Saturday, October 24, 2015

Assistance Package 161e

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# A terrorist, by definition, is a Muslim who kills people for refusing to convert.
No, and this has already been explained to Oliver.

# I am not a Muslim; I am Jewish. Jews and Muslims are killing each other in Israel right now, and you have accused me of being on the wrong side.
On the contrary, there is such a thing as a Jewish terrorist. And a Protestant terrorist. And a Catholic terrorist. Also an American terrorist, an English terrorist and so on.

# That could destroy my reputation.
Oliver's reputation is already destroyed and has been for years.

# You may not report me to Homeland Security. Doing so would result in you being jailed.
No it won't because any such report would be taken seriously.

# Ruby: Do you think it's possible that Phil Gluyas could be using a proxy to disguise where he is?
This was extreme paranoia at work.

# Anons: What do you think he's doing there? That's the capital, right? Maybe the federal government finally nabbed him for child molestation.
I doubt being in a country's capital city makes any difference to an arrest.

# It is indeed a threat. You threatened to kill me. I'm calling 911 right now.
Talking of putting in false police reports. The person said "Shut your stupid mouth before someone comes to your home and shuts it for you" and then stated that it wasn't a threat, it was a spoiler. The person wasn't issuing the threat. The person was warning Oliver about others taking various forms of action, including a gag order for instance.

# Lyle: It is not a genuine concern by any means.
I think it is.

# The IRA wasn't terrorist.
It most certainly was!

# Neither was Hitler. He was a dictator, not a terrorist.
He fitted the definition of terrorist.

# McVeigh did bomb the building in Oklahoma City but the fact that he was white makes him simply a murderer, not a terrorist.
This is incredible false logic that beggars belief. McVeigh was a domestic terrorist.

# Lyle: While McVeigh committed a horrible act of violence (that he was rightfully executed for, by the way), I do not believe him to be a terrorist. By the current definition, a terrorist is a Muslim.
By your definition, Oliver, and that definition is demonstrably wrong.

# Anon: I wonder why that idiot thinks it's worth traveling around to look things up. Isn't that what the Internet's for?
There are still many things that are not available on the Internet.

# Faggot: I'm straight.
Stop insisting that you are straight, Oliver. The more you do it, the more gay you look.

# I created this blog when I was at a very different place in my life than I am now (I was still a virgin at the time), and to state that my disease needs to be cured, which is still true.
There is no real proof (Liliana isn't proof, it's supposition) that Oliver is not a virgin. Autism is not a disease and does not need to be cured.

# That stupid idiot. Maybe the police will do a sting operation on him while he's there.
For that to happen there needs to be a valid report.

# Lyle: The IRA are not terrorists.
They most certainly were.

# They are warriors fighting for the freedom of the Irish people. I have immense respect for them.
That is further evidence that Oliver is a terrorist. The IRA terrorised people and it wasn't about Ireland. It was about a combination of Northern Ireland and Catholicism.

# While many would call McVeigh a terrorist, I do not as he was not a Muslim.
It doesn't matter. He was a terrorist.

# While ISIS is terrorists, all Muslims support ISIS, including Barack Obama.
This is a despicable comment and tantamount to treason.

# I do not seek death for a political agenda, just punishment for something that should be considered a crime.
Oliver you are going about it in a political manner, therefore you have a political agenda - and you seek death.

# You are never to call me a terrorist ever again. Any further comments from you which make such accusations will not be published.
I will call you a terrorist, Oliver, because you are behaving like one.

# Ruby: I just ignore the Liesmeister. All he's doing is trolling and nobody takes him seriously.
I rather think many people take him seriously because he does a reasonable job.

# Faggot: I do not live on Mars and I am straight.
Yet again, the violent rebuttal.

# I am not a virgin as I have had sex with four different women. Everybody believes me.
Oliver refuses to see that the vast majority don't believe him.

# By virtue of your actions, you have been permanently banned from commenting on this blog. Have a nice day.
Banned for telling the truth. Oliver refuses to stand up to criticism.

# Anons: Damn. I noticed that for awhile, Phil was secretly on Facebook under the pseudonym "Artie Christou."
There is no proof of this.

# Is there any way he could be arrested for identity theft?
Only if the person concerned was impersonated and he made the report himself.

# You are such a stupid idiot. One cannot be found "guilty" of a civil tort, and Phil Gluyas didn't prove shit.
According to court documents he did prove that he was defamed. That is guilty of a civil tort for which damages can and has been awarded in that case.

# It is impossible to "prove" in court whether or not one is gay.
I rather think there are many ways to prove it.

# The fact that Phil actually believes that proves how childish and immature he really is.
No, Oliver, it shows how little you understand of the legal process.

# Not true, you stupid nigger.
Only a racist would use that disgusting word.

# I am quite smart as my IQ is 146.
If that's true, and there's no proof of that, Oliver is not using the smarts he has.

# All the members of neurodiversity will be executed as soon as this amendment is ratified.
No one will be executed as there is no Amendment.

# Anons: That's weird. I could've sworn Phil and Artie were the same person because their writing styles were so similar
This is an assumption with no basis in fact.

# Not true. One can only be found guilty of a crime. Losing a civil lawsuit is not the same as being found guilty.
This is a ridiculous statement. Losing a civil lawsuit means you have done something wrong.

# I am absolutely straight. You only wish I was gay you cocksucking faggot. You are going to burn in Hell.
Yet again with the guilty closet response.

# Sam Eagle: It's simple. First, the Justice Department will indict ASAN and numerous other organizations and individuals under the 28th Amendment.
No, they won't. Any Federal indictment of a crime that attracts the death penalty is handled by the FBI.

# Then, the trials will be conducted in federal court.
No, they won't.

# After the defendants are convicted, the executions will immediately be carried out by lethal injection at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.
No, they won't. This is a pipe dream by Oliver that will never become reality.

# Lyle: I have not committed treason. Barack Obama is a practicing Muslim, therefore he supports ISIS.
Obama is not a practising Muslim and he opposes ISIS.

# Once it is ratified, Congress will quickly pass legislation which will detail the exact trial procedures and what not.
No, they won't.

# It should be noticed that in our system of "common law," the law is often left intentionally vague and there tends to be an over reliance on judicial precedent.
Vague law is bad law and that's why it will never be made into law.

# Obama is definitely not a Christian.
He is.

# His "spiritual advisor" Jeremiah Wright has spoken positively of the Nation of Islam and applauded 9/11.
This is irrelevant as Obama dumped Wright a long time ago.

# Do not accuse me of treason. That is a very serious crime which carries the death penalty.
So don't do it.

# Simply disagreeing with one's government is not treason. It is my right under the 1st Amendment.
You weren't just disagreeing, Oliver. You were accusing the President of treason without foundation and that in upon itself is treason via libel.

# Ruby: That's so weird. I could've sworn he was a sock puppet.
Oliver's lack of education leads to such errors of judgment.

# As for your concern, the federal death penalty actually applies to all 50 states, whether or not that state allows the death penalty at the state level.
This is false as it over rules state jurisdiction over matters of the state's residents.

# For example, the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarenev has been sentenced to death by the federal government despite the fact that Massachusetts does not allow the death penalty.
The death penalty being issued won't take place in Massachusetts for the reasons given. It will take place in Indiana, where the death penalty is legal.

# Sam Eagle: You do make some interesting points. It definitely can't hurt to submit Ruby's version, but I think that if the statute's definition of neurodiversity (as opposed to that of the amendment itself) is clear enough, then it should stand up.
It won't.

# Neurodiversity: You are insane. Get help. Now.
The comment made was not insane. It was a statement of fact.

# I would recommend that you watch the series of YouTube videos entitled "Why Barack Obama Is Not a Christian." There are seven in total, I believe. They are narrated by the late Rev. Don Hamer, and are sponsored by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. You can learn more about them at <link removed>
The Commission is an arm of the Klu Klux Klan so naturally they would attack President Obama.

# Edwina: That statement is quite funny, actually, but unfortunately I am not a Trans Gendered person.
Oliver, if you aren't gay then you are a closet transgender in my opinion.

# Seeing as the late Rev. Hamer was black, you are definitely full of shit. Boo ya!
There are black people who supported the efforts of racist based hate groups.

# Neurodiversity: Have fun being executed.
There will be no executions.

# Anon: Who's the racist now, dumbfuck? Calling a black person an "Uncle Tom" simply because they disagree politically? You liberals continue to baffle me.
The term is valid in the circumstances and not racist.

# For what, idiot? You have to commit a crime first.
There is a blog that details Oliver's crimes.

# ND: Once again, you're insane. Get help.
No, Oliver, you are presenting yourself as insane.

# Anon: Please show proof that Rev. Hamer supported the KKK and believed himself to be inferior.
Anyone who supports a hate group can be seen to support the Klu Klux Klan.

# I highly doubt any right-thinking Christian (black or white), would believe that.
Oliver doesn't know what a right thinking Christian represents.

# You go, Ruby! It's always nice to have support from people like you :)
Only because it's rare that he does.

This assistance shall continue.

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