Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Assistance Package 161k

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I was never on a 5150 hold. That can be performed only by a trained, certified mental health professional, which Phil Gluyas definitely is not.
I don't believe he even tried, so this claim is unproven in all respects.

# I never spoke to the mental health department.
You should.

# Phil Gluyas got my address wrong as he does not realize that I moved.
There is no proof that you have, Oliver.

# That is why I was not home when they arrived.
This is a contradiction. Where is home again?

# I knew they had been there as they left a sheet of paper on the door which I promptly threw away.
How would you know this, Oliver, if you didn't live there?

# Even if I had spoken with them, there would be nothing they could do as I am clearly sane and do not meet the criteria for an involuntary psychiatric hold under section 5150 (it's not a penal code).
It is a penal code.

# My male therapist said as recently as today that I am clearly not insane and do not qualify for commitment.
This is further proof that there is no such person.

# He said that if anyone tries to do so, that I should contact him immediately and he can bail me out as he is a qualified therapist, and they would listen as he knows what he's talking about when he says I'm not insane.
There is plenty of evidence that Oliver is insane and any therapist who claims otherwise could well lose their license to practice.

# Anons: 1. Yes he (the male therapist) does (exist).
There is no proof of this.

# 2. Nope. Most people are on my side.
No they are not.

# I was not lying about having moved. I will not divulge the reasons why I ultimately received the note.
Of course you won't, because you lied.

# 3. You have shown the utmost ignorance about autism, and what you are saying is essentially an extension of the long debunked "refrigerator mom" theory.
Neglect has nothing to do with that theory in an extension or otherwise.

# Nonverbal people with autism cannot speak due to their autism, because it is a disease that prevents them from speaking.
No it doesn't prevent them from speaking. There are separate causes for that.

# A cure would quite literally give them a voice.
No it would not.

# 5. I can use my intelligence quite well. I received a high school diploma with honors.
There is no proof of the second claim and the first is easily demonstrably false.

# 6. You are absolutely correct. Neurodiversity is, always has been, and always will be out of hand.
It's not out of hand, Oliver. You are.

# Satanist: I have not lied, and I devoutly follow the Ten Commandments, one of which you have just posted.
No, you don't Oliver. You have threatened to kill and have guaranteed that you will kill. Thou shalt not kill is one of the Commandments.

# Perjury specifically refers to lying while under oath, so even if I did lie on this blog, it would not be perjury.
The Criminal Canby blog begs to differ on that one.

# I am not the Devil, but if I was at least the Rolling Stones would have sympathy for me.
No one has sympathy for you outside of your severely limited group of friends. It has been said by others and I agree. You are insane.

#I am not a bully nor have I ever attempted to be one.
Yes you are, Oliver. You have issued many threats unprovoked.

#In fact, I have been the victim of relentless bullying from neurodiversity, and this is my revenge factor.
There has been no bullying from "neurodiversity".

#These people seek to deny me the right to cure my own disease, which is nobody's business but mine.
No, Oliver, it is the business of the Autistic community as it threatens it.

#Curing my own autism wouldn't affect neurodiversity at all, and yet they still seek to deny me the right to a cure because they are bullies.
No it's because a cure would be forced on everyone and pre natal tests would be developed.

#This amendment has not failed, and in the end I will get the last laugh as all members of neurodiversity will be executed.
It has failed because it doesn't exist in the real world.

#The reason I have low self-esteem is because of neurodiversity, not despite them
No, Oliver, you have low self esteem because you don't care about yourself.

#No, it's not. I am not a bully as I never throw the first punch. I only retaliate. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Oliver has always thrown the first punch.

#Phil Gluyas: Shut the fuck up you faggot. I'm still going to kill you, you know.
There is no proof again that the comment was made by him, and the additional death threat doesn't help.

#Me bullying Phil? LMFAO. He's the biggest bully on earth, worse than Hitler and Osama bin Laden combined. That is why he must be taken out.
No, that is not a good reason given that there is no proof of the claim made.

#1. My amendment is not treason, merely me exercising my rights as a citizen.
It is treason technically, because it seeks to kill Americans for no good reason

#2. I am more human than all of you combined.
There is no value on being human. You either are human or you aren't.

#3. Nope, I'm not bullying. I'm merely retaliating. I never throw the first punch.
As already stated, Oliver is the bully and throwing the first punch - and multiple follow ups.

#Nope. Phil has quite literally made my life a living hell, so his punishment is more than warranted.
There is no evidence of this.

#Also his push to deny autistic individuals the cure they so desperately need and deserve is akin to denying them their life.
No, Oliver, he is not denying any Autistic their life. You are denying yourself your own life. That is your choice.

#Calling me the "Idiot of the Month" as well as the "Idiot of the Year." Calling me a "Horrid Autistic Adult" multiple times.
Opinions do not warrant the death penalty. That is penalizing Freedom of Speech.

#Writing libelous articles about me on various online encyclopedias.
There is no proof of this.

#Suing me twice and getting a fraudulent judgment against me and now I owe him $54,000.
There is no proof of a second lawsuit, and the first on face value was far from fraudulent.

#Falsely calling the FBI and Mental Health department on me.
Given Oliver's criminal activity and his obvious madness the calls would not be false.

#The list goes on and on. He must pay for it with his life.
No he must not as such reasoning is not valid.

#Frankly, I think the death penalty is warranted in this case.
No it is not.

#Phil Gluyas simply doesn't learn, which is why he must be taken out.
No, Oliver, it is you who is refusing to learn.

#Informer: Do you know which MP currently serves as AG in Australia? I know you guys have a different government system than we do. Is it possible that they would allow me to enter the country carrying either an M16 or an AK-47 under the pretense that I was going dingo hunting? I guess being deported is better than being jailed, though.
I doubt a country like Australia would allow such weapons in for any reason given their gun laws.

#Anons: That link actually does look promising. I'll see what I can do.
The link will be useless because it's a complaint form about mental health service provision. There is no proof that anyone is using that service.

#I am actually in the process of saving up enough money to eliminate Phil Gluyas.
Publicly admitting this is a serious social error as well as adding truth to the threat.

#Tylenol is a lethal drug. No thank you.
It most certainly is not! It's a pain, fever and symptomatic reliever and nothing more.

#I am not insane, thank you very much.
There is rather a lot of proof to the contrary about, as the reference to Del Amo Hospital in Torrance demonstrates.

#It is if what you're doing is dangerous.
What is being done is not dangerous.

#I am not insane.
Oliver has not proved this yet.

#The death penalty will be enforced as soon as the amendment is ratified.
There is no Amendment.

#Owning a gun is my constitutional right, and I am very brave.
It is not brave to issue death threats.

#I am permitted to leave the house unsupervised.
I rather think to comment meant that you can't leave the United States unsupervised

#Go fuck yourself. You do NOT call me a jerk!!!!!!
This is an over reaction and says a lot about Oliver's state of mind.

#I am not trying to scare anyone; I'm simply stating what I'm going to do.
This is a contradictory remark, designed to scare.

#I guess Phil will be even more surprised when he gets a bullet in his brain.
I doubt he will even though there's no indication of any action.

#Fuck you, motherfucker.
This was in reply to being called a jerk five times in one sentence as a joke. Incorrect reaction, Oliver.

#What do you mean?
This is an interesting reply to being asked directly if his threats were true. Does he know?

#I have no idea what either of you are talking about.
Yes you do, Oliver.

#Do not curse at me you fucking asshole. What a son of a bitch you are.
This is extreme hypocrisy.

#It is my 5th Amendment right not to answer that question.
This was a stupid response given what he has previously stated and has not deleted. This is therefore a confession.

#You go, Informer! He's a stupid idiot, but that's nothing new. He'll get his comeuppance one way or another.
The only person who will get their comeuppance one day, Oliver, is you.

#As for you, anon, you NEVER call me a coward under any circumstances.
First Amendment, Oliver. Freedom of speech.

#You do NOT call me a jerk you motherfucker! You have been permanently banned from this blog.
Banned for calling him a jerk? That is the most incredible over reaction in history.

#1. It is not cowardly to exercise one's constitutional rights.
And yet you punish people for exercising theirs.

#2. Right back at you, fuckwad.
This is a childish response to being told he needs help.

#3. You do NOT call me a hyena. That is extremely racist.
It most certainly is not! That is another incredible over reaction.

#Sir, you could not be more wrong. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Not according to your proposed Amendment, Oliver.

#The Constitution is to protect the innocent (like me), and to condemn the guilty (like members of neurodiversity).
And you have already judged the "guilty", Oliver.

#Hyena is racist because it is an African animal.
So? How does that explain it being racist? It doesn't.

#Anon: That is why they are still entitled to a trial, even under the new amendment.
This is presumptive. The Amendment as it stands by passes the trial.

#Drew Man Group: I am straight.
There is no proof either way.

#Final Warning: You are wrong about pretty much everything you said.
He wasn't. It was a fine commentary.

#However, you do NOT call me a failure. That is extremely insulting and offensive. You had better apologize right now.
No, Oliver, he doesn't have to apologize because he was right. You are a failure.

This assistance shall continue.

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