Monday, November 24, 2014

Assistance Package 2

The second entry continued the lies and errors;

#We both hate our virginities, so why don't we throw them away together?
This is a terrible and condascending pick up line, and extraordinarily careless.

#Maybe you will adopt my views on a cure. Maybe you won't, but that's fine, you'd only be hurting yourself.
No, Oliver, you are hurting yourself with your false belief.

#God bless you and all autistic people, and may all autistic people who want to be cured be cured.
Invoking the name of the Almighty in this manner is against every religious rule that exists.

#You neurodiversity people ought to burn in hell, because you make the world a living hell.
No, you make the world a living hell all by yourself.

#you crooked neurodiversity people who just wreak havoc, insult people, are closeted homosexuals, and really all should be obliterated by God.
God obliterates no one. Oliver is the one trying to wreak havoc and insult people.

#I don't believe in sentimentality, I just believe in fucking.
In other words, Oliver sees the fair sex as a sex object and nothing else. This is a serious error.

#Best and I will both be in heaven, because we believe in God and we do public good.
Neither of you do public good.

#Autism is not a culture, it is a medical disease; not even a mental disorder, as it is caused by mercury.
The community affected by Autism is a form of culture due to the inherent lifestyle needs. It is not a disease as it can not be caught randomly through a viral infection. It is not caused by mercury.

This assistance shall continue.

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