Sunday, February 15, 2015

Assistance Package 62 & 63

The sixty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# If a guy gives out his number to an entire audience at a concert, I'd say it's OK for one guy like me to post it on his blog.
No it is most certainly not, and further I would suggest that the number was not correct.

# It is NOT illegal for a person to know what is being said about him.
It is illegal to access such information if it is not available for public consumption.

The sixty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# First of all, this "Asspie Hater" guy doesn't know what he's talking about
You do know what he was talking about, Oliver because it was you.

# I don't really get what his supposed message is, since he attacks both curebies and NDs.
You explain it to us.

# He apparently knows Joeker, so hopefully Joeker will give me his address so I can sue him for impersonating me.
This - with the previous information in mind - is a false statement.

# He has also impersonated Phil, Joeker, and me, which could put him up for a lawsuit.
It didn't, because Oliver hid himself as responsible well - until the truth was revealed.

# I believe there is room for a difference of opinion among autistic people and everyone's views should be accommodated.
Not the desire for a cure.

# I definitely believe that a cure should be a matter of choice
If it was found there would be no choice, such is the fear society holds for Autism.

# I definitely believe in acceptance and understanding, but people who want a cure should have the right to one.
This is a contradictory statement.

# If it sets off a chain reaction, I see no harm in that because people wouldn't be trying to find good when there is really so little.
There is good in all human beings. Oliver, by this statement, opposes that view.

# I understand you have a different opinion, and I respect that
Throughout this blog Oliver shows that this statement is false.

# I really don't see anything beneficial about having Asperger's syndrome.
This would be because Oliver doesn't fully understand the condition.

# I don't really see myself as a pessimist, just a realist.
A realist would seek to accepted. Oliver is not a realist.

# People definitely shouldn't view autism as a death sentence
Oliver does.

# They should be somewhere in between, but some autistic people can't reach their full potential without a cure.
All Autistics can reach their full potential.

# I hope they anesthesized you during the procedure, cause it'd hurt like Hell if they didn't.
This is an unbelievably stupid remark.

# I've never had any surgery, but I do plan to get a vasectomy once I start doing it regularly.
This contradicts Oliver's previous imputed belief that Autism is not genetic.

# I know a lot of facts as well (almost an infinite amount)
We are yet to see many facts on this blog.

# I still see nothing wrong with it, but I also don't take the "civil rights" perspective on autism.
This is a very good reason why Oliver gets abused and mocked.

# They shouldn't take any money away from helping autistics live better lives
Oliver's current attitude contradicts this claim.

# I also doubt that an abortion will be invented for autistic fetuses
If a cure is found it will create this very scenario.

# Many normal people do find Aspergians repulsive, so they avoid us anyway.
Then surely they should be educated?

# Based on Jonathan's life experiences as parlayed through his fictional stories I would believe that it is true.
The life experiences of one person should not guide another exclusively.

# I don't think anyone who knows Jonathan personally would think that way of him. He is a great man with a great idea.
Upon examination, Jonathan is not a great man.

This assistance shall continue.

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