Friday, March 27, 2015

Assistance Package 83, 84 & 85

The eighty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# For 2011, it'll be more like, "it has to happen, or else." (losing his virginity)
It doesn't have to happen. Oliver is over stating it's importance.

# I honestly don't know what I'll do if I'm still a virgin at the end of 2011. Perhaps I'll commit suicide.
Foolish reasoning and an indication that intervention is needed urgently.

# Therefore, I feel my best odds are to try to get laid as an autistic person (a daunting task in itself) rather than wait on a cure, of which the odds are near zero, especially for someone as high-functioning as me.
Don't try. It's not important. What's important is to make a life for yourself.

# I kind of agree with them, except that I'm too god damn lazy to put any plans into action. That is called an executive dysfunction problem
No it's not.

# If I went to college, I could potentially get laid there, but my horrendous experience in a normal high school has kind of turned me off of education.
College and high school are two entirely different environments.

# Working can sometimes be a way to score chix, but one of my social skills teachers at VGW told me never to fish off of my own pier.
Which indicates that Oliver had a terrible social skills teacher.

# As long as I don't get arrested, I'm in the clear.
Your conscience isn't.

The eighty-fourth entry is only the sixth entry to contain no lies or errors

The eighty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# For this post only, I am going to stray from the topic of autism and talk about sexual orientation.
Oliver has strayed from the topic of Autism frequently enough to make this a blatant lie.

# I prefer women over men, and that is a fact not an opinion.
It's an opinion that has no practical and factual backing.

# I have been strait since age 10, although I didn't scream it from the rooftops until I was 12.
Screaming it from the rooftops was a major social error. I have previously addressed the other mistake.

# Because I am 18 (almost 19) and a legal adult, the prospects of me ever losing my virginity are near zero.
This is demonstrably false.

# Now, don't get me wrong here, being gay or a faggot is not an option, at least not in my book.
It could be because you haven't fully explored the options.

# However, I really don't want to be asexual or celibate either (either voluntarily or involuntarily) because that is not who I am.
You may not have a choice with the attitude that presently exists.

# Prostitution is illegal in the United States, so that is not an option either.
It is legal in certain parts.

# Anyway, I cannot be a virgin anymore, for the sake of my heterosexuality.
You can and you have to until you change your attitude towards sex.

# You say, "how could you be both strait and heterosexual?". I say, "how could you not be both strait and heterosexual?".
This is nonsense.

# I understand it is redundant, but so is telling someone to "cease and decist" or saying that an agreement is "null and void."
Such terms are not redundant at all.

# I am aware that prostitution is illegal, but so is rape and pedophilia, and those carry harsher sentences.
This insinuates a limited view of sexual relations.

# However, when you say that having sex is a "privilege, not a right," you are flat out wrong. Having sex is an unalienable right for all human beings as per the UN.
This is an incredible comment that has no basis in truth.

# However, I fully realize that this does not mean I can force people to have sex with me, as people also have the right not to have sex.
This contradicts the previous comment.

# I am not like Christian Weston Chandler, who believes women should be forced to have sex with him
In fact, Christian Chandler believes he is a woman.

# I realize that I am too autistic to have sex, which is why I want a cure.
That is completely wrong.

# I realize that most autistic people are virgins for life.
This is demonstrably false.

# Losing your virginity at 24 seems kind of late to me, although it is better late than never.
It's quite a good time as a matter of fact. The higher value you place on your virginity the bigger the reward.

# As for personal hygiene, the first order of business there would be to shave my beard off, because it looks absolutely disgusting.
Looks have nothing to do with personal hygiene

# When I attended VGW from 2002 to 2009, I had a daily social skills class which was supposed to teach me how to get laid.
No they were not. No wonder Oliver didn't learn anything from them.

# However, this "social skills" class essentially taught us nothing, because it was basically just free time. I liked it that way
This backs up my previous comment.

# My social skills actually regressed after I started there, and the experience was so bad that I had to leave after 5 months.
Social skills can't regress. The fact based on this commentary is that he didn't have the skills to begin with.

# A normal school is not the place to be if you really want to learn how to get laid.
On the contrary it is the perfect place.

# As for being friends with girls, there is something called "friends with benefits," which is where you have sex with no strings attached.
This is another poor reflection on Oliver's attitude.

# For the most part, the girls seemed to respect me for who I was and didn't seem to know or care that there was anything wrong with me.
Girls talk behind your back, Oliver. And that talk would have been negative.

# The conversations were just as friends, and they never progressed to me having sex, and frankly I didn't expect them to.
I find this rather difficult to believe.

# I was just trying to hold my own and seem as normal as possible.
Which was a stupid thing to do, and it was noticed as well.

# However, I focused too much on the negative and not on the positive.
Small wonder when your social skills were virtually non existent.

# I went into that school wanting to get laid, in order to prove myself.
You don't prove yourself by getting laid. You prove yourself by being of value with your clothes on.

# Instead of focusing on the positives, like the fact that I was able to talk to normal girls without acting or seeming autistic, I focused on the negatives, which is that I wasn't able to get laid.
There is too much social ignorance in this comment to detail.

# I considered it to be an utter failure, which is why I kept beating myself up emotionally when I was there
And again this was completely the wrong reaction because the attitude was wrong to begin with.

# As for doing things, the only things I typically leave my house to go to are concerts and baseball games. Girls usually consider both of those turnoffs, especially the latter. They would usually prefer nightclubs and raves.
This is an inaccurate assumption. All four have girls available.

# I usually just let other people do the talking in a conversation, for fear of seeming autistic.
That is a great way to show your Autism, not hide it.

# Normally, it is the person with Asperger's syndrom who dominates the conversation, talking only about what they want to talk about.
No. Upon investigation this applies to everyone on the high end of the Autistic spectrum.

# Initially, I wanted to go to college, because I thought it would be a good way to get laid.
Again, this is the wrong attitude to take.

# I realize it might take a long time, but after my 7 years at VGW, you'd figure I'd be all rehabilitated by now.
It is quite clear that these seven years were wasted.

# If I go to a singles pool, I am bound to be left out due to my failure to take initiative.
So take it! Test the waters. That's how you learn. Trial and error.

# I'd only try again if I knew I could succeed, and that is the really hard part.
There's an old saying. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

This assistance shall continue.

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