccines do cause autism, and you know it!
No one knows it.

# Autism Speaks is a joke, and has officially converted to neurodiversity with it's purchase of
Wrong Planet is owned by Alex Plank, not Autism Speaks.

# I don't need to act strait because I am strait and therefore have nothing to hide.
This is contradictory, because he constantly tries to act straight.

# I don't know how that phrase got deleted, but it sure as Hell wasn't me. If you accuse me of such, you will be sued for defamation.
This is not defamation.

# And everyone knows the only way to get AIDS is to get assfucked.
I think I have said this before - it can also be transmitted through blood transfusions and the exchange other body fluids such as semen and saliva.

# Women cannot get AIDS unless they fuck a gay guy <snip> it's impossible for a strait guy to get AIDS.
This is demonstrably incorrect, as straight couples are also known to engage in sexual intercourse in the ass.

# I act how I act, which is strait. I don't act metro or gay, because that is not me.
I am not convinced that Oliver knows what acting straight actually means.

# And yes, hot girls always tell the truth.
This is a major social error - hot girls are in fact the biggest liars on average.

# Andrew, I am not stupid. No hot girl has ever lied to me, ever.
He can not be certain of this as he has no social awareness.

# As Confuscious said, "Do unto others as you wish to have done unto you.".
I would hope that Oliver does not have anyone take this up, because he would be in some serious danger.

# But the bottom line is, I'd even fuck a diseased girl.
This would be an extremely stupid thing to do

# That's right, Andrew. I won and you lost. It's not even funny how badly I defeated you.
There is no evidence that Oliver defeated Andrew.

# I am your warlord, Andrew.
Only a delusional person would make such a ridiculous statement.

# Now that I'm not at VGW anymore, I have to get attention another way, and that is via this blog.
The sort of attention this blog provides only leads in one direction - to a miserable life.

This assistance shall continue.

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