Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Assistance Package 64a

The sixty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# It's also kind of ironic that these normal people were practicing bad social skills when I as an autistic person was behaving perfectly fine.
This is the wrong way around when it comes down to it, and this is a bad error as a result.

# How's VGW these days? It must be pretty bland without me around to liven things up.
This admission of troublemaking as previously observed is not something to be proud of.

# Why do you say this blog would be an "elaborate and satirical prank"?
Because many of the statements made so out there it can not be serious.

# That's why I much preferred VGW to a normal school, because I was at the top of the social ladder and there were other students who had behavioral problems and it made me feel better than them.
That is a bad thing because a whole life is lived at both ends, and where being at the top of the social ladder is earned.

# When I went to a normal school for my senior year, I felt like I was so inferior that it was my duty to cater to the normal students
This is another error. When one feels inferior you work your way up.

# I still felt inferior in the way that mattered: the social sense.
The social sense is not the entire lifespan of anyone.

# Whenever any one of them asked me for academic help, I felt as if it was my God-given duty to help them
Oliver, you were set up. This was a social error. You should done your own thing, because that help permitted them to feel superior to you. You should have denied that option.

# I could at least share some of the knowledge I had and make them even more superior to me, as I had been commanded to do so.
No one commands anyone to be inferior.

# I don't feel it's me who's done the judging; I feel it is society.
Then why don't you do something about that?

# I accept that society doesn't accept me, and I feel the only way out of that is a cure.
This acceptance is unacceptable, because it forms part of Oliver's issues.

# I think the research should be directed toward a cure instead of changing society's attitude, because that ain't gonna happen.
It has to happen, for the good of humanity's acceptance of difference. It's happening with gender. It's happening with skin color. It's happening with gender preference. It's trying to happen with religion. It needs to happen with Autism.

# I'm definitely for a change in social policy, but I'm not anti-cure like ND.
This is a contradictory statement.

# He personally attacked Jake Crosby due to a mere disagreement.
There is no proof of this.

# While it is a difference, it is also most certainly a disability, and by definition it needs to be cured.
By definition, difference does not need to be cured. Disability is a social construct and nothing more.

# We are not a "minority group seeking civil rights," we are a diseased people who is desperately seeking a cure, and we won't take no for an answer.
You will take no for an answer, Oliver, because you have no alternative if you wish a decent life.

# Let's also keep in mind that Roger Kulp is very low-functioning
There is no proof of this.

# And if you consider Phil a good advocate, then you have a long way to go.
Upon investigation, Phil has had some success as an advocate.

# Kevin Leitch just completely bashed Jake Crosby, treated him like shit
There is no proof of this either.

# Autism is definitely a disease.
It is definitely not a disease.

# The very definition of a disease is something that causes both pain and suffering, and autism causes both.
A disease is viral or bacterial, and Autism is neither.

# Etymologically "dis" means "not" and "ease" means "happy." If it makes us unhappy, it is by definition a disease.
This is an incorrect interpretation.

# Gay people are making a conscious choice to disobey the laws of the Lord, and they will pay for it.
This is demonstrably incorrect.

# Down's syndrome can be cured via an abortion, as our society is so pro-choice these days anyway.
Abortion is not a cure.

# It's fine to accept black people, and even making women equal to men is OK (albeit unBiblical)
There is nothing in the Bible that opposes this assertion.

# Neurodiversity is not a disease for me because it doesn't affect me.
You are neurodiverse, Oliver. Every human being is neurodiverse.

# His next step is to acknowledge that autism needs to be cured.
No one will make this step unless they don't understand Autism.

# All members of neurodiversity need to accept that autism needs to be cured and stop dissing us curebies.
This is incorrect.

# Abortion is a cure, albeit not one that I agree with.
This is a contradictory statement.

# I think all cure efforts should be directed toward living people in order to improve their lives, not take them away.
A cure will take a person's life away.

# I got straight As my first quarter there (Uni HS).
Frankly I find this hard to believe.

This assistance shall continue.

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