Thursday, November 27, 2014

Assistance Package 3 & 4

The third entry continued the lies and errors;

#I hope I can make a big impact on the world, defeat neurodiversity, and get a cure for all autistic people who want one.
Oliver will not make any positive impact on the world by this description.

#you nutjobs from neurodiversity believe in the long-discredited "refrigerator mom" theory.
This is a presumptive comment that has no evidence to support it.

#You will probably be murdered tomorrow.
This is a violent statement.

#That theory was discredited when it was discovered that mercury was the cause of autism.
Mercury is not the cause of Autism.

#Autism is not caused by parents at all, genetically or otherwise; it is caused by mercury.
The genetic base of Autism is undeniable.

The fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

#When I went to a public school last year, I had so much social anxieties I had to leave midway through the year. I now will not be attending college for that very reason.
This is a cowardly act. Social anxieties need to be confronted and most colleges have excellent programs available to support this as required.

#In a non-public school, there is no pressure to act normal, because everybody is special.
This comment makes no sense, as there is no difference between public schools and private schools in this context.

#A neurodiversity advocate would say that one should be able to act special in a normal school, but I realize that I cannot change society so I would rather change myself with a cure.
This is a major error. Oliver can change the corner of society that he lives in and should seek to do so. It is his right.

#All of us were forced to act normal off campus, so it was a relief to be on campus where we could just be ourselves. All of us were fully aware what the normal world was like, and none of us are under conservatorships.
Oliver has the right to be himself anywhere, and it is debatable if he understands what the normal world is like.

#We are simply removing the toxic mercury, to give them better lives.
This would only be the case if there was excess mercury to be removed.

#I value street smarts over book smarts, and I would sacrifice my high IQ for the opportunity to get laid any day of the week.
This is a deluded attitude.

#I do not have a "piss-poor" attitude, as I actually have a very optimistic outlook on life, albeit a realistic one.
After the first comma, the remainder of this comment is a perfect oxymoron.

This assistance shall continue.

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