Saturday, March 21, 2015

Assistance Package 78

The seventy-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I received a text message from Aspie Al last night, and he informed me that a student at Long Beach State cited my blog in a paper about people with disabilities.
Upon investigation, there was no such paper. Aspie Al lied.

# This proves that my blog is being recognized as a legitimate source, and that Phil's World isn't.
Whether or not Phil's World is reliable is not relevant.

# There are sane people out there, I know there are, so show yourself, and speak out against autism.
There are sane people out there, and they are speaking out for Autism and not against it.

# The more voices we have, we can defeat neurodiversity, and we can have a world of peace and harmony that is free of autism.
The world will never be free of Autism.

# It doesn't really matter whether the portrayal was positive or negative
It does matter because it adds to reputation - whether there was a paper or not.

# If, however, this was indeed a paper that expressed opinion, the opinion most likely was that autism is a horrendous disease that needs to be cured, otherwise, they wouldn't have cited my blog.
They would have cited your blog if they wanted to attack it.

# I am indeed worthy of a high school diploma, and the state of California agrees with me there.
It is debatable if the State of California is even aware of the specific diploma.

# If it was expressing opinion (which it very well may have been), it most likely would've been one agreeing with me, not disagreeing.
On the contrary it would have disagreed - if the paper existed (and it doesn't).

# Phil tried to portray John Best as a rambling idiot, but I saw him as a true and honest man who cares deeply about his son Sam.
It is clear upon investigation that Phil is absolutely right.

# Again, I see no reason why this person would use me as a source if they disagree with me.
I do, and so do many other people it seems.

# I am way more credible than Age of Autism. Just ask John Best.
This contradicts the comment in the previous entry admitting that he was not a reliable source.

# A source coming from someone who's actually experienced autism first hand is way more reliable
Not if the interpretation of said experience is incorrect.

# Also, not only is my blog reliable, but professors never check the validity of sources unless the student used Wicked Pedia.
If it's a source that has never been seen before, they will most certainly check it.

# Even Conservapedia is considered a reliable source, and they have their own online homeschooling program
Upon investigation, Conservapedia is out of date in a lot of ways. So it is not a reliable source.

# Any personal blog called Autism is Bad is automatically considered to be a reliable source
No it is not.

# But, on a side note, I do know everything there is to know about autism, because I experienced it first hand.
It is quite clear upon examination that he does not know everything about Autism.

# You can't even say that, because you don't have autism. It was all a sham to get you that shitty, rigged award by the Autism Society of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Oakland County, and the Greater State of Michigan
There is no proof of this statement.

# Andrew, I am not going to burn in Hell.
If Oliver keeps this up he most certainly will.

# Ari Ne'eman has told his ASAN to hate Rimland
There is no proof of this.

# You, however, like all NDs, still hold dearly to the refrigerator mom theory because it is your only defense against vaccines.
There is no proof of that either.

# That being said, it is false that the mercury theory has been disproven.
It has been disproven.

# As for ALA, I already lied that it can get you laid within a week, in which case it isn't worth taking, at least not in my case.
This is a social error because it isn't worth taking at all, unless you have a metal issue.

# Of course, I'd first need to be tested for mercury poisoning, and if it comes back negative then I'm probably not autistic.
If it comes back positive or negative it doesn't prove anything either way.

# Blaming Norma Mitchell for Jonathan's autism is the exact same thing as believing in the refrigerator mom theory.
No it's not.

# We all know his autism was given to him by Big Pharma. He was not born with it, but that is something he refuses to believe so I cannot help him there.
Big Pharma has nothing to do with creating Autism.

# We all know that Big Pharma caused Jonathan's autism, but he refuses to believe that and thinks it's genetic.
It is genetic.

# Unlike Jonathan Mitchell, I will not be living off of my parents or on the dole when I am 55
Unless you change your attitude towards life and Autism, you will end up living that way.

# How dare you insult me like that! I have an IQ of 146, which is more than double that of yours.
That IQ level is highly questionable given his conduct on his blog.

# I have the ability to go to college and achieve a high-paying job, unlike you.
Then why aren't you doing that?

# Clay Adams, who got dishonorably discharged from the military for engaging in homosexual conduct!
There is no proof of this and is in fact likely a case of libel.

# I am not autistic. I lied about being autistic so people would flock to this blog.
Autism Heroes is cast iron proof that Oliver is Autistic.

# I definitely could go to college, unlike you because you are mentally retarded.
That was a cheap and uncalled for insult.

# You got kicked out of the Navy for assfucking another guy in the shower, and you "retired" because nobody would hire you.
The libel continues.

# Sure you have 2 kids, if you're talking about kids you've sexually molested.
That is even more libel.

# You are a sick and disgusting man, Clay Adams, and you will burn in Hell with John Wayne and Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein was not a homosexual.

# Andrew, that's bullshit and you know it (a girl not wanting to talk to him). Just admit that autism needs to be cured.
Given Oliver's attitude towards to fair sex, I tend to believe Andrew's comment.

# Um, yeah I do, Andrew. You are known to tell lies, and right now I have no evidence other than your word.
This is hypocritical given Oliver expects all readers to take him at his word.

This assistance shall continue.

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