Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Assistance Package 65

The sixty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'd do that too (have sex), if I wasn't autistic.
This is not a hold back.

# Instead of advertising chelation so autistic people can actually get laid, they (Age of Autism) just brag about how normal they are, which is disgusting.
There has been no bragging and chelation will do nothing to help an Autistic "get laid".

# Autistic people can't have sex
Yes they can.

# They should instead focus on turning us autistic people into normal people so we can have sex
What defines a normal person?

# I'm not gonna retract that statement because it's true for the vast majority of autistic people.
It is not true.

# I wish I could've done a 3way like you, but I can't cause I'm autistic.
You can.

# I know you have a beef with Phil, but pretty much everyone does.
Upon investigation, the number of people that have a beef with Phil is low.

# Andrew, autistic people do not have the necessary skills to get laid because they are socially inept.
This is not the issue.

# Aspergian people cannot learn good social skills cause they are diseased, and thus need to be cured.
They can learn some basic skills to get by.

# There may be a few isolated success stories (such as yours), but those are few and far between.
Upon investigation, this is not the case.

# Each person is different, and there is only so much he or she can accomplish.
There is no limit to what any individual can accomplish within themselves.

# We are all entitled to basic respect as humans, but only to a certain extent.
The words after the comment should be deleted for accuracy.

# Also, I don't want to committ any social faux pas.
Everyone, Autistic or not, commits social errors.

# I believe I have a right to that, but that it is impossible without a cure.
It is not impossible without a cure.

# I believe Jonathan is now too old to get anything meaningful done.
This is completely false.

# I definitely think if I fuck up, I should fix it, and not just pretend nothing happened or ignore it.
There is much evidence on Oliver's blog of pretending nothing happened and ignorance.

# It just seems that ND people feel they are entitled to do whatever the Hell they want, and I don't like that.
Everyone can do what they want, including Oliver.

# I am not Jonathan, but I care about him and his kind because I care about other people.
It is clear from this blog's content that this is a lie.

# My motives are to bring awareness to autism and the fact that it needs to be cured. Nothing could be more noble than that.
Lying is anything but noble.

# I'd appreciate it if you'd spell "noble" correctly. There's only one n.
There is such a thing as a typo.

# Also, it is very noble of me to stand up for a worthy cause.
I have not yet seen a noble cause that Oliver has stood up for.

# Autism is not a civil rights issue, it is a disease and must be cured accordingly.
As previously stated, Autism is a civil rights issue and it is not a disease.

# Or like Catatab Tabimount and her bizarre fascination with numbers, because numbers are supposedly her language.
Fascination with numbers are in fact are a very strong positive to an individual.

# Then don't just randomly say it if it means nothing. Although, that was kinda the case with laundry informed too, but that's beside the point.
It's not beside the point at all as it proves this statement to be contradictory.

# Christine O'Donnell used to be a wicked witch back when she was in high school
This is demonstrably false.

# Ointment is neither funny nor random nor unique; it is completely random and socially inappropriate.
This again is contradictory.

# He specifically told me that there were no special effects and his dick really is that big.
There is no proof this conversation took place.

# Also, he gave me his phone number which, if you'd like to call him, is <snip>
You never ever publish a person's phone number.

# A Freudian slip is when you say what you think without intending to say it
No it's saying something with a multiple meaning without recognizing the alternative meaning.

# I am completely honest and I don't lie
As previously stated this is demonstrably incorrect.

# The label on the chelation bottle that says, "You'll get laid within a week or your money back!"
This is also a lie.

# I don't think a Big Pharmacist would want his or her photo published on my blog.
There is no such thing as a "Big Pharmacist".

# Also, since they work for Big Pharma, it might result in a lawsuit for defamation since I used their photo on an anti-Big Pharma blog.
It is more likely the accusation of the pharmacist being in Big Pharma's employ would result in a lawsuit.

# I don't know how to make labels since I don't have a sticker printer.
You don't need a sticky printer to make labels.

# The children will most likely be raised in Meghan's Christian faith as opposed to Jonathan's Jewish one, because children are usually raised in their mother's religion
There is no proof of the truth of this.

# I also received a bris from a rabbi with a beard when I was 8 days old, and I'm 2 inches shorter as a result.
That is impossible. A quarter of an inch, at the most.

# Yes, Andrew, I'm Jewish, both religiously and ethnically.
There is no proof of this.

# He grew up in Africa with the Peace Corps which is the antithesis of the rich Jewish mentality.
There is no proof of this either.

# 80-year-old men are strait. They just need some Viagra to help them out.
There are many 80 year old gay men, and women.

# Now you are making fun of Jonathan's Jewish appearance, which I view as anti-Semitic.
A Jew's appearance has nothing to do with antisemitism.

# I don't regret calling STFU a nigger at all because frankly, that dumbfuck deserved it.
There is no excuse for using that offensive and racist term.

# You can easily tell if someone is Jewish or not just by looking at them.
This is patently false.

# Jonathan is actually suing me for defamation based on said comment; not because I said he was Jewish, but because I falsely implied that he wanted to have sex with an 18-year-old girl named Meghan, who actually exists.
No such lawsuit ever existed upon investigation.

# The trial date has already been set for August 26 of last year, barring a last minute settlement from either side.
It is a criminal code violation according to another blog to lie about legal proceedings.

# Clay, you can very easily tell if a person is Jewish, just like you can tell if they're Italian or Lebanese.
This is again patently false.

# I'm only half-Jewish, because my mom is Jewish and my dad is a WASP.
This contradicts the earlier claim that he is a Jew.

# Sometimes, people change their race. Michael Jackson was born a poor, black boy and died a rich, white woman.
Michael Jackson was always black and always a man. His skin appearance was cosmetic only to hide a serious skin condition.

# You're definitely invited to the trial. It's at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Downtown
There is no Superior Court in Downtown LA. The closest is the Metropolitan Court House in University Park.

# First of all, I never said all Jewish people look Jewish.
You most certainly did. See above.

# You are putting words in my mouth. Please do not do that.
You said "You can easily tell if someone is Jewish or not just by looking at them."

# Who are you gonna jack off to next, Margaret Hamilton? She's also a wicked witch.
Neither Christine O'Donnell nor Margaret Hamilton were ever real life witches.

# I would guestimate that about 5-10% of self-identified Jews wouldn't look like it.
This is again patently false.

This assistance shall continue.

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