Friday, March 18, 2016

Assistance Package 161q

This is a continuation and conclusion of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

#Killah: No, you are male, and you are quite delusional.
You have no proof of that, Oliver.

#These are not empty threats, and I have filed a police report based on your IP address.
That's impossible if the IP address never appeared.

#Stop saying that I'm trying to scare you because I'm not. I don't scare anyone and that's not how I roll.
You are trying in order to stop people from objecting to your comments.

#I am insane.
Aha! This is what happens when someone is under pressure. They admit the truth and that's the only reason I've added this.

#A few weeks ago, Phil Gluyas prank called the mental health department (again), and this time I actually spoke with them.
I don't doubt Phil's action but I do doubt Oliver spoke to them.

#They judged me to be sane, which is why I am still here writing this blog.
No they never spoke to you.

#They are professionals, and must be taken at their word.
The only word being asked to be taken here is yours, Oliver, and we know that is not reliable.

#You continue to threaten me with death.
No Killah doesn't.

#You know what? I've had enough. I'm going to kill you. I will cut your head off with a saw.
That's a stupid paranoid reaction that proves Oliver is scared.

#I don't kill women, but you are a man so I will have no problem killing you.
Yes you will because you have to find Killah first.

#Anon: Him, not her. Please use the correct pronouns.
The anon is giving Killah the benefit of the doubt as is their right.

#I have not held the Killah hostage, and I never claimed to know where he lived.
That is not what the anon meant and you know it, Oliver.

#I reported him based on his IP address, and the police were able to trace where he lived. They will arrest him, not me.
That is a lie as the service provider would not co-operate due to privacy restrictions.

#Informer: Yeah, he did. That's what he was referring to when he mentioned my dad.
I don't understand this comment, but I'll wager it's another lie.

#Fortunately, the mental health department saw through his bullshit and took my side.
There is no proof of this claim.

#I just changed the comment settings.
He didn't.

#Killah: The fact that you are a man cannot change no matter what you say. Same goes for Bruce Jenner.
Caitlyn Jenner.

#I do indeed have your IP address. You're in Australia and you are Phil Gluyas.
I seriously doubt that.

#I made no such confession, and I am 100% sane.
Yes you did, Oliver, as I recorded above.

#Anon: Are you one of those transgender SJWs? If so you can fuck off.
This is another paranoid remark.

#You're a liar. I just saw your IP address on StatCounter.
Bruce went to the comments directly as he stated, so Oliver is lying.

#No, I did not make it up.
Yes you did, Oliver.

#Its are posted on StatCounter for weeks afterward.
It never appeared on Stat Counter.

#I don't check this blog every minute of every day, and I only checked StatCounter when I noticed there was a comment.
And there would have been nothing.

#Also, I don't know any killers, male or female.
Apparently you know "Killah".

#Sir, I don't you because I don't know any killers.
This should be "I don't know you" and it is made clear that he does know Killah.

#I did indeed change the settings, as you should be able to see by commenting here.
This is actually true, but it would appear that the link from the blog owned by Truthmeister still works.

#I am not lying you motherfucker.
There is no need for this sort of language.

#I changed the comment settings from "full page" to "embedded" last night.
Again, whilst this is true it has changed nothing.

#You need to stop threatening me with death immediately.
There has been no actual death threat.

#For a second, I'm gonna humor your bullshit and pretend that you really do know me. What's your real name then, huh?
He asks this question, and then prevents the answer from being given (see below).

#That's right, you're just a pathetic troll. Either put up or shut up.
That comment could only have been made by a troll, Oliver.

#You can take your "strong advice" and shove it up your ass.
No, Oliver, you should take the advice.

#I have not been "burned" as I have clearly held my own on here.
No you haven't. You've been destroyed.

#I have won every single argument had on this blog.
No, Oliver, you lost each and every one of them.

#The reason everyone left is because I defeated them and they cowered in defeat. Good riddance to them.
No, Oliver, you banned them because you were losing.

#I am going to lock down this thread now as everyone is abusing their commenting privileges.
The only person abusing their commenting privileges, Oliver, is you - and this is the petulant act of a child who lost a fair fight.

With the locking of the thread, Assistance Package 161 is finally complete. This assistance shall continue upon the appearance of a new entry on Oliver's blog, should there be any lies or social errors to be corrected. Thank you for reading.

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