Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Assistance Package 77

The seventy-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, there is no such thing as "openly autistic" and the fact that neurodiversity is trying to say that there is is truly appalling.
There certainly is such a thing. It's called being proud to be autistic.

# You either are autistic or you aren't, and if you are it shows and there's no hiding it.
You are trying to hide it in real life.

# If people can pass as normal, they must seriously reconsider whether or not their diagnosis is legitimate
This is based in a fallacy.

# These "openly autistic" people also try to pin autism diagnoses on random famous people
In fact that tactic is backed by a proper process and is hardly random.

# This bullshit of people being "openly autistic" must stop, and it must stop now.
No it must not.

# I have autism, and it shows. I could not hide it, even if I wanted to.
You try, time and time again.

# Once hiding it becomes possible, the diagnosis will no longer apply to me, however unlikely that is to actually happen.
The diagnosis is there for life.

# The cure for me will be chelation, not "compassion" or "understanding," because both of those accomplish absolutely nil.
They accomplish a decent way of life.

# Regardless, you still had no chance of winning because you ran as a third party and those never win.
Jesse Ventura won the Governorship of Minnesota as a third party.

# That is not possible here in the United States, because we have a Congress instead of a Parliament, which includes checks and balances.
America's Congress is a Parliament.

# In the House, there is an odd number of Representatives (435), so one party is always in control, even if it is by one vote.
Not if individual congress members are not present for a vote, which can and has happened.

# Your voting system of ranking seems awfully weird for a political election, and is somewhat akin to how the writers choose the MVP in baseball.
It's not weird. It is in fact rather smart because it is capable of preventing a two party dominated system.

# Wicked Pedia says that voting is no longer compulsory once you turn 70.
Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

# If you're an MP (or a Congressman here in the states) it's not you that gets the "privileges."
It is well known that politicians get a number a privileges.

# Glenn Beck would run as a Republican, not a Libertarian or a Constitutionalist.
He wouldn't even be preselected as a Republican.

# If I wasn't autistic, I'd have lost my virginity 5 years ago. My virginity alone is evidence of my autism.
No it is not.

# My blog is entirely accurate, and I don't appreciate your sarcasm. I am one of the few truthful blogs out there.
This has already been proven many times to be false.

# How do I trivialize autism? I speak the horrific truth about autism, and I avoid being politically correct.
You trivialize Autism by lying about it.

# Jesse Ventura was a member of the Independence Party of Minnesota.
Irrelevant. He was not a member of the Democrats or the Republicans.

# He had no political experience at all.
Upon investigation, he was the Mayor of Brooklyn Park prior to being Governor of Minnesota.

# He is also a "truther," which means he believes that 9/11 is an inside job.
There is no proof of this.

# You are confusing popular vote with electoral vote.
There is no evidence of that.

# Wicked Pedia is by no means a reliable source (that honor goes to Conservapedia)
This is a contradictory statement to the reference mentioned above.

# But it at least doesn't endorse neurodiversity as a philosophy and maintains the correct belief that autism needs to be cured.
That is not the correct belief.

# Say a little 5-year-old autistic boy was reading this blog, because he wanted to know more about his horrendous condition and how it needed to be cured.
That would never happen.

# Those images would be shocking and disturbing to a 5-year-old boy, and could possibly turn him into a homosexual
This is a preposterous statement.

# It's only guys who perform rectal exams that eventually turn into faggots.
There is no proof of this outrageous assumption.

# Andrew, if you think puse is disgusting, maybe you should start questioning your sexual orientation.
I think he was referring to the word itself, not the meaning.

# All kinds of doctors fuck their patients.
That is a blatant lie.

# They even put some Vaseline on their fingers before hand to make the girls have orgasm.
That is another blatant lie.

# EKG doctors fuck their patients on the EKG table all the time, and that's why I like EKGs so much.
That is also a blatant lie and all three of these statements demonstrate Oliver's lack of contact with the real world.

# I'd get laid in a jiffy if I wasn't autistic, but I'll never come down with a sex addiction
The obsession with sex that this demonstrates is proof of an addiction that already exists.

# For example, I will say "Yo soy lacio" to indicate that I am strait and prefer women over men, when literally I'm only saying that I have straight hair.
It would so no such thing except demonstrate that you are an idiot.

# OB/GYNs get puse every day, and they love every moment of it.
This is yet another blatant lie.

# I logged onto, and in their women's health section it specifically says, "If you're lucky, your gyno will fuck you right then and there on the spot."
The fact that Oliver later admitted that this was a lie should be taken in context with the previously mentioned blatant lies.

# I'm not any kind of pretentious label, but I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person, and I'd make a great guy to fuck if any girl would give me so much as a chance.
Given the previous lies, I very much doubt there is any truth to this statement.

# I doubt they'll ever sue me, though, because I'm not a very credible source as it is.
To say this at the same time as the aforementioned lies only makes Oliver look even worse - a major social error.

# I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person. Even Charlie Wolf thinks so, and he's previously commented on this blog.
Upon investigation, Charlie Wolf in fact thinks that Oliver is stupid and far from kind.

# Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky; all she did was blow on him.
It is well known that the act of sex includes oral sex, which Clinton and Lewinsky did engage in.

This assistance shall continue.

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