Saturday, February 21, 2015

Assistance Package 64b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the sixty-fourth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# People will see that autism needs to be cured, and you will end up getting the short end of the deal.
People at present see that Autism is caused by other than genetic factors. They seek prevention, not cure.

# You NDs are preventing a cure which is desperately needed.
It is not desperately needed.

# We need to delve all our research dollars into a cure because if one doesn't exist now, redirecting the funds won't help it at all.
And meanwhile suffering will increase, and lives destroyed. This is the higher priority.

# We don't have a cure for cancer or AIDS, and yet we keep looking and don't call them "civil rights issues."
That's because cancer and AIDS are diseases. Autism is not.

# It's widely known that mercury causes autism, but that doesn't make us "anti-vaccine," we're just anti-mercury
The mercury opposition derives from thimerosal, which is associated with vaccines.

# ALA says right on the bottle "proven cure for autism," and "you'll get laid within a week or your money back,"
This is a false statement.

# ALA is made by Big Pharma, by the way.
ALA is made by the alternative medicine providers, not Big Pharma.

# Only acute mercury poisoning is worse than autism, and autism is a form of mercury poisoning.
There are many things worse than Autism.

# I just feel oral chelation is the way to go and is a quick fix.
It's not.

# I mean, he (Kent Adams) accosted Jerry Seinfeld in New York City which led John Best to call him a "whackadoodle,"
There is no proof that the person who confronted Seinfeld was Kent Adams.

# However, we all know that Jenny McCarthy's son Evan used to be autistic, but Miss Jenny chelated it away so he's normal now.
Upon investigation, Evan was never Autistic.

# Andrew, my parents do approve of me being chelated if it would cure my autism
There is no proof of this.

# No, Andrew, Phil has no authority at all.
It would appear from his legal success that he does have some authority.

# A normal person would view me as sane and with reasonable opinions, while they would view Phil as a severely deranged mental case.
I am of the view that this would be the other way around.

# Jake Crosby is a very credible source, as am I, and we agree on nearly everything.
Neither of you are credible sources.

# Andrew, I am 100% honest in this blog, and I don't sugarcoat anything.
As previously observed, there are a lot of lies on this blog.

# I am not trying to speak for anyone but myself.
Throughout this blog, Oliver has tried to speak for others.

# I am constantly attacked for my pro-cure views as a "neurobigot," but given no legitimate reason why.
Upon examination the reasons have already been given by others. Oliver has chosen to ignore these reasons.

# I respect your views as I would not force a cure on you.
If a cure was found, society would not give anyone a choice.

# I also believe it key to include some anecdotal, everyday stuff to show that I am a human being and that autism doesn't rule my life.
It's quite clear that Oliver allows Autism to rule without realizing it.

# I am a legitimate source, Andrew.
No Oliver is not.

# If you thought I'd fall for a sockpuppet like that, you are very, very wrong.
There is no proof of this.

# Autism, cancer, and AIDS are all diseases.
No they are not.

# You aren't fooling me, Phil, and you're only making an even bigger fool of yourself.
Again as above, there is no proof of this.

# And I never lied about the Nit Picker. It was you as a sockpuppet. It had the exact same IP address, so you don't have a leg to stand on there.
Yes he does, because it was a university computer which more than one person has access to.

# I will not apologize. I am not dangerous and you are acting as if you speak for all autistic people.
Oliver, you don't speak for anyone but yourself as you don't understand anything outside of that box.

# I am not opposed by the autistic community.
Upon investigation, yes he is.

# My blog is not a hate blog
Yes it is.

# Nobody is silencing me, and you are trying to impersonate some government official.
There is no proof of the impersonation.

# You did the same thing with Joeker.
This accusation has no support.

# John Best already defeated you as it was widely reported in the mass media.
Upon investigation, John Best did not defeat anyone.

# Well, during the afternoon I went to VGW to help out with basketball practice
I doubt this, as I would have thought Oliver would not be welcome back to VGW.

This assistance shall continue.

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