Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Assistance Package 73, 74 & 75

The seventy-third entry is only the fourth entry to contain no lies or errors

The seventy-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# This will send a message to President Obama that his leftism will not be tolerated.
No it sends a message that not enough of the American voting public understand politics.

# Boehner will now be third in the line of succession to the presidency, so if Barack Obama and Joe Biden both die, John Boehner will become President.
No, he would become Acting President only until such time as an election can be held to replace the President and Vice President.

# You made a very good point about neurodiversity's inconsistencies regarding abortion
This has already been addressed as not inconsistent

# Democrats tend to want to cure autism more than Republicans
There is no proof of this.

# The government shouldn't interfere with business matters like that (jobs going overseas)
The majority of Americans demand jobs and it's up to the government to provide a solution when business won't.

# Sometimes it's just bad PR when a businesswoman tries to become a politician, because what looks good in business might not look good in politics.
This is a very sexist remark.

# I think he (Ari Ne'eman) should tak a few steps back and realize that his agenda really isn't for all autistic people
Oliver Canby is the last person to try and make such a claim.

# There doesn't seem to be any real evidence that all cures are really an abortion.
There is no evidence that it isn't, given Autism's genetic base.

# If society does use incentive to get autistic people to cure themselves (such as the denial of government benefits), that really might not be that bad a thing.
It would be a bad thing, as it would be a human rights abuse.

# If someone identifies as "pro-choice" and yet screams eugenics when the topic of an abortion is brought up, that to me is hypocritical.
It's not.

# I at least an pro-life across the board.
There is plenty of proof that this is not the case.

The seventy-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am very reluctant to go out into public at all due to my fear of normal people.
This is a reflection on a poor attitude that needs to be corrected.

# If I had been cured of my autism biomedically at a younger age, perhaps I would've avoided all this, but God only knows.
There is no cure.

# I don't know Andrew. I can't think of many normal 3-year-olds who "go see the people."
They all do.

# That's why it was such a relief to finally get a diagnosis.
And yet now it's being rejected. This is a hypocritical remark.

# I think we should've just been more early and mor aggressive in curing my autism.
This would have made no difference, or it would have created worse problems.

# Once someone is told of a rule, they usually avoid breaking it.
On the contrary, many always test the limits of the rule's interpretation.

# One time, a retard with autism got kicked out of Jonathan's AGUA group because he refused to stop touching this autistic lady's boobs.
Clearly the man didn't know not to do it and the reaction was not correct in that it would have taught him nothing.

# My social anxieties didn't really build up until I was about 14, and realized I was different and couldn't get laid.
It has previously been noted that he pulled a knife at 11, so this has to be a lie.

# I will not engage in conversation and will sliently and non-verbally indicate when I need to get off the bus.
This will invariably be ignored.

# Also, this specific In-N-Out is located near the LAX Airport, so there are often a bunch of white, female college students from out of state who have just gotten off a plane. I cannot talk to them, because I am autistic and they will never have sex with me.
That is never a reason not to talk to girls.

# I've thought about a career in sports management, but that usually requires going to college, which I cannot do because I'm autistic.
That's not true at all.

# However, reading Jonathan's heartbreaking life story made me sympathize with him, and wonder if his life will be my life as well.
It should be an aim to avoid making the same mistakes.

# I feel that randomly striking up a coversation with them would make me seem autistic and rather "special,"
That's a bad thing? I don't think so.

# During Social Skills class at VGW, as well as in my Chris Mulligan group, I was told numerous times not to engage in conversation with strangers, as it was rude, weird, and abnormal.
This goes to show why the social skills taught were poor.

# I don't take offense when a normal person asks me a question, because I'm not very judgmental.
This is a blatant lie.

# Therefore, they must be told to avoid talking at all times.
This is a very poor point of view.

# I never act like I'm non-verbal, I just act like a quiet person who doesn't talk much.
That is the same thing.

# Also, one of the key differences between autism and Asperger's syndrome is communication. While autistic people may have trouble with verbal communication, Aspergian people usually have trouble with non-verbal communication.
All have trouble with both to varying degrees. It is the variable degree that is the difference.

This assistance shall continue.

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