Monday, October 19, 2015

Assistance Package 161d

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Anon: You are quite an amazing comedian. You should do a show with Louis CK.
This was in reply to a statement that a report was being made, and I think he should take it seriously.

# Jack: Being gay is a sin to God, and should not be tolerated by any means.
That is a human rights abuse, and is an out of date attitude.

# One is not truly successful in life unless they have had sex.

# Matt Savage was popular when he was a kid but now he no longer has the "child prodigy" factor and I don't think he's in that high demand anymore.
Matt has released a CD this year and is still active. His official website has the details.

# Daniel Tammet wrote one mildly successful book but he has tanked since and he is still gay.
That's rubbish too. All three of his books have been a success.

# He is hardly a well known author.
He is well enough known to be a success.

# And even that doesn't change the fact that he's gay, which is very bad.
Being gay is not bad.

# Honest Advice: Almost none of that is true. I don't hate difference, I celebrate it.
No you don't, Oliver, because if you did you would never have started your lie about your proposal.

# Autism isn't a difference; it's a disease.
As has already been proven, this is a lie.

# I hate it like I do cancer and AIDS and Lou Gehrig's disease.
This is your problem, Oliver. These diseases do not compare to Autism at all.

# I am actually not miserable right now, and curing autism will make me quite a bit happier.
No it won't, it will kill you.

# Also, I have had girlfriends in the past despite being diagnosed with Asperger's.
There is no proof of this.

# @Anon#1: I am not a killer. I have never killed a human in my life. I have never committed a crime so how could I be in jail?
By seeking a way to kill other people that's how.

# Telling the Truth: I am definitely not gay. You can ask any of the women I've had sex with. There are four of them so far.
There is no proof of that last claim.

# Honest Advice: Nope. It's not hateful and I thought it over before I proposed it.
It's clear that you didn't think at all, Oliver. It is hateful.

# @Telling Lies: It takes one to know one, faggot.
This is a typical of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# I have indeed had sex with four different women, which is why I am no longer a virgin like Elliot Rodger or Chris Harper-Mercer.
Referencing those two men is severely misleading to the point of libel.

# Honest Advice: In my humble opinion, providing the death penalty for believing in neurodiversity is hardly a cruel punishment.
In the opinion of the rest of society it is a cruel punishment.

# Ruby: I agree with your revised wording. In my opinion, the very definition of neurodiversity is opposing a cure for autism.
Oliver's opinion is in stark contrast to reality.

# Those who say otherwise are deliberately attempting to steer the conversation in order to further their sociopathic agenda.
There is no sociopathic agenda, except by Oliver.

# But I do agree that your wording makes the amendment's message much clearer, and that can only be a good thing.
It's not.

# The rest of you can go fuck yourselves
This is another typical response of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# I am not going to name names in order to protect the innocent.
This is a poor excuse and furthers the assertion that he is in fact not telling the truth.

# You can call me gay all you want, but that won't make it true.
Until positive proof is presented, there is no indication of what is true.

# And like I said before, it takes one to know one.
And like I said before, this is a typical of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# Honest Advice: Neurodiversity has indeed harmed and killed people. Many autistic people needlessly died when they could've been curtailed with a wandering code, something that was opposed by neurodiversity.
Those deaths were caused by parental or societal neglect, not neurodiversity

# Autistic shooters Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger, and Chris Harper-Mercer were all members of neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this controversial claim.

# One could arguably say that neurodiversity's ridiculous "acceptance" message caused the murder of Alex Spourdalakis, Katie McCarron, and others as well as the attempted murder of Issy Stapleton, as their bogus message offers no real solution and tells people to "accept" what's simply unacceptable.
It is acceptable and acceptance saves lives. Not accepting kills.

# Telling lies: I have not confirmed anything, you god damn faggot.
You need to, Oliver, because you are in no man's land and you have to address it.

# I am not going to drag the innocent girls that I have had sex with into this shitstorm that I have started.
You have no choice because as you rightly said you started this mess.

# You are gay and you wish I was because you want to fuck me in the ass, but that ain't gonna happen cause I'm straight and narrow, cocksucker.
This is typical again of a gay person who has been called out, and Oliver doesn't realize it.

# You should move to either Saudi Arabia or Iran so that they can kill you for being gay.
This is socially incorrect and is also further proof of Oliver's violent streak and wanting others to do his dirty work.

# You are actually Phil Gluyas in disguise, and now that Australian rules football season is over you are looking for another forum to rape little boys. You ain't gonna find it here.
This is clearly defamatory and there is no proof of the original claim either.

# Matt Hogan: Not true. Congress can change the wording at any time before the amendment is formally ratified.
Oliver missed the point. There still needs to be a fresh vote on the new wording, or even a referral back to committee.

# You just proved my point. He rejected his diagnosis because he was a member of neurodiversity.
Lanza never even heard of neurodiversity I'll wager.

# Neurodiversity rejects autism and denies that it is a disease or that there is anything wrong with it.
Neurodiversity accepts all genetic conditions and it is not a disease. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is looked after.

# You are right that if he had accepted his diagnosis he wouldn't have committed murder, as he murdered those people because he was an ND and resented that they were lower functioning than he was.
Adam Lanza was lower functioning than the majority if not all of those he killed, including the children.

# All autistic murderers are NDs
This inaccurate remark is offensive.

# Anon: They do not accept their diagnosis. In fact, many of them aren't diagnosed at all; they're "self-identified."
Most of them are formally diagnosed. Only a select few, such as Jerry Seinfeld, self identify. And they all accept their diagnosis.

# If they truly accepted autism, they would realize that it is a disease that needs to be cured.
This is proof that Oliver does not accept his Autism.

# Honest Advice: Your last sentence is so idiotic that I won't bother to respond to it.
You should, because it is a valid opinion to state that Oliver could have indeed caused the death of an Autistic.

# Telling Lies: I am not gay and I never will be. The faggots in LA can all kill themselves for all I care.
All this violent talk is again typical of a closet gay who has been called out.

# I am not naming the women that I have had sex with because that is a private matter and I need to respect their privacy.
You haven't respected one, Oliver. Back in 2011 you named one. Liliana Valladolid.

# You are gay because only gay people accuse others of being gay without evidence.
This is hypocritical and this person in fact called Oliver out on this as Oliver's accusation is devoid of evidence.

# And you are really Phil Gluyas.
I have already addressed this unproven claim.

# I am reporting you to the Australian authorities for child molestation.
Without evidence I doubt this can be achieved.

# I have lined up numerous Aussie rules youths who will testify under oath that you fucked them in the ass during games.
There is no proof of this.

# You will serve many years in prison for this horrible crime.
He won't, because Oliver doesn't have the courage to carry through a report of this nature.

# Telling Lies: You are indeed Phil Gluyas, and there is indeed evidence that you are gay.
No there isn't.

# Paris Tenana, Dave Ayling, John Best and others have all accused you of such, and if there are enough serious accusations it can be accepted as true.
Not if it is proven to be false. A quick search of Google reveals that Paris was in fact found guilty of defamation for these same accusations. John Best was as well. There was nothing on David Ayling.

# Hopefully you will finally be brought to justice this time.
Without a report, there is serious doubt to this claim.

# Anon: Is that a threat? Do I need to report you?
The "threat" was very general, and a report would be useless as it was anonymously given.

# Lyle: Calling me a terrorist is libel and must be withdrawn immediately.
No it's not if the statement can be verified, and I'm sure it could be.

# One of you idiots prank called the LA County Department of Mental Health.
The fact that Oliver knows about it would indicate that it was no prank. He would never have heard about it if it was.

# As I have said before, filing a false police report is a felony and is punishable by more than a year in prison.
If it was the Department of Mental Health that was contacted, the police were not involved in the report.

# I would think twice before committing such a crime.
There is no proof that a crime was even committed.

# Phil Gluyas: You know damn well who those people are.
If it's not him, he wouldn't know - particularly Ayling as previously mentioned.

# They have all told the truth about you as have I.
As before I do not know about Ayling, but the other three - including Oliver - have been found guilty of defamation for the accusation.

# I am absolutely not gay.
There is no proof of this claim as already stated.

# You are, and you want me and you wish I was gay. But it's too bad for you, because I am straight.
This is desperate, and further proof that Oliver is a closet gay.

# I am not trying to be a "macho man" by any means. I am very comfortable with who I am.
You are indeed trying to appear "macho" with all this language, Oliver.

# However, I am strongly opposed to homosexuality, and I take great offense to being called gay.
This is a social error because this invites more statements that he is gay just to wind him up.

# Lyle: You must withdraw said statement immediately.
This refers to the accusation of being a possible terrorist, and I see that he has already refused.

# You are probably the person who fraudulently called the mental health department.
There is no proof of this and it's another attempt to appear "macho" through statements of unverified quality.

# I am absolutely not a terrorist, and such a statement could irreparably harm my reputation.
You have already done a fine job of harming your own reputation, Oliver.

# I will now report you for filing a false police report, and once you are imprisoned you will be sued for defamation of character.
How on earth could a report be filed on just a person's first name? You be the judge, readers.

This assistance shall continue.

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