Monday, March 16, 2015

Assistance Package 76b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the seventy-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# A cure is not synonymous with abortion, and I only support a cure in living people.
It has been established that a cure will lead to abortions.

# I've been addicted to Risperdal for the past 11 years now
This is a bad thing and has to be contributing to Oliver's issues.

# Gay people, however, openly preach for others to be gay just like them, and that cannot be tolerated.
There is no proof of this.

# But, there is a restaurant in Phoenix called the Heart Attack Grill, where they have hot nurses who give you free EKGs.
There are no EKG's or any other formal medical treatment at that restaurant.

# I highly doubt that Chris Martin was a virgin until he was 27, because there would've been no reason for him to be.
This is a presumptive statement.

# The reason why I use the Bible to hate gay people is, frankly, because there is no other reason.
So don't do it.

# Otherwise, I'd have to be a "strait ally" and support their cause, but it's a slippery slope from there. The next step after that is actually being gay, something that I could never tolerate within myself.
This comment is completely weird and makes no sense whatsoever.

# Also, there is something wrong with me, and that is my Asperger's syndrome, which I have had since the age of 6.
No you've had it since birth.

# Sex seems pretty easy, because you go in, fuck each other, and then leave.
Sex carries a lot more responsibility than that. This is another social error.

# Entering into a relationship is a much more daunting task. How could I even do that? I can't chat girls up.
By taking an actual interest in a relationship rather than just having sex for the hell of it.

# 1 in 3 people in the United States is gay, and they are responsible for all of this immorality.
There is no proof of such a figure.

# We are all sinners. The only sinless man was Jesus, and He died on the cross for our sins.
Jesus dies on the cross because the Romans and certain sections of his own people, the Jews, were afraid of him.

# Because of these mortal sins (such as shaving and eating bacon) I should be executed by lethal injection or gas chamber at San Quentin State Prison in Northern California.
This is rubbish.

# In England, they call cigarettes "faggots," but not here in the USA.
Upon investigation, the term is "fags", which is not an abbreviation of "faggot".

# Being treated fairly is different from recruiting people into your own agenda, which is exactly what the gay people are doing.
They are not.

# They want more people to be gay because it makes them look better.
This is a false statement.

# It's a widely known fact that 1 in 3 American men (about 30-35%) is either gay or homosexual. It is a stagnating and growing number which must be stopped for the good of society.
Again, there is no proof of such numbers.

# I don't read much British junk, because they spell words differently and write the date in a weird fashion.
Perhaps you should.

# You can't amount to anything unless you've had sex.
That is absolutely false.

# You need to actually score it with a girl before you fuck her, and my Asperger's impacts that greatly.
The term is "earn it", not "score it".

# I've tried to meet people, and I've failed miserably. I've pretty much given up on that.
Given that Oliver is not showing any sign of comfort with who he actually is, this is hardly surprising.

# I cannot go to college due to my Asperger's syndrome, as it is impossible for autistic people to go to college at all.
This is demonstrably false.

# I'm not very religious either.
And yet there is an obsessive belief in Leviticus.

# People will realize that I am autistic, and they will refuse to have sex with me as a result. It doesn't matter how hard I try (or don't try); people will be repulsed by me.
They are not repulsed by the Autism. They are repulsed by an individual who appears to be dangerous.

# I don't wanna end up like Christian Weston Chandler being thrown in jail for stalking/soliciting sex.
At present he is headed in that very same direction.

# When you have a high school diploma as I do, it's pretty much impossible to take any kind of academic class outside of a college setting
This is demonstrably and outrageously false.

# Most arts-oriented colleges have a high percentage of girls and gay guys, and very little strait guys like me.
That is an out of date reflection on numbers.

# I do have guy friends like Aspie Al, but he's more interested in fucking his own girlfriend then letting me join in the fun.
Of course he is. No men share their women.

# The thing is that nearly everyone in my peer group (both male and female) are in college, and that is completely unattainable due to my Asperger's syndrome.
That is not true at all.

# It is not even remotely possible, so it is not worth attempting.
It is possible.

# I tried going to a normal high school for my senior year, and I failed so badly that I had to leave after 5 months.
This is a lie because if he had he wouldn't have a diploma.

# If my high school experience was that bad, than a college experience would only be 10times worse.
This is not true. College in fact is better, not worse.

# I am intellectually disabled in addition to being autistic
There is no proof of this.

# I have the mental capacity of a 10-11 year old at best, possibly the 7-8 year old range.
This is not true as the sentence structure shows a higher age.

# Also, it'd be probably with much older strait men, not the ideal situation for getting laid.
There is a subliminal message in this comment that I will just leave here.

# I have no proof that a third of our population is gay. I just made that up, but it sure seems like it from what I've seen.
It is a social error to make such statements without proper proof.

# It's incredibly rare for a normal 18-year-old to be a virgin when he doesn't want to be.
It's not rare at all.

# Either I'll end up like Jonathan Mitchell (being a virgin at 55) or I'll end up dead of suicide in a few months.
Or you can do something about it by changing your attitude.

# Telling people makes matters worse, not better.
This is not true and indicates a refusal to be helped.

# I'm honest too, Andrew. I have not told a single lie about myself on this blog.
As already stated many times, there are many lies.

# When did I ever insult your intelligence, Andrew? Stop putting words in my mouth.
Telling lies which are obviously lies is very much an insult on one's intelligence.

# I wasn't joking when I mentioned suicide. I'm better now, but when I say it there's always an ounce of seriousness.
This is why this help blog exists. To correct errors and lies and prevent suicide.

# This blog is meant to be taken seriously, and if some people wouldn't resort to personal insults, this blog could be a pretty good discussion forum as well.
Oliver doesn't realize that he is insulting the internet and can not be taken seriously.

# There's a difference between helping and trying to change someone's views.
There is no difference when the view held is demonstrably wrong and hurting the believer.

# I'd accept help from anyone, even an ND, but anyone who tells me my views are wrong and should change isn't worth my two cents.
Which means that no one can really help and this can not continue.

# Anyone who will help get laid or eliminate the bad aspects of my autism, biomedically or otherwise, is welcome here
No they are not as much has been presented, and ignored and/or abused.

# At the time, I honestly believed John Best would do that, so it is not a lie.
Continuing to promote it as true is in fact a lie.

# I'm thinner and less in-shape, so people are more likely to mistake me for a faggot.
There are many well built gays so this is a misnomer.

# I don't see how changing my views would make normal people accept me more.
It would show you to be a more confident person.

# I have way too much facial hair that I refuse to shave off. Oh well. Guess I can't have sex with a beard.
This is a stupid remark.

# I have no problems with people who disagree with me, I just don't like when they're a jackass about it.
Everyone who disagrees with you gets abused.

# You can express your opinion, even if it differs from mine, but don't act like your opinion is the only one and there isn't room for others.
The issue isn't opinion. The issue is the difference between fact and fiction.

# What kind of spirit, Andrew? School spirit?
Human spirit.

This assistance shall continue.

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