Thursday, July 9, 2015

Assistance Package 159 & 160

The one hundred and fifty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It is sometimes amazing how two men in the same profession can have vastly different political views.
This is not amazing at all. It is in fact quite common.

# However, their sons are at very different points along the autistic spectrum which has in turn led the two to form vastly different views about the subject.
There is no proof of this.

# Dan Marino's son Mike has Asperger's, and had a virtually normal childhood.
No child with Asperger's has a "normal" childhood.

# In a 2005 interview, Marino said that his son was "cured," but has since backed off that statement and is now supporting neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this either.

# A few years ago, Marino's charitable foundation sponsored a television ad featuring Ari Ne'eman, the founder of neurodiversity.
Ari Ne'eman did not found neurodiversity. God did.

# Flutie's son Doug Jr. has childhood disintegrative disorder, which is a severe, regressive form of autism that does not improve with age.
There is no proof that CDD is the same as autism.

# Doug Flutie founded the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Curing Autism in honor of his son, and due to the severity of his son's condition he obviously supports a cure.
Upon investigation he doesn't support a cure.

# Perhaps as consolation, Flutie's daughter Alexa is now an NFL cheerleader for the New England Patriots, which is Flutie's hometown team.
That is no consolation at all and I'm sure he doesn't see it that way either.

# I wonder if this subject comes up at all when these two men meet (which they undoubtedly have), and whether it has caused a rift between them.
Given that Flutie does not support a cure there would be no rift.

# I am almost positive they played against each other at least once, so even then the issue probably came up.
They would have been concentrating on the game so no it would not have

# Please tell me exactly how this post is stupid.
The fact that Flutie does not support a cure is enough to answer that.

# I never attacked you, and it seems as you may be projecting your deep insecurities about autism.
You have attacked everyone with autism throughout the life of your blog, Oliver.

# I didn't lose to Phil Gluyas. He lost to me.
You lost, Oliver.

# Congratulations, but I'm not a virgin
Yes you are - in the absence of definitive proof to the contrary.

# My word is proof enough
No it's not.

# I will not publish that that is private information
You already have in the past so that is no excuse.

# Well then I don't know what to tell you. You refusing to believe me isn't going to make it any less true.
As you are refusing to accept your reputation as a liar, Oliver, you are going to suffer this.

# That is quite simply not true. Everyone I know personally has accepted that I am no longer a virgin.
There is no proof of this.

# If you mean that I'm a disgrace to autistic people then you're sadly mistaken
You are a disgrace, Oliver.

# You have just committed perjury as you have lied under oath. Have fun in jail dumbfuck.
You have committed perjury countless times, Oliver, in exactly the same way.

# I have never lied in my life. I am a man of God and I follow the Ten Commandments.
Throughout my blog I have proven that you are a liar, Oliver.

# That blog is pure rubbish and you know it
This blog is truthful and has never been definitively proven as wrong.

# Literally everything it says is rubbish. I'm not gonna bother to provide links
Yes you should, because I have proven you to be a liar.

# Nope. The burden of proof is in you to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that I am a liar.
I have done so.

# I am the winner you stupid bitch!
This is candid proof that Oliver can not possibly have lost his virginity

# The false accusations on that blog made about me are not verifiable as they are not true. They are vicious lies and slander.
You haven't proven this, Oliver, and until you do you have no case against me.

# Honestly, you should just hang yourself. Nobody likes you cunt.
This was directed at a clear female and it is further proof of Oliver's virginity

The one hundred and sixtieth entry - and latest to date - continued the lies and errors;

# Those of you who follow baseball know that the Dodgers made arguably their worst trade in franchise history when they traded their best hitting outfielder Matt Kemp this past offseason, to the division rival San Diego Padres no less.
Upon investigation it was a wholly correct and understandable trade.

# One might wonder why the Dodgers would make such a bonehead move, but I can explain why in this post.
You couldn't, Oliver, as I am about to prove.

# It is also well known that Matt Kemp is a prominent supporter of a cure for autism.
There is no proof of his so called "prominence".

# His younger brother Carlton is severely autistic, and will likely never have sex, drive a car, go to college, or live independently.
He could, if he was assisted to do so.

# While Kemp was dating pop singer Rihanna, the two of them sponsored a charity poker tournament at the Dodgers spring training site in Arizona which benefited autism-cure charities.
There is no proof of this claim.

# One might then ask why, given his seemingly good charitable endeavors, why they would trade him away.
Charitable endeavors have no say in on field performance and usefulness.

# Enter Zack Greinke. Greinke, who has Asperger's, is a pitcher who signed with the Dodgers prior to the 2013 season.
Greinke does not have Asperger's.

# In 2006, while playing for the Kansas City Royals, Greinke nearly quit the game alleging discrimination against his Asperger's by then Royals manager Buddy Bell.
As previously noted, Greinke does not have Asperger's.

# Only after the threat of a lawsuit was Greinke finally welcomed back, albeit grudgingly.
There is no proof of this claim.

# Due to his Asperger's, Greinke obviously supports neurodiversity, although it's not clear when this fact became known.
It's not a fact. That's why it's "not clear".

# After the fight, an executive with the Padres derisively called Greinke "Rain Man," an obvious allusion to his autism.
There is no proof of that claim either.

# It is possible that this triggered a behind-the-scenes argument between Greinke and Kemp, exposing their philosophical differences and thus creating a rift between them.
As Greinke does not have Asperger's this point has no value.

# Friedman is a self-proclaimed sabermetric nerd, and many so-called "nerds" either claim to have autism and/or support neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this claim either.

# Grinch has a unique clause in his contract in which he can opt out without penalty and become a free agent following this season.
Such a clause is not unique at all. It is in fact quite common within free agency.

# It is likely that, once the new front office took over, Greinke threatened to invoke the clause if Kemp was not traded.
This is highly unlikely for the reasons already given.

# Well, my friends, now you know why the Dodgers traded Matt Kemp. It was because they sold out to neurodiversity.
It had nothing to do with it.

# Kemp was healthy the second half of last season and was very productive.
Not productive enough, Oliver.

# He's only 30, which isn't that old by baseball standards
It most certainly is.

# The arthritis issue was overblown by the media and mostly related to Kemp's insurance policy.
If there was an issue with the insurance policy then it wasn't overblown.

# The Padres were going to take him no matter what.
There is no proof of that claim either.

# The fact that Kemp downright refused to defend his own pitcher in the mych bloodier fight against Ian Kennedy just two months later is very telling.
No it's not, as previously explained.

# Not true. In baseball, there is no such rule that two ejections results in an automatic suspension.
It can happen at club level, Oliver. They have that ability.

# Had Kemp participated in the second fight to the extent that he participated in the first, he would not have been suspended as he was not suspended for the first fight.
This is a fallacy. A second offense is a repeat offense and increases the chances of action that wasn't taken the first time.

# Of course they allow for one but the players union is very strong and the union would not stand for such arbitrariness.
If they are trying to stamp out fighting the union would be behind such a move.

# A player cannot be suspended for a similar offense that he was excused for earlier in the season.
Yes he can.

# And Matt Kemp is known as a hothead, so he would be the last person to avoid a fight to be worried about a suspension.
On the contrary, being a hothead is likely the main reason he was traded and that would explain why he didn't get involved.

# You do not call me an idiot under and circumstances.
Oliver, you behave like an idiot so expect to be called one. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and swims like a duck - it's a duck.

This assistance shall continue upon the appearance of a new entry on Oliver's blog, should there be any lies or social errors to be corrected. Thank you for reading.

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