Friday, July 3, 2015

Assistance Package 151, 152, 153, 154, 155 & 156

The one hundred and fifty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# This young lady is not the least bit autistic.
There is no claim that she is.

# Therefore, she has no right to mercilessly mock people like us: genuinely autistic people as well as those who support a cure, as she does in this horrendous video.
There is no mockery. It is an educational video.

# It is amazing the lengths NeuroDiversity will go to to spread their evil message.
It is clear that Oliver doesn't understand the purpose of the video.

# Please shout this video from the rooftops along with a message of condemnation, so that these wannabe autistics cannot mock curebies or trivialize the serious disease that is autism.
Oliver it is you who is trivializing autism and not the person in this video.

# I am not autistic.
Yes you are.

# That does not mean, however, that I cannot support a cure for autism.
You shouldn't be supporting a cure for autism no matter what.

# I am a normal ally to those autistic people who support a cure.
You are an ally to no one, Oliver. You are an enemy.

# Exactly. Ari Ne'eman is not autistic at all and neither is that lady.
Ari Ne'eman is autistic.

# Ari Ne'eman could possibly have Asperger's but for her I wouldn't even go that far.
Asperger's and autism are the same thing.

# You are the one who is missing the point. The things she says are clearly of a neurodiverse nature, and she mocks and ridicules those who wish for a cure.
This again shows that Oliver didn't understand the video.

# In fact, if she calls herself an "NT ally," that's even worse because she really shouldn't be spreading these lies about autism.
Oliver, she is showing what not to say to an autistic.

# The things she is instructing that they say strongly imply the neurodiverse ideology that autism isn't a disease and shouldn't be cured.
Once again, more proof that Oliver doesn't understand the video.

# Someone might see it and take it at face value, and that's dangerous because autistic people will not get the cure that they need and deserve.
Face value says that you don't say certain things to an autistic.

The one hundred and fifty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# I Went To A Bar With Jonathan Mitchell and it was so fucking awesome!!!
No, Oliver, for an autistic it would not be awesome - unless it was empty.

# Neither of us fucked anyone at the bar.
Bars are not the place to pick up women.

# We also ran into Alex Plank there, but neither of us cussed him out.
Alex Plank does not live in Los Angeles, so this is a lie.

# I would totally do it again, and maybe next time either Jonathan and/or me will get pussy there.
You won't, Oliver.

The one hundred and fifty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# 50 Tyson (whose real name is Antonio Henderson Davis), is an autistic rapper who fails at rapping.
You have no experience in rapping, Oliver, so you can't say that.

# Early on in his career, he was featured on several "fail" shows <snip> and makes fun of those who fail online.
There is no proof of this.

# However, once it was revealed that 50 Tyson was in fact autistic, things did almost a complete 180.
There is no proof that this was the reason.

# He got a genuine record deal, and in the recording studio one can sort of edit out the epic fail that was apparent in 50 Tyson's YouTube video.
Again, Oliver, you don't know what you are talking about.

# And it wasn't like William Hung, who got a record deal because he failed. 50 Tyson got one simply for being autistic.
You don't know that, Oliver.

# If someone fails at rapping, autistic or not, then they shouldn't get a record deal.
William Hung did.

# Getting a free pass in life just for being autistic is not a way to truly integrate autistic people into society
That rather depends on the type of free pass. There are many that are needed in fact.

# NeuroDiversity is certainly doing their best to put genuinely autistic people in mental institutions and rewrite the definition of autism to fit their warped agenda.
No, Oliver, it's you that is trying to fill mental institutions with autistics.

# Also, having autism should never be seen as a positive thing.
It should.

# An autistic person fighting and triumphing against all odds despite their autism can be seen as positive, but it is the triumph that is positive, not the autism.
The autism could well be the reason for the success.

# With this new record deal, people will now resist a cure because they feel that having autism gives them a free pass to getting a record deal, even if they fail at rapping.
Again, there is no proof of this claim.

# The lack of demand for a cure will mean that the research will stop, and that cannot happen.
It can happen and it should because it's a waste of resources.

The one hundred and fifty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# All the members of NeuroDiversity will probably say that it is the pro-cure lobby that caused this murder, which is of course bullshit.
No it's not.

# It was the Democrat party that abolished the death penalty, and I believe that they are responsible for this murder.
This is a preposterous statement.

# His mother stated she killed him to "put him out of his misery," which is the typical Democrat attitude behind their stance on abortion, euthanasia, etc.
Again, no it's not.

# I know NeuroDiversity will say that this lady wanted to cure her son, but murder is most certainly not a cure.
There is no alternative for fools like this.

# The point of a cure is to make a person better, not dead.
A cure for autism will do no such thing.

# This ladies will face justice, but will NeuroDiversity ever learn?
Will you ever learn, Oliver?

The one hundred and fifty-fifth entry is only the eleventh entry to contain no lies or errors.

The one hundred and fifty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Katie talks about autism from a biomedical perspective, which is unique among a young autistic person, and possesses a sense of self-awareness that NeuroDiversity could only dream of.
Upon examination there is no self awareness to be seen.

# We need more young autistic people stating that a cure is wanted and necessary so that we can shout down NeuroDiversity once and for all.
That would be murder.

# Katie Kagan is one of these people and she does a great job in my opinion.
She does a terrible job, especially given that she has put nothing on her blog since 2013

This assistance shall continue.

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