Sunday, November 23, 2014

Assistance Package 1

Oliver's blog began with the following lies or errors;

#I was poisoned by the pharmaceutical companies in their mercury-filled vaccines.
Vaccines do not contain mercury and never have contained mercury.

#Next month, I am receiving chelation thanks to John Best. Hopefully then, I will be a normal person and be able to have sex.
There has been no indication that John Best has given any assistance to this end, nor that chelation would even help. It would certainly not make anyone "a normal person". Any human being can have sex.

#I'm just afflicted with autism and want it cured so I can get laid.
Autism is not an affliction, unless it is low funtioning and there is no indication that Oliver is low functioning. Curing or not curing will not make any difference to the ability to get laid.

#I will be cured via chelation
No one has been cured of Autism via chelation.

#Yes, Andrew, the reason I haven't been laid at 17 is because of my Asperger's syndrome.
No it's because you haven't tried to get a girl.

#I've tried all alternatives to chelation and they haven't worked, no thanks to you.
I doubt Oliver has tried everything.

#I just think in today's society, most people have been laid by 13 or 14. I may be wrong, but that is my obsevation.
Oliver is wrong. A society that has a majority of teenagers getting laid by 13 or 14 is a society that has failed to educate. It is not the majority that has had sex by this age. It is a minority and a substantive one.

#I had so much social anxieties due to my Asperger's syndrome.
Social anxieties are not caused by Asperger's Syndrome.

#It is also though that a disproportionate number of autistic people may grow up to be sexual predators due to their frustration for their inability to find a consensual encounter.
There is no evidence to substantiate this controversial and highly prejudiced remark.

#Back when I had a MySpace account, Tom deleted my account because he believed me to be a pedophile.
I doubt this as given Oliver's desire to get laid it is more likely that his account was deleted due to his pursuit of girls his age for the sole purpose of sex.

This assistance shall continue.

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