Monday, July 6, 2015

Assistance Package 157 & 158

The one hundred and fifty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# Once again, I here the lamestream media using autism/Asperger's as yet another cause celebre or diagnosis du jour, this time claiming that Susan Boyle suffers from the condition.
This is a socially incorrect comment.

# She now claims that she has been "diagnosed" with the condition, but that it doesn't define her (so at least she's not totally ND).
Everyone is neurodiverse, Oliver. There are no exceptions to this.

# Doing this is offensive and potentially harmful to people who are genuinely autistic and need a cure.
No it's not.

# About a year ago, New York Magazine wrote a brilliant article about how autism and Asperger's are becoming commonly-used terms to describe socially awkward people, and how that is causing sources to be diverted that actually help autistic people.
This has nothing to do with Oliver's core point because he doesn't see that the article attacks society.

# Autism is something to cure, not celebrate.
No there is no cure.

# Susan Boyle is not a doctor either, and her "diagnosis" likely consisted of taking an AQ test online.
There is no proof of this claim.

# Liberal, neurodiverse celebrities are tossing around "autism" and "Asperger's" as if they mean nothing
They mean something or they wouldn't even mention them.

# I'm not going to accept something that isn't true.
It is true and you have to accept it.

# Lol excellent!!! Now if only the courts would find him (Phil Gluyas) insane....
He is clearly not insane.

# If there is a competency hearing, he will either be found incompetent (and institutionalized), or competent (and jailed).
If he was guilty in any way there would not be two court decisions in his favor.

# Well I know he (Phil Gluyas) doesn't have Asperger's but he might have some other disorder that caused him to brutalize his boss and be permabanned from working.
Both court decisions indicate that he does have Asperger's, and nothing else.

# We probably could nab him for abusing the welfare system as he blows his check on filing frivolous lawsuits and going to Australian rules football games rather than actually improving his life.

# "He pleaded guilty to a charge of common law assault" Enough said.
No it's not, as the first court decision indicated the charge was trivial and severely provoked.

# Whether or not someone is brutalized or simply assaulted is merely a matter of semantics.
No it's not. There is a vast difference beyond semantics.

# The point is Phil admitted to violently assaulting another individual which is the same thing as having brutalized him.
There is no indication of any violence at all. It was trivial as stated.

# A physical assault, by definition, is violent, no matter how "minor" it is deemed to be.
This is a false statement.

# John Best doesn't owe anything because it is impossible to enforce a foreign defamation judgment in the United States due to the SPEECH Act of 2010.
Upon investigation, it is not impossible as long as US law is complied with.

# Phil would never improve his life as he couldn't complain about it anymore.
Oliver, you complain all the time about your life so don't deflect that to someone else.

# My life couldn't be better but I just don't share every detail on this blog.
This is clearly a blatant lie.

# I am not lying you stupid idiot. I never attempted to "undiagnose" her anyway; I simply exposed her diagnosis as a fraud.
That is the same thing, Oliver.

# To "undiagonose" her would mean I did a comprehensive evaluation of her life, history, etc.
No, to undiagnose is to state that she doesn't have the condition.

# She is just one of many celebrities who is falsely claiming to have Asperger's in order to win public sympathy.
She already had public sympathy. The claim is not false.

# I'm not buying it, as it's harmful to those who really do suffer from the disease.
No it's not, Oliver, and you need to stop claiming that.

# I'm always skeptical of anons like that and I certainly wouldn't have passed judgement without any proof.
This is a blatant lie as well, as Oliver has passed judgment on Susan without any proof.

# I know exactly how Phil found my old address but I've moved since then and there's no way he'll ever find my new one.
There is no proof that Oliver has moved.

# Susan Boyle doesn't have Asperger's. I said it now and I'll say it again.
And you would be wrong.

# She's an ugly woman with a good singing voice but she certainly doesn't have a disease.
She doesn't. She has Asperger's Syndrome.

The one hundred and fifty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# He was dubbed the "virgin killer" by the British media because he was still a virgin due to his Asperger's syndrome.
No that was not the reason he was a virgin and he did not have Asperger's Syndrome.

# Although I was lucky enough to lose my virginity three years ago, the vast majority of autistic men are not.
You are still a virgin, Oliver, and the number of autistic men that are not virgins are far higher than you think.

# This is tragic, and can only be fixed via a cure, not via better understanding.
As the killer was not autistic this is irrelevant.

# It wasn't due to society's poor understanding or anything like that; it was due to his Asperger's and that alone.
No, Oliver, you are wrong.

# Had he been able to lose his virginity via a cure for autism or another sort of means, the six innocent people would still be alive.
No they would not. He was not autistic and his virginity had nothing to do with it.

# Predictably, neurodiversity has launched into their "autism doesn't equal violence" idiocy, even taking twitter with their idiotic #AutismIsNotACrime.
It's not idiocy, Oliver.

# This is the same organization that uses murdered autistic children as political pawns, and then denies it when it comes back to bite them.
You do that, Oliver, so don't try to deflect the claim again.

# They even fight against peoples' right to die, which I find truly appalling.
There is no proof of this claim.

# Neurodiversity clearly shows very little value for human life.
You are the one who doesn't value human life, Oliver.

# There is no doubt in my mind that Elliot Rodger was a member of neurodiversity.
Every human being is a member.

# His attitude that sex was owed to him is classic neurodiverse self-centered thinking.
You have that attitude as well, Oliver. Be careful.

# The fact that neurodiversity had a deranged killer as one of its members proves how dangerous they really are
No, Oliver, that misinterpretation proves how dangerous you are.

# Had I joined neurodiversity, I may very well have turned into Elliot Rodger.
You are a member, Oliver. Like it or not.

# Fortunately, I was able to accept that autism needs a cure, and it was with that acceptance that I was able to lose my virginity despite having Asperger's, not because of it.
We still have no proof that he lost his virginity.

# I wish someone could've told Elliot Rodger the truth before it was too late.
He wouldn't have listened.

# You are an idiot. I am not a virgin. I first had sex three years ago and I have now had sex with four different women.
There is no proof of this.

# I am not a failure and I do not have autism. Enough said.
Yes you do.

# I am not a virgin. If I was, I would've committed murder like Elliot Rodger.
Being a virgin does not cause murder, Oliver.

# My blog is not faggy. I lost my virginity three years ago so I will not die a virgin
No, Oliver, you didn't, and your blog does look like one belonging to a homosexual in the closet.

# Nope sorry that is personal info
You already revealed a name some time back, Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

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