Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Assistance Package 56a

The fifty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# When I was 12 and 13 years old and attending VGW, this was a routine I would engage in quite frequently. I would begin hyperventilating (fake, of course), and tell my teacher, Mr. Rubenstein, that I needed an EKG.
This would only have happened no more than maybe three or four times at the most. But upon investigation it only happened once.

# Then, after he'd refuse, I'd run down to the nurse's office, knock on her door, and say "Nurse, I'm hyperventilating. I need an EKG."
Upon investigation, the school concerned would not have let him out of the classroom so this is also not true.

# She'd respond by saying, in her Guyanian accent: "You don't need an EKG when you hyperventilate. You just need a paper bag," and would proceed to slam the door in my face.
As per the previous comment, this never occurred.

# Then, after returning to my classroom, I would pass out due to lack of an EKG, and demand CPR.
One can not ask for CPR after passing out, so this also did not occur.

# I would only accept CPR from Meghan, the hottest girl at VGW of whom I later got to touch her on her boobs.
It has already been established that this is a lie.

# After the lack of CPR, I would die, only to miraculously wake up and be fine two seconds later.
Pretending to die is quite possible, but extremely dangerous as it would create a Cry Wolf situation that would mitigate against correct action upon a genuine incident.

# I even had made up this whole backup story about why I needed an EKG when I hyperventilate.
It is noted that Oliver did not tell the story, as it would have been revealed as fake easily enought.

# Anyway, while I am aware this is autistic behavior (i.e. not normal), I believe it is more than just dramatic play, which autistic people tend to engage in.
It is not Autistic behaviour as Autistics prefer solitude and do not as a general rule attention seek, unless they have another disorder co-morbid with Autism.

# I believe it has some kind of sexual derivation, perhaps even a fetishistic one. And it's tied primarily to EKGs.
This is a lie.

# When I was 11 years old, I had an experience at the EKG doctor's office that led me to get a sexual fetish for EKGs.
At 11 years old puberty has for the most part not arrived so this is impossible.

# It wasn't until I was 14 that I decided that I wanted to have sex with another person, but by then my EKG fetish was too far gone.
As previously established this is a lie.

# I believe that's to an extent what alienated me from getting laid, and I'm 18 years old and not getting any younger, was deriving sexual pleasure from something as offbeat as an EKG.
I see this as simply an excuse to gain attention and deflect from other more serious issues.

# She doesn't realize that society is actually moving away from the feminist movement.
This is not true at all.

# As for having autism, that is my biggest detriment.
It has been already established that Autism is the least of Oliver's problems.

# While it may be easy for a normal person to get laid, it's incredibly hard for an autistic person like me.
It is not easy for a normal person to get laid. We have to earn as much as anyone does.

# I just don't see too many positive aspects to me, since I am autistic.
Autism is not a negatove aspect.

# I don't think you realize how autistic I really am.
This is an excuse again designed to deflect from Oliver's real problems.

# I was in a special school for seven years, and to my knowledge you weren't, so that means I'm more autistic than you.
This is a offensive generalisation and a very childish one.

# I can't take the initiative due to my social anxiety
This is a problem that cn be resolved and without doing anything about Autism.

# I may be somewhat good at that, since my brain is wired female more than it is male.
There is no proof of this absurd statement.

# An EKG is a completely non-invasive procedure, so you really don't feel anything.
Which proves that a fetish related to EKG's is impossible.

# It's more the circumstances than the actual feeling, as an ordinary fetish would be
Oliver does not understand from a practical stand point what a fetish is.

# Nobody's fetish affects their daily life unless they're a pedophile or have other serious mental problems.
This is not true. Fetishs indeed affect one's daily life.

# And for the record, he didn't impersonate you; he only used your picture.
Use of a picture in certain circumstances is an impersonation. There is no information if those circumstances applied here.

# How do I not understand sensory sensitivity? I'm sure I have the self-awareness to know when I feel something sensory related.
There is no proof either way of this claim.

# That (a fetish) is a pathology, and those people are really fucked up.
Fetishs are harmless - unless they involve illegal activity. Most do not.

# VGW is not sheltered, Phil.
The special school named here is well know as a sheltered environment.

# I do not have a bad attitude towards virginity. I accept it as part of autism
It is not a part of Autism, therefore Oliver has a bad attitude towards it.

# I hope Joeker wins his lawsuit against you
No such lawsuit has ever existed upon investigation.

# Unless you are speaking of the M Night Shyamalan movie, there is no sixth sense.
The sixth sense is otherwise known as instinct.

# If something isn't pathological, Phil, then by definition in cannot affect one's daily life.
Whilst this is true, fetishs are pathological.

# It (VGW) is merely a safe haven, an accepting environment for autistic children.
Which in education makes it a sheltered environment.

# VGW is what gave me my sense of awareness for the real world, and I thank it tremendously for that.
It is quite clear on this blog that Oliver has limited awareness for the real world, so this is a lie.

# In the real world they don't block other people's IP addresses to shut them out.
This is false. Many people have been known to do this.

# It causes a lack of social awareness, which in turn causes virginity.
This generalised statement is not true and quite naive.

# If I'm not desperate now, I'll be a virgin for all eternity. <snip> I actually think I'm not desperate enough, because I'm all talk and little action.
Desperation is a turn off for girls, and should be avoided at all costs.

# An attraction to fat girls isn't devious, but it is deviant. It is rather bizarre, and some would consider it a fetish.
Devious and deviant in the sexual sense is the same thing, and it is far from bizarre.

# I don't really have a woe is me attitude, I just want answers and justice.
That is a "woe is me" attitude so this remark is contradictory.

# I happen to know that autism needs to be cured
It's doesn't.

# In the real world, neurodiversity doesn't exist
In the real world, neurodiversity is the base of all human beings.

# No, Andrew, Phil has not functioned in society.
Upon investigation, this is not true - unless it can be proven that evidence that exists about him is false.

# I do not whine and bitch and moan and complain, you do.
This entire blog is a litany of whining, bitching, moaning and complaining.

# I also recognize that I cannot change how normal people think, which is why I demand a cure.
You can change them.

# I do not want to be autistic, and I should not be forced to live as one.
You have no choice.

# I just suck it up and act normal.
This is a dangerous action and should cease immediately.

# I do, however, demand a cure. Not from society, but from the medical establishment, as one would for cancer and AIDS.
Cancer and AIDS are diseases. Autism is not.

This assistance shall continue.

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