Thursday, March 17, 2016

Assistance Package 161p

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

#I did not claim to lose my virginity in order to avoid being called gay.
On the contrary this is another valid reason to make such a claim.

#I was never gay, even when I was still a virgin.
There is no proof either way of this.

#I claimed to have lost it because I did, not because someone called me gay.
There is no proof that you lost it, Oliver.

#I didn't lose it until over a year after I started this blog, and I've been called gay since elementary school so the two have nothing to do with each other.
They have much to do with each other.

#My story about losing it has always been consistent, and nobody ever called me out on it.
Yes they have.

#It's not a lie. It was around the time that I lost my virginity that I started changing my message, but it was a slow and gradual process.
You never changed your message, except to remove the argument that being autistic prevents sex and that wasn't much.

#I will make one concession, however. When I lost my virginity, I said that I wasn't autistic because I thought that I must have been misdiagnosed.
No, you imputed that you were cured.

#I now know that that is not the case, so I will concede to neurodiversity that it is possible for some autistic people to lose their virginity.
It is possible for all of them to have sex.

#That doesn't change the fact that it is still a problem for many autistic people (e.g. Elliot Rodger), and that autism still needs to be cured.
This is where the argument never changed, contrary to Oliver's view. And again, Rodger was not autistic.

#I also naively thought that losing my virginity would magically change everything, which it of course did not.
It didn't change anything at all, because it never happened.

#I'm still autistic and I still need a cure, whether I lost my virginity or not.
You don't need a cure for autism.

*BLOG NOTE; Oliver posted links to his diploma, but they don't work because he doesn't have a diploma.

#No, none of those are lies and you know it.
They were all lies. He never contacted the Congresswomen, Tylenol is not lethal, he is trying scare people, hyena is not a racist term and neurodiversity is the whole human race.

#1. Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer are not "women," they are Congresswomen, and they can all be easily contacted through their websites.
And Oliver never did this.

#2. Tylenol is indeed lethal when it is combined with alcohol.
But it's not when it's not, which is 99 percent of the time.

#3. I am not now nor have ever attempted to scare anyone. That is not how I roll.
The death threats issued and the death penalty desired tells a different story.

#Proposing a constitutional amendment is not a scare tactic.
When it involves a death penalty, it is a scare tactic. Death penalties are designed to deter.

#If anyone was scared by my actions, then that is their own problem.
Oliver is failing to take responsibility for his actions.

#4. It is indeed racist to call someone a hyena, as hyenas live in Africa which is where black people originated.
The logic failure here is astounding.

#5. Neurodiversity is absolutely not the human race; it is the name of a political movement, and a very dangerous one at that. This is perhaps the most ridiculous of all your accusations.
It's not ridiculous. The true meaning of neurodiversity is not a political movement.

#I want the people to die out of punishment, not as a scare tactic.
It's the same thing.

#I am not trying to scare them at all.
Yes you are.

#I do need a cure, and to deny me one is a human rights abuse.
You do not need a cure for autism. No one does.

#I have a good attitude, unlike you.
This is another lie.

#God what an idiot. He's gonna pay this time.
That's another threat, albeit not a death threat.

#No, they're wrong. I'm not an idiot. I'm very smart, and my IQ is 146.
That doesn't prove you are actually smart, Oliver. IQ points are only as good as how you use them.

#It is quite ironic that Phil Gluyas continues to use a word that is known to be a pejorative toward people with mental disabilities, and yet he claims to be "tolerant." Go figure that one out.
It is not known by any such definition anymore, and this isn't the first time Oliver has made this error.

#I am neither a fool nor senseless.
You are both, Oliver.

#The word has always been and continues to be a slur toward people with mental disabilities.
No, it's a term used to describe people who behave in an unacceptable manner and is not restricted to mental disabilities.

#Until 1973, it was an actual clinical diagnosis.
No the clinical diagnosis was removed in 1968 and had already been disregarded by many even before that. The ICD removed it in 1965.

#That's far from the 60 years you claim, and the word is still used as an insult to this day.
An insult that no longer attracts court proceedings and causes no damage.

#You need to check your neurotypical privilege, and you are permanently banned from this blog.
If anyone needs to check their privilege it's Oliver. He's making himself look foolish.

#Any further attempt to comment will result in you being killed.
This was another attempt to scare.

#I'm not gonna reveal exactly how for obvious reasons, but I will say that he literally won't know what hit him.
This is another threat and honestly I think an empty one.

#Let's take all you motherfuckers apart:
You haven't done it yet, Oliver

#1. I can't fly? That's funny, cause last time I'd checked I'd flown hundreds of times in my life. Get a clue, dude.
There is no proof of this claim.

#2. I will say this for again for the umpteenth and last time: I am not trying to scare anyone.
Yes you are.

#3. It doesn't matter what Europe used.
The anon referred to the whole world outside of the US, not just Europe.

#The fact is, the word "idiot" was in the original DSM, and was applied as a diagnosis.
Only in America.

#It has since been removed, and for very good reason.
Actually technically it hasn't. It is simply known by a different name. Retardation.

#The fact that it has been removed means that the word should not be used in any context.
That is completely wrong.

#You seem to be arguing the opposite point, and you are just arguing for the sake of arguing.
No, Oliver, you are trying to delete the current meaning of "idiot" and you can't do that.

#All of you are banned.
Until the next comments are made.

#Oh I'll definitely do that.
Oliver is talking about submitting his Amendment to Donald Trump. That proves he never submitted this at the start.

#Is that a threat? I am reporting you to the police.
No it wasn't because Killah never said "I'm going to" whatever.

#I already did. They should be coming to arrest you tomorrow.
If Killah went to Oliver's blog directly from a link to the comments Oliver won't have an address.

#Killah: You are continuing to threaten me. I did call the police. I dialed 911 to report a criminal threat.
There is no proof of the 911 claim and there was no threat by Killah.

#Anon: All commenters on here are the same person. They all have the same IP address.
If they all went straight to the comments area via a direct link Oliver can not possibly know this.

#One does not need a name or address, as all I have is the IP address and the police are able to trace it based on that.
No they can't. Not without permission from the service provider and that requires a court order.

#I did not lie, and it was not an attempt to scare.
Yes it was.

#Killah was the one attempting to scare me (by threatening me with death), but I was unfazed and reported the threat to the police.
If you were unfazed, Oliver, you wouldn't have called 911. And Killah never threatened to kill you.

#I have no idea whether Killah is male or female, although I'm guessing Killah is male as females usually don't make death threats like that.
Guessing gets people into trouble.

#I don't wish rape on anyone, although if Killah is male he will likely be raped in prison.
This is another contradictory statement.

#Sir, I do not believe you are female, as your argument is simply a copout.
It wasn't, but Oliver refuses to see that.

#It is impossible for me not to see your IP address, and you are Phil Gluyas in disguise.
This was a desperate assumption that could get Oliver into trouble if he is lying and he likely is.

#If I was President, I would make sure you never have the right to commit murder, be it of me or an unborn child.
And force the child into a life of misery.

#All acts of murder should be punished with the death penalty.
Not abortion for a good reason.

#Also, transsexual females like Bruce Jenner cannot get pregnant, so your argument is a red herring.
That's Caitlyn Jenner, Oliver.

#You are a sick bastard, wanting to murder a small child who didn't do anything to you.
That is a false argument designed to protect the rapist.

#What kind of man are you? You are a murderer in waiting, and I will have you placed in four point restraints and constantly sprayed with mace until you renounce your murderous ways.
Given that there is no proof that Killah is male or female this is a dangerous comment.

#You are male and you are a murderer, because there are no female murderers except for Aileen Wuornos and she has already been executed.
Good heavens, there have been 16 women executed since 1976 for murder in America alone (including the woman he named).

#You can pretend to be female like Bruce Jenner, but that doesn't change the truth.
Caitlyn isn't pretending.

#You are going to be held hostage without bail while you await trial for attempted murder.
You have to find Killah first, and besides he or she didn't say "I'm going to kill you".

#The world cannot have psychopaths like you.
Oliver is behaving like a psychopath right now.

#No, I am not psychotic. I am perfectly sane.
No, Oliver, you are going mad.

#You are male and I am not attempting to scare you. Stop saying that.
You are trying to scare Killah, Oliver. Face it.

#You will be arrested for making criminal threats. Stop threatening my life.
Killah never did, as already stated.

This assistance shall continue.

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