Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Assistance Pacakage Beginning

Prior to commencing the examination of Oliver's blog, we should in fact begin with a lot of comments made on the now defunct blog run by a person called "STFU". It was on that blog in 2010 that I first observed Oliver in action but I did not comment. The blog falsely claimed that Oliver did not exist and that Oliver was really John Best. Oliver made the following errors or uttered the following lies;

*I am neither a coward nor a pussy, and I will face it HEAD ON.
Upon examination, there is much evidence that Oliver does not face anything "head on".

*John Best will defeat Barack Obama in 2012
As we all know this never occurred.

*The only disease I have is Asperger's and John will cure it via chelation.
Upon investigation, Asperger's is not a disease and it can not be cured.

*I am not a pathological liar and you offer no cure.
Given the number of issues I have come across this claim is false. No one offers a cure because it does not exist.

*There is NOTHING positive about Asperger's
Upon investigation, there are many positives about Asperger's.

*Normal means not having a DSM diagnosis
Upon investigation, it can be stated that "normal" is a social construct and not a medical diagnosis with any validity.

*Normal means being nonautistic.
Upon investigation this is also untrue.

*I will lose my diagnosis when I am cured.
Oliver will never be cured as a cure does not exist.

*Asperger's shouldn't be in the DSM as it is a medical disease
This is medically incorrect as previously stated.

*It is impossible for autistic people to have sex.
Upon investigation, there are many Autistic people who have had sexual relations.

*You two are not really autistic. You're just sociopaths who hate autistic people. End of story.
Upon investigation, both people are established as Autistics and not sociopathic.

*Neither Foresam nor I are sociopaths as we care about autistic people.
Upon examination it is highly questionable that either person cares about anything but themselves.

*You are insane and must be cured with chelation ASAP, as do Andrew Ackner and Phil Gluyas.
Chelation will seriously harm a person without heavy metal poisoning upon investigation.

*Of couse you need to be homosexual in order to assfuck yourself.
This activity is absolutely impossible.

*Adam was the first man from whom Eve was made.
Upon investigation, it can be established that man evolved from apes and Adam and Eve merely represented the first human beings to complete that evolutionary process.

*I have never lied in my life.
This can easily be proven to be false.

*I am the Lord Almighty.
This comment speaks for itself in it's inaccuracy.

*God proclaimed me the Messiah on June 29, 1999.
Upon investigation, no such proclamation was made.

*Neurodiversity is a political movement meant to harm autistic children.
Upon investigation, neurodiversity is no such thing.

*Neurodiversity was coined in order to get rid of a cure for autism and provide money for Big Pharma.
There is no evidence of this.

*I don't need looking after as I am not a mental case like Phil.
Upon examination, it can be established that Oliver does posess the symptoms of mental instability. There is no proof of the same from the other person.

*John Best will coast to the presidency in 2012.
He did not.

*Obama does lie. He says he'll cure autism
No such claim was made.

*Obama PROMISED to cure autism and now he has backed off.
Again, no such claim was made.

*Because you neurodiverse dumb[beep!] are funded by Big Pharma and want us all to suffer.
Upon examination, it can be stated that Oliver's suffering has been his own doing.

*I have never lied.
Once again, this is easily proven as false.

*I am incredibly smart and you are a pharma shill.
Upon examination, Oliver's intelligence level is under question and there is no evidence of the presence of anyone paid off by the pharmaceutical companies.

*I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
Upon investigation, it can be stated that Oliver does not know what the truth is.

*Neurodiversity is a cult invented by Ari Ne'eman to harm autistic people.
Upon investigation, Ari Ne'eman had nothing to do with the formation of the term.

*I have never told a lie. The bible is bullshit and I only pick and choose the parts I like.
The fact that he only chooses what he likes establishes a firm trend of lying. Further, the reference to the Bible contradicts eariler claims.

*I am diseased with Asperger's
Asperger's is not a disease.

*Asperger's is a disease caused by mercury.
Upon investigation, mercury and Autism have nothing to do with each other.

*My brain difference can be erased via chelation.
No one's brain difference can be changed in any way shape or form.

*Big Pharma poisoned me, and Best is my savior.
Upon investigation, Oliver has not been poisoned.

*Best is saving me from my autism. He is the Lord Almighty.
This comment also contradicts an earlier claim.

*Phil, if you call someone a fruitcake, you call them gay.
Upon investigation, the term "fruitcake" derives from the word "crazy" - not "gay".

*I respect peoples' cultures by not using their lexicon in an offensive manner
Other commentary proves this to be a lie.

*John will make a great president when he is elected in 2012.
Again as we all know, this did not occur.

*Mercury causes autism.
As previously stated this is not true.

*Australian law doesn't apply here.
Upon investigation, it can apply in other countries under certain circumstances.

*Phil, autism didn't exist until 1931, when mercury was added to vaccines.
Upon investigation, it can be stated that Autism existed in the late 19th century at a minimum.

*As we all know, an autistic person couldn't have run our country, as Jonathan Mitchell so gladly pointed out.
Upon examination, an Autistic could run a country with the right backing and support.

*Jefferson and Einstein were not autistic
Upon investigation there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that they were Autistic, especially Einstein.

*You're wrong about Brian Wilson.
Upon investigation, Wilson was remotely diagnosed with Asperger's by an expert.

*Mitchell and Crosby are RIGHT!
Upon investigation, it can be established that they are wrong.

And so we proceed next to Oliver's own blog.

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