Thursday, December 17, 2015

Assistance Package 161i

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# You do NOT call me a cunt. That is intolerable.
No it's not. Vulgar, yes, but not intolerable.

# For that, I am going to kill you.
And another death threat. That's a total of five now.

# I have already purchased an AK-47 and I am going to use it to end your life.
Such a weapon is used only by enemies of the United States, given that it originated in the Soviet Union.

# You can Google both of them. They are members of the California state bar.
A check reveals that this is not the case at all.

# Yes, my father does practice in Beverly Hills.
There is no proof of this.

# My mother has a different surname than I do.
Unless there has been a divorce (for which there is no indication) this is not possible.

# You have no fucking clue what you're talking about, asshole.
Abuse doesn't make your claim true, Oliver.

# Everything I have said is the God's honest truth, and you do not own a gun.
The first claim is demonstrably false and the second is an assumption with no proof.

# After the Elliot Rodger shooting, the California state legislature passed a law making it illegal for anyone with autism or Asperger's to purchase a firearm, and the bill was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in September of last year.
The changes made in September 2014 did not include this rubbish claim, and if it was true Oliver could not own an AK-47.

# You need to be institutionalized for the sake of society.
No, Oliver, that will be you if you continue on this path.

# Go suck a dick, faggot.
A cheap insult.

# Gov. Brown signed the concealed weapon bill long before the Elliot Rodger shooting.
This is a lie. Brown signed this bill this past October.

# Completely different law.
Not to the law the anonymous person was pointing to it isn't.

# You have admitted to owning a gun, which is a crime here in California.
No it's not, unless certain criteria isn't fulfilled. Otherwise it would violate the second Amendment.

# I will be reporting you to the California Department of Game and Fish, and they will arrest you for illegal weapons possession.
Oliver that is the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and they have no jurisdiction over this matter. It was Fish and Game until the end of 2012.

# Have fun getting assraped in prison, fuckwit.
Another stereotype uttered by this poor excuse for a human being.

# Nope. I have never committed a crime in my life.
The Criminal Canby blog says otherwise.

# Nope. Owning a gun is protected under the 2nd Amendment, and free speech (including death threats) are protected under the 1st Amendment.
Death threats are not protected by the First Amendment as they are criminal threats.

# No, I'm not a hypocrite. Is that a threat?
Yes you are, Oliver, and there was no threat.

# Owning a gun is a crime if you have Asperger's.
As previously stated, this is a rubbish claim.

# Gov. Brown signed the legislation after the Elliot Rodger shooting.
As previously stated this was not the case.

# The Constitution does not apply to people with Asperger's, as it only applies to humans and autistic people are fully subhuman.
This is an extremely bigoted and irrational statement.

# I am definitely not a hypocrite. Making a contradictory statement does not make one a hypocrite. A hypocrite is one who preaches one thing yet practices another.
Which is exactly what you are doing, Oliver.

# Matt Hogan: Did you just call me a germ-filled monster? Look who's talking now.
I rather think the world would agree with Matt Hogan at this point.

# Anon: I am not a criminal, and I have never been convicted, tried, or even arrested.
Just because he hasn't been tried doesn't mean he isn't a criminal. There are many criminals who are yet to be caught.

# I'm not a hypocrite, and I do follow the law.
You don't, Oliver. Death threats are against the law.

# U am far from a bigot, simply a realist.
There is a clear typo here. Being a realist is a low excuse for being a neurobigot.

# There is such a thing as being subhuman. Why don't you take a look in the mirror and you'll know what I'm talking about.
That's advice that you should take yourself, Oliver

# Patriot: I am not a Communist. I am a member of the Republican party.
Both major political parties have been infiltrated by Communists in the past.

# As I have said multiple times before, I am not a Communist.
The more you deny it, Oliver, the more true it becomes.

# A gun cannot possibly have a political ideology as it is an inanimate object.
The AK-47 does.

# Anon: Convicted of what? Oh wait, nothing? That's right.
No, wrong. As the Criminal Canby blog ably demonstrates as has already been mentioned.

# You're delusional, dude. Get yourself the help you so desperately need.
Oliver, that is you that you are describing.

# Patriot: Russia hasn't been Communist since 1991.
This is not true. Russia remains Communist to this day, albeit a different version.

# That's before I was even born. Although I am not a Communist, being one is protected under the First Amendment.
No it's not. Communism remains contrary to American freedom and it's second worst enemy after Islamic State.

# I have not threatened anyone, and I don't have possession of any type of illegal weapon.
You have, Oliver, and you said you owned an AK-47 - which is an illegal weapon.

# Anon: It is not illegal. It is protected under the 2nd Amendment, as are all guns.
Not the AK-47. It's a weapon used by terrorists and revolutionaries.

# Those statements are not criminal threats; merely constitutionally protected free speech.
No, they were direct criminal threats.

# The Supreme Court actually ruled that to be true this year.
No they didn't.

# Patriot: It sure is. Any religion, philosophy, or political belief is covered, no matter how abhorrent it may be.
Communism isn't.

# Patriot: Very funny. I can always use a good laugh.
In fact, a visit from the military would be consistent with possession of a terrorist weapon, so don't laugh.

# Anons: Talk about a threat. Someone might need to go the psych ward........
Yes, Oliver, you do.

# You are both idiots. You NEVER tell another human to commit suicide. EVER.
And yet you are claiming that believing in neurodiversity is suicide in effect. Inconsistent as always.

# For someone who claims to be an ND, you sure are a hypocrite for supporting the Judge Rotenberg Center.
There is no proof that the statement made was by a supporter of neurodiversity.

# To the anon whose comment I accidentally rejected earlier, threats to kill are constitutionally protected free speech.
No they are not.

# Google Elonis v. United States if you don't believe me.
And read it properly, Oliver.

# 1. Saying everyone is ND is like saying that all blacks are Democrats. It's simply not true.
Bad comparison as usual.

# 2. If you tell someone to commit suicide, and they do it, you can be charged with manslaughter.
Only if the instruction is malicious.

# You have been permanently banned from commenting on this blog.
Oh dear another act of denial of the First Amendment.

# Although you very cleary are a member of neurodiversity, I most certainly am not, as I have accepted the fact that autism is a horrendous disease that needs to be cured.
No, Oliver, that is a misnomer and a lot of lies as well about Autism.

# Thankfully the 28th Amendment is pending, which will criminalize neurodiversity and will mandate the death penalty for all members.
No it is not pending at all.

# 1. No, it's not. Only if it can be proven that it was a murder for hire.
This again is not true.

# 2. No, you have a fundamental misunderstanding what "neurodiversity" means.
Oliver, you are distorting the true meaning of neurodiversity to suit your own warped agenda.

# It doesn't mean "brain difference" as its etymology would imply. Of course everyone's brain is different. That's nothing new.
That is neurodiversity as it was originally coined in the 1990's.

# What neurodiversity really means is enacting a ban on a cure for autism, at the expense of those so low-functioning that they cannot live without a cure.
That is completely false and scaremongering of a very sick kind.

# Denying a cure to someone with a severe disease like autism is a human rights abuse, and should be punished with the death penalty.
Autism is not a disease, and to call it a disease is a human ights abuse.

You don't, Oliver, and there is no proof that the comment was from that person.

# You are wrong about neurodiversity, you god damn cocksucking faggot!
Why is it that when Oliver is angry he uses homophobic abuse?

# I do indeed support services for autistic people, including a cure. Supporting a cure does not mean opposing services.
Yes it does because it means there are no services available to help those with Autism as all the money is going where it shouldn't be going.

# The two are not mutually exclusive.
Yes they are.

# It will not change no matter how many times you lie about it you disgusting pedophile.
I happen to know thanks to a January court decision that this is proven to be defamatory.

# Autism is indeed a disease, and is identified as such by the CDC.
No it is not.

# It isn't the Center for Difference Control. It has nothing to do with skin color, hair color, eye color, or gender.
It has.

# Those are differences, not diseases.
Yes, and Autism is a difference.

# Autism is a disease, and you calling it merely a "difference" trivializes the horrible illness that it is.
It is not an illness at all.

# But you would rather little boys remain autistic so you can rape them on the Australian rules football diamond, huh?
That is another proven defamatory statement if I remember.

# The real world, which you are not a part of, rightly believes that autism is a disease, and is working on discovering a cure.
This is again completely false.

# The amendment will not kill the human race, only neurodiversity.
Killing neurodiversity means killing the whole human race.

This assistance shall continue

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