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Assistance Package 161f

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Sam Eagle: The statute would likely define neurodiversity as militantly opposing a cure for autism and trying to prevent a cure for autism from being established, similar to Ruby's definition.
That can be challenged straight away as the wrong definition.

# I would think it would take time (being studied in committee and all), and I agree that it shouldn't be rushed through.
Sam Eagle is setting Oliver up, because taking that time would allow for the truth to come out.

# Last I checked, only about three or four states have ratified the amendment, so it still has a ways to go.
No states have ratified it.

# I would think that the amendment itself might be enough to cause an indictment, even without the subsequent statute.
No Amendment is capable of doing that.

# For example, the 18th Amendment was enough to ban alcohol, and the subsequent statute basically just elaborated on how exactly alcohol was banned.
The statute empowered the Amendment. That's how it works.

# I'm not a Constitutional expert, though, so there might be a question of it being considered an ex post facto law and declared unconstitutional.
No law can be applied retroactively.

# I would think it's pretty safeguarded, but perhaps Ruby's wording should be used in the amendment itself.
Neither Oliver's original Amendment nor Ruby's update is safeguarded.

# Which member of neurodiversity are you, anyway?
That is an attempt to invade a person's privacy.

# Which crimes have I committed then, "Officer"?
As mentioned previously, there is a blog that details this.

# Nope, not true. Only those who oppose a cure for autism are members of neurodiversity.
Again, this is the incorrect definition.

# ND: Nope. I wouldn't join ND over my dead body.
As the commenter stated, Oliver is a member. He has no choice.

# Sam Eagle: I'm not sure exactly which states have ratified it. I think a couple Southern states and maybe California too.
Of course he won't commit to naming the states because none of them have ratified anything.

# I think Congress would have no problem passing a statute defining neurodiversity and the trial procedure.
Yes they would.

# It may have to be the case that anyone who commits ND before the statute's passage may avoid execution due to a loophole, but in the long run this amendment is still a good thing.
No it's not.

# I think you would be right about the statute's being unconstitutional if this amendment was ever repealed, but I don't see that happening.
The Amendment will never become part of the Constitution anyway so this is a moot point.

# If the statutes that banned alcohol were unconstitutional after the 21st Amendment (which they were), would they have needed to be replaced at all?

# I guess it's possible that there could be a new alcohol statute that didn't ban it outright like the 18th Amendment did.
There is.

# The "Officer" is now banned from this blog as he attempted to provide a link to a blog that is critical of me. Such links will not be published.
This is an attempt to hide the truth and/or valid opinion of Oliver. The blog can be found at

# Anon: A right-thinking Christian is one who follows the Bible.
This is a vague definition designed to undermine the point.

# And you still haven't provided proof that Rev. Hamer was a Klansman, because he wasn't.
The claim was never made that Rev. Hamer was an actual Klansman. The claim was he supported them.

# In my opinion, Neurodiversity isn't human at all. They're twisted, sadistic sociopaths who are fully subhuman.
This opinion is not valid and against reality.

# Why would I want people to fear me?
Because it makes you feel strong and powerful.

# I am a good, benevolent person seeking to make the world a better place.
No, Oliver, you are not good or benevolent and you have no plans to make the world a better place. You only seek to endanger it.

# You are the one who's insane, and frankly I pity you.
No one is interested in your pity, Oliver.

# Also an opinion by definition can't be "wrong," because it's just that: an opinion, meaning there's no right o wrong answer.
There is a right and a wrong answer to the root point, and Oliver has given the wrong answer.

# Anon: There is no evidence at all that Rev. Hamer hated black people, or that he was a self-hating black.
The fact that he supports a hate group is evidence.

# That would be completely incongruent with his Christian faith.
The Klu Klux Klan claim a Christian faith in their beliefs.

# Please show evidence that the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is racist.
The SPLC is proof enough.

# I don't doubt that the SPLC calls them a "hate group," but that would be due to their anti-gay views.
And their other hate lines.

# You go, Informer! Way to tell him off.
Socially this was a serious error.

# ND: You are right that I am human, unlike any of you. I will not be silenced.
Yes you will, Oliver, eventually.

# Anon: That still doesn't necessarily mean that they're racist.
It also doesn't necessarily mean that they're not either.

# The SPLC may not categorize specific hate groups.
They don't have to.

# Also the SPLC even categorizes black "civil rights" groups the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party as hate groups, due to their anti-white and anti-Semitic views.
Oliver shows here that he knows how to bury himself, because this proves the point he is trying to make to be incorrect.

# You have a gross misinterpretation of the word "neurodiversity," which is defined specifically as, "opposing a cure for autism."
No, Oliver, it's not. Your interpretation does not mean it's right.

# It does not mean "brain difference," as its roots might suggest.
It does mean brain difference, per the writings of Judy Singer and Harvey Blume.

# It is indeed a political movement, led by multiple organizations but most prominently by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network or ASAN.
ASAN advocate for the Autistic Spectrum. Neurodiversity as a concept goes a lot wider than that.

# People are killed (not executed) in war, and it's for one of two reasons: either you were a bad person who deserved to die or you were a hero who died defending our country.
So no innocent bystanders are killed in a war zone? This is pathetic.

# Autism is definitely not a natural condition, and it is far from progressive.
There is much evidence to the contrary.

# In fact, it is regressive, which is the opposite of progressive.
No, Oliver, Autism is only regressive if it is not looked after.

# There is no such thing as "natural progression."
Yes there is.

# That is a ridiculous, Darwinistic, evolutionary belief that is directly contrary to the Bible and the book of Genesis.
And that proves how much help Oliver actually needs. This is completely wrong.

# It is the prevailing belief in Darwinism that has allowed the slaughter of millions of unborn babies under the guise of a "woman's right to choose."
Darwinism has nothing to do with abortion.

# I absolutely support democracy; I don't like dictatorships.
If Oliver supported democracy, he wouldn't have proposed his Amendment.

# That is why I live in the USA, where an ordinary citizen like me can propose a constitutional amendment.
But you need help to do this, and you don't have any help because your proposal is quite literally crazy.

# Your ridiculous words are straight out of the ND playbook, and they are truly laughable.
Don't laugh, Oliver, because laughing at the truth is a true indicator of insanity.

# Fuck you!!!!! Everything you have said about autism is a lie. Straight out of ND's book of lies.
It was not a lie.

# You are a son of a bitch, and you deserve to die.
No he or she does not deserve to die.

# In fact, I am going to come to your house and kill you with a gun.
That is murder in the first degree.

# Just as some perform a citizen's arrest, I will perform a citizen's execution.
There is no such thing as a citizen's execution.

# Please tell me where you live so I can kill you. You are going to die, motherfucker!!!!!!!
No, Oliver, that sort of talk will have you in prison if you persist.

# I am perfectly sane, faggot
No, the immediately previous comments demonstrate insanity.

# No you're not, and you're going to die. You are now permanently banned from this blog.
Again, that is a one way ticket to prison.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: Please provide a link to the scientific study that "proves" autism is genetic.
There are many studies that state this.

# Even if autism was genetic, I would still want it cured.
A cure is impossible.

# Autism is most definitely a disease, as it negatively affects the people who have it.
That does not define a disease. It defines a concious choice.

# Anons: I am not going to jail.
It is inevitable that he will go to jail unless he turns his life around.

# Nope, you're wrong. You are describing an infectious disease or a contagious disease.
A disease does not have to be infectious or contagious to be caught.

# A disease is simply something that impairs your life in a negative way, which autism most definitely is.
No, it's not. Autism has been a positive for many with the condition.

# Leader: You are such a stupid idiot. Enough said.
No, Leader spoke a lot of sense.

# Anon: That doesn't prove anything.
It proved a great deal, including that Autism is genetic.

# Alan: No, you willfully misinterpreted what I said.
He didn't.

# Black skin is not a disease. All the problems that black people currently have they have brought completely upon themselves.
No it was foisted upon them by racist community attitudes.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: You have only one eye? Then you're a fucking cyclops! HAHAHAHAHA
This was typically Autistic, taking the comment literally and to Oliver's detriment.

# Just fyi, I'm fluent in Spanish
This is an irrelevant comment.

This assistance shall continue.

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