Thursday, November 12, 2015

Assistance Package 161g

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Anon: It says there is clearly a genetic PART to autism. Autism is far from 100% genetic.
That part is essential, therefore it is 100 percent genetic.

# Alan: Autism is indeed a disease, and scientists are working on a cure.
There is no proof of this.

# It is extremely demeaning to autistic people to imply that they bring their own problems upon themselves.
You are the one implying this, Oliver, failing to see that you bring your own problems on yourself.

# Simply comparing autism to being black greatly trivializes it.
No, it reflects the situation accurately.

# I cure is about improvement, and I'm all for that.
A cure is not needed for there to be improvement.

# No, I didn't. That is your assumption.
No, Oliver, you were clear in your statement "far from 100% genetic" that it's zero.

# Scratcher: Dream on. My comments were not deleted. This is my own blog for crying out loud.
Yes they were deleted.

# Alan: Researchers and scientists are the same thing, and their work is definitely not useless.
They are not the same thing at all.

# Was Einstein's theory of relativity useless too?
Certainly not!

# I haven't brought my own problems upon myself; autism has.
That is a lie and rather large one at that.

# While a change in attitude can make one's life improve somewhat, it is definitely not a fix all, and is not a substitute for a cure.
It is the only option when there is no cure and never will be a cure.

# Prove it
You are the one who needs to prove the comments are still there, Oliver.

# Those comments are still there. They're not even remotely defamatory as Scratcher claimed.
This was in response to me identifying two comments that I have previously recorded here and have been deleted from there.

# You are a liar. The comments were not deleted, and will remain there for all eternity.
Yes they were, Oliver, and you continue to prove to the world that you are not all there with this insistence.

# Nope, you're wrong
The denial continues.

# Ruby: I can still see the comments, so perhaps they were only deleted in Australia.
No, Oliver, you are lying. You can't see the comments.

# Alan: Researchers are absolutely scientists.
No, they are not.

# Many websites, including Conservapedia, dispute Einstein's theory of relativity as they believe that it encourages moral relativism.
Conservapedia and like websites are regarded as inaccurate and deluded. Oliver is being hypocritical here as he is demanding moral relativism in order to obtain a cure.

# I am not delusional, mad, or mentally ill, and it is extremely insulting for all of you to say so.
Your words on this blog entry in particular say otherwise, Oliver.

# My name is not Marcus Camby, as I have never played in the NBA.
This is a paranoid over reaction to a typo.

# All of you need to back off, seriously.
If you want people to back off, Oliver, don't give them a reason to criticize to begin with.

# Lyle: Do not call me delusional you fucking son of a bitch! Go to hell.
Oliver does not allow people to express an opinion based on his behavior. Disgraceful.

# Zexcioler Kingbolt: HAHAHA. Doesn't change that you're an ugly disgusting cyclops who will never get pussy.
Microphthalmia does not create a one eyed person literally like Leela from Futurama.

# Conservapedia is the so-called "trustworthy" encyclopedia, so I definitely believe its contents.
It's not. It's an extremist right wing propaganda palace for fools.

# Anon: Fuck you. It takes one to know one.
This is a childish remark.

# Zexcoiler kingbolt: I am not mentally retarded. My IQ is 146, much higher than yours.
There is no proof of this in all respects.

# Now to refute your other sentiments: 1. You are just jealous because you are still a virgin and will always be one.
There is also no proof of this and it is highly presumptive to say the least.

# 2. School is only important for pretentious douchebags who think they know everything and like to brag about having degrees.
Oliver, you are pretentious and think you know everything even without a degree.

# 3. RationalWiki is a satirical website and should not be taken seriously.
It should be because unlike Conservapedia, RationalWiki has it's feet on the ground.

# Anon: Not true. I do act my age, and it does take one to know one.
Again, this is childish.

# Hunter: You NEVER tell anyone to kill themselves. For that, you will be punished. I am going to murder you.
Another death threat. This is insufferable.

# Please tell me where you live so I can come saw your head off.
This is a deluded and dangerous person talking.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: Oh man, you're such an idiot, dude. First of all, way to assume.
You assume all the time,Oliver, so you have to expect to get it back.

# I'm not fat, I don't live in a basement, and I don't drink soda.
You live with your parents though, so the basement assumption is logical.

# RationalWiki is satirical by its own admission. It's about as truthful as Stephen Glass.
I suspect that Oliver thinks satire means lies, which is not true so the comparison is not valid.

# Are you seriously saying there's "actual science" behind the claims that the men's rights movement isn't legitimate, or that misandry is a made up word?
There are no such claims in the RationalWiki article on misandry.

# Andrew Schafly doesn't misspell anything; he simply uses the American spellings and not the ridiculous British spellings that Wikipedia uses.
Wikipedia uses American spelling when the articleis about something or someone North American. Everyone misspells at times.

# Please prove that Andrew Schlafly misspelled those words.
Even if this was proven, Oliver would ignore it.

# Anon: No, you keep lying. I am behaving like a 23-year-old. Saying "it takes one to know one" is a simple fact.
It's a childish term. That is simple fact.

# It is not childish or immature.
It is.

# It would be akin to saying, "the pot is calling the kettle black," although since you're a Democrat you'd probably find that to be racist.
That second part is ridiculous. The first part is wrong in that the term quoted is an adult term, not a childish one.

# Hunter: LMFAO. You're not calling the police on me.
A call to the police for a death threat would be correct procedure.

# If you did, they'd laugh at you and then maybe institutionalize you for being delusional.
No they would not.

# Even if they were stupid enough to take it seriously, the fact that you majorly provoked me would be a strong mitigating factor and I would get off scotch free.
No, Oliver, that is not an excuse given that someone else also told you to kill yourself and you didn't react to it. Also Hunter gave an alterative. Go back to school.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: I have read those articles before. Even if he does misspell words, that isn't something to make fun of him for.
It most certainly is!

# Some people genuinely have dyslexia, which is a serious disease just like autism is.
Autism is not a disease.

# Anon: They mean exactly the same thing: that one is guilty of what they are accusing the other person of.
That is irrelevant. The first term is childish and the second term is not.

# I have a very good education and I act my age. You have been banned from this blog.
Another ban based in expressing an opinion on Oliver's behavior. Oliver, you do not show any education on your blog and you do not act your age.

# Alan: Nobody who is not a scientist would be performing medical research. They all have qualifications.
This is patently incorrect. Many researchers have no qualifications. They research. It's not their job to interpret it.

# Alan: Which ones?
See my previous comment.

# Anon XYZ: I am perfectly sane.
No, Oliver, you are presenting yourself otherwise.

# Diaper: Fuck you.
That is another childish response. An adult would have deleted the original comment.

# No Life: I have one, which is more than you can say.
It's rather obvious that Oliver has nothing better to do with his life than to run his "mouth" on his blog.

# Lyle: Yes, I do.
Oliver still believes nothing was deleted from his blog. There was.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: Yes, school is for pretentious douchebags, and I do have a good education.
No, Oliver, you don't have a good education. And you refuse to learn as well which doesn't help.

# You live in LA? Let's duke it out then. I bet you I win hands down, Cyclops.
More bigotry against Zex's eye condition. With all his death threats I somehow think Oliver is actually a coward.

# Lyle: Prove it.
All Oliver has to do is check back for the comments he made against Phil Gluyas. They were removed.

# Alan: Ginger Taylor is not a researcher.
She most certainly is.

# She is the mother of an autistic child and she believes that vaccines cause autism.
And she is wrong of course.

# She has not done any research in a lab setting.
That's not a researcher. That's a scientist.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: You live in Compton? You must be a so-called “person of color” then.
That is a presumptive comment.

# Meh, I live in the ghetto too (not Compton), so I think I can handle it.
Westchester is not a ghetto.

# Alan and Lyle: What “leader” are you talking about? Phil Gluyas? Yes, I did mod him out because he is not permitted to comment on this blog.
It has been established by a new blog that it was not that person.

# Lyle, I’m not on Facebook so I can’t see those links.
Lyle consequently linked his account proving Oliver to be a liar.

# Alan, you’re wrong. That is not what a researcher does. That is what a “researcher” does, and there is a difference between the two.
This is an incredibly ridiculous remark. The talking marks make no difference to a word's meaning.

# That is as laughable as Phil Gluyas calling himself a “paralegal” because he has filed frivolous lawsuits.
Law precedent says they were not frivolous.

This assistance shall continue.

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