Saturday, March 14, 2015

Assistance Package 76a

The seventy-sixth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# The real message is that trying to change the world is pointless, and that to be happy at all, you must change yourself.
What if you can't change yourself?

# A neurodiverse autistic person is more likely to be stubborn and refuse to change, because they refuse to accept that autism is a disease.
Autism is not a disease.

# Even I, who am relatively high-functioning, am feeling the effects, because I have not had sex and I am already 18 years old.
That is not an effect.

# Guys should have had sex by the time they were 16 or 17 at the absolute latest, and girls usually by 14 or 15.
This is an incorrect stereotype.

# While people cannot control being autistic and there's nothing inherently bad about it, it is still a disease, and it causes great harm to the people who suffer from it.
This entire comment is contradictory.

# It is specifically prohibited under Leviticus 18:22, and study after scientific study has shown that homosexuality is indeed a conscious choice made by the individual
There is not a single scientific study that has shown that homosexuality is a choice. The Bible is not the law.

# If people choose to murder (which is also a sin) we throw them in jail, and the same should be true with homosexuality.
The taking of life is worse than anything else. Homosexuality does not do that.

# Now they've even convinced us to let them get married and serve openly in the military, which are the utmost of sins.
It is not a sin.

# If there was no cure for autism, all autistic people would be virgins, and that is unacceptable.
There are many Autistic people who are not virgins.

# Gay people refuse to evolve into strait people, because they want to continue to sin to the Lord and make sure everyone else does as well.
There is no proof that gays are trying get everyone to become gay.

# These sociopathic neurodiverse autistic people want everyone to be autistic, so they can all suffer.
Autism and suffering do not always correlate.

# These NDs aren't even autistic themselves, and were paid off by Big Pharma.
There is no proof of any bribes of anyone by Big Pharma.

# Now, autistic people are being encouraged not to evolve into normal people, and that must be stopped, because we cannot have these diseased people in our society.
The disease is fear and lack of understanding.

# I am a diagnosed autistic, but I am willingly evolving into a normal person, and am currently in the process of doing do, albeit not completely there yet.
He will never get there and that's a fact.

# You're right that you can evolve without a cure, but neurodiversity won't even do that.
True neurodiversity is always evolving.

# While I am a Creationist, I have never publicly advocated for the teaching of intelligent design in public schools.
The pressing of the Bible as the law contradicts this statement.

# Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore are not neurodiverse at all.
Everyone is neurodiverse.

# They have long since renounced their anti-cure views
There is no proof of this.

# Ari Ne'eman is a deranged sociopath, not a real autistic person.
He has been formally diagnosed.

# Dan Aykroyd is not Aspergian. He later admitted he was only joking when he said he was.
There was no such claim of a joke.

# Tim Burton is not Aspergian. If you have evidence that he is, please show it to me.
A pointless exercise, seeing as Oliver always ignores evidence.

# I wouldn't say I "pick and choose" morals. I just live by what is justifiable in society, as well as the way I see myself as a person.
The second sentence is an example of "pick and choose" morals.

# I don't think I have to Andrew. My word should be enough evidence.
As the penchant for lying is already established, that is not enough.

# Homicide is only justifiable in the case of self-defense.
But even then it is still frowned upon.

# I never condemn gay people, I just publicly disagree with what they are doing.
That is condemnation.

# It is not adultery, only fornication.
The vast majority of fornication is adultery.

# There's a man named Christian Weston Chandler, who also has autism. He is 28 years old and he is more vocal about his virginity than I am, because he is in dire straits.
He, like Oliver, has brought that on himself.

# I don't feel I'm compromising anything. I'm merely living by my own code of conduct.
A Code of Conduct that has more holes in it than a dam made of balsa wood.

# I also don't feel pressured to have sex by the mainstream media
And yet he relies on a mainstream stereotype when it comes to sex.

# I'd rather watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, because they are both fair and balanced.
Neither are fair and balanced.

# I cannot change the world, so I compromise. It's the same thing with autism.
I see no sign of compromise anywhere of Oliver's blog.

# I'd like it if the world was full of neurodiversity and autistic people were given equal rights, but I also realize that the world doesn't work that way and that in order to fit in, you need a cure.
The world didn't work that way with blacks or females either. Should they fit in? Of course not.

# When I attended VGW from 2002 to 2009, I would walk through the hallways telling people (usually completely unprovoked) that I was strait, but it made them all think I was gay.
And quite rightly. This was a major social error.

# Oftentimes, women will use their husbands being Aspergian as an excuse for them just being really bad husbands.
There is no proof of this.

# Neither of them are virgins, and we all know that it is impossible for autistic people to have sex. Otherwise, I'd be rolling in chix right now.
This is an inaccurate reflection on causation.

# You are not really autistic. You lied so you could receive an award. If you really were autistic, you'd be a virgin like I am.
This is demonstrably false.

# I don't know who Inspector Callahan is
This is the perfect example of how little socially Oliver understands. Every true American has heard of Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan as played by Clint Eastwood!

# Autism needs to be cured, and that's final.
It's not final. At all.

# I realize that autistic people can't get laid, so I'll most likely just stay home and be a recluse like usual.
That's not a good reason to stay at home at be a recluse.

# If only anyone would chelate my autism away.
That is impossible.

# I'm well aware that premarital sex is prohibited in the Bible, but I do not feel it applies to me.
This is blatantly inconsistent. The belief in Leviticus has to be matched by the belief in all Ten Commandments.

# When I was 10, I chose to be strait at a very early age, because I knew of the damnation that could come if I wasn't.
That was not a choice.

# I could have very easily chosen to be homosexual, and even today I could choose to switch orientations if I wanted to
No you could not.

# I know how I can meet girls out in society. I can go to a bar, a strip club, or a tattoo parlor.
Two of those three is where you do not go to meet girls.

# Autistic people cannot have sex, and that is a proven fact.
It is not proven at all.

This assistance shall continue.

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