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Assistance Package 161c

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# @Anon#1: Sports management is an undergraduate level class, and one cannot enroll in law school until they have graduated from college. It is impossible to take both classes at the same time.
There are many instances where students have taken two course at the same time. Also there have been many high school graduates that have gone straight into law school, not just college graduates. It depends on their grades.

# @Anon#2: Yes it dead. The 13th Amendment amended a previous part of the Constitution.
No it didn't. It was a brand new addition that altered nothing.

# @Tex: The truth is allowed here, but I'm apparently the only one telling it. You lied, and you know it.
There is no actual proof either way, but the fact of what actually happened at the time leans towards Oliver not telling the truth.

# The fact that you are not vigorously defending yourself is essentially an admission that you lied. I win. Thou shalt not lie.
This is a fallacy. There is no point debating with someone who refuses to listen.

# @Anon#3: Your statement is contradictory. If a school outsources, then it sends people somewhere else.
No it isn't because it was SMU who outsourced in effect and it did send people elsewhere.

# @Factchecker: I am not a liar, and I did indeed tell the truth. There was a major hurricane on the East Coast yesterday which interrupted much of the federal government's activities.
Hurricane Joaquin posed no threat to the Washington DC or anywhere close to it, so this is not an excuse.

# @Anon: Now you are arguing just for the sake of arguing. You have literally just proved my point, and what you're saying now is the opposite of what you said before. Of course the amendments add to the constitution, but they don't need to "repeal" another part in order to take effect. They automatically supersede what has previously been written.
They don't. This anon's position had not changed and Oliver made a social error failing to see it.

# @European: Pretty much everything you said is true, actually. Of course I fear neurodiversity, just as I fear al-Qaeda and ISIS. They are all terrorists.
Neurodiversity is the opposite of terrorism. It is all about acceptance of diversity.

# I definitely hate neurodiversity as they seek to rob me of my dignity and my well being.
No, Oliver, you have robbed yourself of your own dignity and well being.

# And I defintely do want them to suffer via lethal injection. I will not, however, move away from this course, as it is clearly working.
It is clearly not working. There will be no suffering from lethal injection as it is cruel and unusual punishment.

# I have not robbed myself of my dignity or of my well being.
You have.

# I have fought tooth and nail to be accepted into society as a normal person and failed miserably every time.
Of course you failed, because you aren't a normal person.

# I honestly wish that neurodiversity and I could peacefully coexist despite our differences, however several of their members have made it clear to me that that is not an option.
The differences Oliver speaks of are in his imagination and he has created the coexistence problems himself. So it's up to him to change

# Jack: I am not normal because I have Asperger's.
This is contradictory because Oliver has previously claimed to have been cured by having sex.

# If I could get a cure, I'd be normal.
The cure needed is for only one thing. Oliver's attitude.

# European: You are wrong. I need a cure, and I have to robbed myself of my dignity.
You do not need a cure for Autism, and that second part makes no sense at all.

# Anon: I never said that having sex meant I was cured, just that I had been improperly diagnosed.
This amounts to the same thing.

# Jack: Changing my attitude will not remove my disability, it will just push me into denial.
Oliver clearly believes that a disability is all encompassing evil. This is not so. Many with a recognised disability have succeeded in spite of it and in many cases because of it. We already know Oliver is already in denial.

# Euro: I will not do standards the way Bart does on The Simpsons.
This comment was in reply to requesting a clarification of the comment that made no sense. The reference to Bart Simpson is an excuse with no merit.

# Asperger's is a disability, and it cannot be removed without a cure.
It is not a disability as previously insinuated.

# It would be possible for me to succeed in life, but doing so would be despite my Asperger's, not because of it.
So why don't you try and take your condition into account in the process instead of trying to ignore it? It can be done.

# Jack: Asperger's does exist, albeit under a different name. It is not the same as autism.
It is the same. If it wasn't the DSM-V would still have the name listed as a diagnosis.

# It is most definitely a disability, and while a positive attitude may alleviate some of the pain, it does not eliminate the disability entirely.
This is the wrong attitude to take. Ability takes precedence.

# Only a cure does that.
And there is no cure and never will be so the line must cease being preached.

# While Alexis Wineman is a beauty queen, Temple Grandin is still held back by her disability as she is still a virgin at age 68 due to her autism.
No, society caused her virginity and besides that she does not consider this important. She is not held back by anything.

# Both Temple Grandin and Alexis Wineman support the idea of a cure.
There is no proof of this.

# Anons: The amendment was passed yesterday and is now awaiting ratification.
It didn't. It never appeared on the floor of Congress at all.

# Same goes for you, and I would recommend institutionalization lest you end up like Chris Harper-Mercer.
At this point I have to say the institution is awaiting Oliver and no one else on that blog.

# Anon: You are quite unstable, and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to perform a 5150 on you. The police will be arriving shortly.
In order to achieve that, a name and address is required. The threat is empty.

# Frank: Indeed they have. Alexis Wineman sits on the board of Generation Rescue, which is an unabashedly pro-cure organization
This is a false statement. In fact it could be libel.

# Temple Grandin has said multiple times that she would not oppose a cure for an autistic person lower functioning than she is.
That does not mean she supports a cure for herself or anyone else who is Autistic. Oliver is taking Temple's comments out of context.

# Factchecker: The committee has moved on to their next piece of business as the ratification process is done solely by the state legislatures.
Oliver ignored that fact that he claimed there was a vote before this process began, and that vote is absent from the congressional record.

# Scratcher & Comedy Relief: The media never covers the constitutional amendment process because they never talk about politics or anything important. They would rather just tell you what the Kardashians are doing or other garbage like that.
Absolutely false. Particularly at present with the pre-selection process for the 2016 Presidential election in full swing. Politics always provides news and a change to the Constitution is major news. The last time the Constitution changed for example it received much mainstream coverage.

# Frank: It is not libel to say that someone sits on the board of directors for a non-profit organization.
It is when the claim is false and damaging.

# Alexis Wineman accepted the position with Generation Rescue shortly after competing in the Miss America pageant.
She didn't.

# And I know exactly what Temple Grandin said.
It doesn't matter what she said, Oliver. It's what she meant that counts.

# Fact checker: You have no authority to perform a 5150 on me. If you attempt to do so, you will be arrested for filing a false police report.
This is contradictory and a further reflection on Oliver's way of thinking.

# Anon: There's no such thing as real news anymore. Everything you watch treats A-list celebrities as if they're the most important things in the world while neglecting the more important stuff.
This proves that Oliver does not watch the real news.

# Jack: I did not lie about Alexis Wineman.
Yes you did, Oliver.

# The fact that you typed that before I published Frank's accusation proves that you and he are the same person.
It proves no such thing and Oliver's accusation is severely paranoid.

# I clearly understand autism, and I live in the real world.
As has been clearly indicated throughout the life of Oliver's blog, both these statements are demonstrably false.

# The world is not neurodiverse, and those who are members of neurodiversity must be stopped at all costs.
No, Oliver, it is you who must be stopped because you are a charlatan who needs to be taught a lesson and helped in the process.

# Trisha: Who the fuck are you, anyway? I am not delusional and you need to shut the fuck up.
This is the reply of a delusional person.

# Comedy: The websites you provide have a liberal bias and cannot be trusted.
The Washington Post is an excellent publication and the others report everything without exception, whether they agree with it or not. It is Oliver who can not be trusted.

# Anon: Alexis Wineman is indeed on the board of Generation Rescue.
She isn't.

# She joined in early 2013 shortly after competing in the Miss America pageant. It was well publicized at the time and drew the ire of several members of neurodiversity.
That was when she became an Amabassador, not a board member.

# You and Frank are the same person.
There is no proof of that.

# Even if the info was untrue, it still would not be libel as it would not be remotely harmful to Alexis Wineman's reputation.
It would, as it would make her look like she does not support Autistic individuals and seek to hate them.

# Filing a false police report is a felony in California and it carries a minimum sentence of a year in prison.
Only if it's intentional in order to seek to disrupt police operations.

# Trisha: I can say whatever the fuck I want to you you stupid bitch.
This is a social error as it makes Oliver look like a chauvenist and a bully.

# Jack: You and Frank are indeed the same person. So are all the other commenters here. There is not a single case of a genuinely autistic person being successful in life.
This is a false statement, with the first part not being proven and the last sentence utterly false.

# Comedy Relief: The websites are indeed liberal.
Oliver avoided the point. They would have reported the Amendment's process, and also criticised it. They would not have ignored it.

# Other Anon: I have explained multiple times why it has not been printed in the media, and I do not need to do so again. Good day.
Oliver is wrong. The media prints anything newsworthy and a change to the country's constitution is newsworthy.

# Trisha: It's called the First Amendment, dumbass.
It's also called a social error that deprives a person of friends.

# Jack: I have no idea who most of those people are, but the names that do strike me aren't successful at all.
Perhaps if Oliver would have looked the names up he would have seen otherwise.

# Jonathan Lerman and Stephen Wiltshire are both severely mentally retarded.
Lerman is a successful artist. So is Wiltshire who had gained international renown for his sketches, and had a British award for his work called an MBE.

# Daniel Tammet is a homosexual, and Matt Savage is likely still a virgin.
Tammet's sexual preference is irrelevant. He is a successful author and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in Britain. Matt's activity status is equally irrelevant.

# Anons: I never had a chance to fuck "Trisha" because she doesn't exist. She is actually male, and is the same person as the rest of you.
There is no proof of this.

# Board member, ambassador, same thing.
It most certainly isn't.

This assistance shall continue.

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