Friday, December 18, 2015

Assistance Package 161j

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I forgot, I just added a third section to the amendment. It reads as follows:
You can't do that, Oliver - notwithstanding that there is no Amendment.

# 3. Anyone in Australia who supports, partakes in, or engages in neurodiversity shall be extradited to the United States, and be beheaded without the benefit of a trial.
The US Constitution has no power over residents of Australia.

# That means you, fuckwit. You are going to DIE. And you know what? I've had enough. I am going to kill you.
This is a blatant and direct death threat on the back of incitement three years ago.

# I will use my recently purchased gun, and I will simply tell Australian customs agents that I am going dingo hunting.
Australia is known for strong gun laws and upon investigation I found that the importation of an AK-47 would be impossible.

# Just as some perform a citizen's arrest, I will perform a citizen's execution.
There is no such thing.

# You are the worst person on earth, worst than Hitler and Osama bin Laden combined. I will be a hero when I kill you.
No you won't, you will be a convicted murderer.

# You have committed crimes against humanity, and you deserve the death penalty.
There is no proof of this.

# Thousands of little boys will be safe when you are dead because you won't be able to rape them anymore.
This is again proven to be defamatory.

# My male therapist knows that I plan to kill you, and he says that it's totally ok.
No therapist would ever approve of such a plan.

# You cannot prank call the mental health agency again because my therapist is on my side.
That would make no difference.

# Also, I no longer live at my former address (I'm not giving you my new one), which is why I thankfully wasn't home when they showed up last time due to your fraudulent call.
There is no proof of this claim.

# You have made my life a living Hell, and you will pay for it with your life.
No, Oliver, you have made your own life like that.

# I realize that calling for your death is not possible (the FBI thwarted that plan last time), so I must carry it out myself.
No you must not. What you must do is stop lying and defaming people and lying about Autism and neurodiversity.

# I wouldn't care if I had to spend the rest of my life in prison.
Yes you would.

# The only thing that could possibly deter me is the death penalty.
That shows an awareness that he knows he is doing wrong and yet is doing it anyway.

# Thankfully, Australia is such a backwards nation that it abolished the death penalty over 30 years ago.
That's not backwards. That's progressive.

# If I make it back to US soil, I will be a free man.
No you won't. You'll serve your time in prison.

# If I am caught before I arrive at the airport, so be it.
Hopefuly he will, and with this notice given I am pretty sure he will.

# Any prison sentence would be offset by the immense happiness that your death would cause me.
And your happiness would be offset by the knowledge that you will lose your family's respect.

# I will take great pride at each bullet I fire into your body until you die.
This is vulgar and sick.

# Also, you cannot call the police on me this time, as the Supreme Court has ruled in Elonis v. United States that threatening to kill someone is constitutionally protected free speech.
No they didn't.

# I am simply exercising my First Amendment rights, and the Supreme Court says so.
In that instance, no they didn't.

# So there is nothing you can do about it, Phil Gluyas.
I feel sure there is plenty he can do about it and I hope he does.

# You are going to DIE, motherfucker, and the world will be a better place as a result.
Oliver, the world will be a better place if you would just be quiet.

# Phil Gluyas: Please stop posing as a Hawaiian.
There is no proof of this claim.

# I am still coming to Australia to kill you, and saying so is my constitutional right. Enough said.
And it can get you arrested and convicted of criminal threats.

# You go, Ruby! Show everyone that he's the bastard we already know him to be.
There is no proof of this claim.

# Yes, you are indeed Phil Gluyas. And you are going to die.
Again, there is no proof and another threat of death.

# That really sucks. I could've sworn that was Phil Gluyas because nobody else talks that way.
Many people talk that way, and the commenter was using American spelling, not Australian/English.

# Are you sure he wasn't using a proxy?
This is paranoid.

# That's a good point. I guess he did spell "color" without the u. I'm so used to seeing words spelled the American way that I don't bother to think twice.
That's your problem, Oliver. You don't think at all.

# Phil Gluyas: You are about as much of a woman as Bruce Jenner, although it makes sense that you'd become a Trans Gendered person as your father is one and so is your husband Lee.
It's Kaitlyn Jenner, Oliver, and there is no proof of that outrageous claim about Phil's family.

# This is quite dreadful, as many men claim to be trans in order to use the lady's restroom and molest children.
There is no proof of this claim.

# While I know that you already rape little boys, it would not surprise me if you preyed on girls as well.
This is defamatory again.

# I remember one time that John Best rightfully called you out when you made a sexual pass online at a 16-year-old Japanese girl, so I definitely think it could be true.
There is no proof of such a claim.

# The fact that you are a gay rapist like Jerry Sandusky, and now a trans pedophile to boot is cause for great concern, and justifies your death even more.
No it doesn't and besides this is proven defamation again.

# Now to take apart the rest of your bullshit. A cure is indeed a service, and a priceless one at that.
No it's not, it's murder.

# It is not a denial of God's work.
It is.

# Would you say that about curing cancer or AIDS or Lou Gehrig's disease? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Of course not because unlike Autism they are diseases that can kill.

# Autism is a disease, just like those three.
No it is not.

# It is definitely not a part of being human.
Yes it is.

# In fact, it can and does prevent people from being fully human, and that is truly tragic.
Nothing prevents a person from being fully human.

# "Diversity" is simply a code word for affirmative action, which autism definitely is not.
No it's a practical statement of fact.

# Neurodiversity is a cult against curing autism run by gay pedophiles such as Phil Gluyas, Nick Dubin, Landon Bryce, and Steve Silberman.
That is again defamation against Phil, and also Landon and Steve. Dubin of course is a convicted pedophile.

# The reason they don't want autism cured is simple: more nonverbal autistic boys equals more "perfect victims."
This is utter nonsense.

# That is quite sickening, and is the primary reason why neurodiversity must be outlawed.
No it is not a reason because the reason does not exist.

# Research into a cure does not divert funds from services, and not all services can offer improvement for everyone.
All services offer improvement and research into a cure does divert funds.

# The CDC wouldn't track stats for autism if it wasn't a disease.
Yes they would because it is a mental health consideration for which the CDC has jurisdiction.

# Like I said before, it's not the Center for Difference Control.
Actually it is in a way.

# I do in fact have a male therapist, and he is in full agreement with me that you need to die.
Again, this has to be a lie.

# If he thought I was unstable, he would be obligated to report me to the authorities.
And the fact that he hasn't lends itself to the beliefe that there is no male therapist.

# Thankfully, he understands the truth, which is why your prank call to the mental health agency fell on deaf ears.
There is no proof of this.

# I have been seeing him for nearly five years, and I owe a lot of my success to him.
What success?

# For example, I was still a virgin when I started seeing him, thinking that I would never get pussy due to my autism.
And there is no proof that you have, Oliver.

# He was able to convince me that that wasn't the case, and I lost my virginity only months after I started seeing him despite my autism.
Again, there is no proof of this.

# I am fully aware of the truth, unlike you. The truth is that autism needs to be cured, and you need to die.
The truth is that autism does not need a cure and no one needs to die.

# I suggest you go try and live whatever you have left of your life, as the exact time and date of my trip to Australia to kill you will be kept secret for obvious reasons.
I suggest, Oliver, that you check yourself in to hospital immediately. This is disgusting.

# Get off the Internet and stop attacking people.
Take your own advice, Oliver.

# Go out and actually do something.
According to his website he does, and a lot more than Oliver does.

# And no, raping little boys on the Australian rules football diamond like Jerry Sandusky and suing people does not count as doing something.
The last one does count, and one more thing. Upon investigation Australian rules football is not played on a diamond. That's baseball.

# I'm still not convinced. I mean, how many people believe the same crazy shit he does?
As someone else quickly added, everyone believes the same thing Hono-Lulu does except for Oliver and his friends.

# Nope, you're wrong. The truth is that neurodiversity is bad. Every sane person knows that.
Every sane person knows that neurodiversity represents all members of the human race.

# Anons: Nope. I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
No you don't, Oliver. You are a barefaced liar.

# I am not an idiot. I am quite smart, and my IQ is 146.
You're not showing those IQ points, Oliver.

# Neurodiversity is definitely not cool.
Of course it's cool.

# Many Germans thought Nazism was "cool" and look how that turned out.
Actually most of them didn't. They were just too scared to fight it until the Third Reich was destroyed by the Allies.

# I'm trying to put a damper on neurodiversity before it gets too out of hand.
You'll never achieve that, Oliver. There is too much opposition.

# Matt Hogan: I am not insane. I'm definitely not a jerk, and neurodiversity is horrible.
All of this is demonstrably incorrect.

# Thankfully, most people are on my side.
No they are not.

# They just can't speak and are being mercilessly taken advantage of by neurodiversity, sexually and otherwise.
No, Oliver, you are hurting them.

This assistance shall continue.

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