Monday, March 9, 2015

Assistance Package 72

The seventy-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# He has no evidence at all to believe that I am gay, as I have stated numerous times that I am strait, and that is the God's honest truth.
This continuation of protestations is at best suspicious.

# Now he's lusting after me, and he thinks he can take advantage of me and try to turn me into a homosexual by using my young age and naivete against me.
There is no proof of this paranoid assumption.

# I've been strait since I was 10 years old, and I plan to keep it that way.
Your gender preference is established from birth.

# No wonder you got offended by my pedophiles statement.
Everyone was offended.

# Man, that's 3 exposes I've made in the past week alone. God only knows what'll be next!
There hasn't been one expose amongst these entries.

# I simply implied that he might be homosexual due to the fact that he banned me from his blog and had been sucking up to Phil of late.
The correlation does not exist.

# Now, I know as a fact that The Informer is indeed a faggot, because he tried to seduce me online.
There is no proof of this.

# I became strait at the age of 10 when I started wanting to fuck Meghan, although I didn't touch her boobs until I was 13.
This has previously been shown to be untrue.

# Prior to age 10, most people haven't gone through puberty, and simply have no sexual orientation.
This is completely false.

# No, I wouldn't say I'm sexually confused, and I don't need to call The Trevor Project because I am not a member of the LGBTQQ community
You don't have to be a member of the gay and lesbian community to gain assistance from the Trevor Project.

# I didn't fall for any trap The Informer set.
Upon investigation it would appear that there was a trap and Oliver did fall for it.

# You are a homosexual faggot and a pedophile ta boot, and I completely exposed you for what you really are, just like with Belinda the Nobody and Nick Dubin
No such exposure was made.

# Since 2007 Jerry Falwell has resided in Heaven.
Falwell is in fact rotting in Hell.

# Plus, I remember last summer when Andrew asked The Informer to sext him a picture of his dick.
There is no proof of this.

# I have the right to spell my sexual orientation "strait" as opposed to "straight," as they are both words in the English language and both can colloquially mean "heterosexual."
"Strait" is a body of water and has no other definition.

# It is impossible to detect lies via the Internet, and even police lie detectors are considered unreliable in court.
It is perfectly possible to detect lies when they are glaringly obvious.

# As I have said before, people who call other people gay do it to cover up their own homosexuality.
Oliver needs to be careful because he is making such accusations, and by his own rules is therefore a homosexual.

# You keep insisting that I am gay despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, which makes me suspicious about you.
There is no evidence to the contrary.

# I hope you burn in Hell with John Wayne and Saddam Hussein, and all the other faggots who died of AIDS.
There is no proof that Hussein was gay.

# Andrew, most academians do not believe in neurodiversity, they believe that autism is a disease that needs to be cured.
There is no proof of this either.

# I shouldn't have to prove that I am strait. My word alone should be enough.
Given the number of lies Oliver has told, his word is not enough.

# However, what I gave you is indisputable proof that I am strait, even though it should never have gone this far.
It wasn't indisputable, because the answers given were generic and stereotypical and not natural.

# Your quiz was rigged from the beginning, and I knew it would be, but I participated anyway, because I was being an idiot.
And it exposed you as an idiot.

# I already mentioned skin tone when I mentioned race (skin tone and race are synonymous)
This is completely false as the skin tones of those with a tan and without a tan have nothing to do with race.

# It's about time we send Obama packing his bags back to Chicago, and there's only 2 years left!
As we know, Obama was re-elected for another four year term.

# I've seen your YouTube videos that attack and vilify autistic people
There are no such videos.

# I am also as white as a Klansmen's hood.
This is a bad social error as it insinuates that Oliver is a member of the KKK.

# I do not question the Lord's word, and He says that it's a sin to be gay.
There is no such claim in the Bible.

# That is denying autistic people their most basic human right: to be normal.
Being normal is not a human right. Being accepted as human is a human right.

# You deny the very existence of low-functioning autistics, and claim to speak on their behalf.
Upon examination there is no such denial.

# The truth is that you want low-functioning autistics thrown in mental institutions to help the pharmaceutical industry.
Upon examination, this is in fact what Oliver wants.

# Yes, we autistic people are naturally inferior to normal people, but we can be helped via a cure, not via societal change.
As there is no cure, societal change becomes essential.

# There are no masters or slave trade or corporal punishment with autistic people
There most certainly is.

# While I do have the right to be autistic, I also have the right not to be autistic
Being Autistic is not a right. It is an unalterable fact.

# That does not mean I can't live life to the fullest as an autistic person, but my life would not be complete without a cure.
It can be complete if you want it to be.

# When a low-functioning autistic person is clearly suffering and in pain, I feel it is unethical not to cure them.
Not if the suffering and pain can be stopped and this can be done without a cure.

# Why not just give them a better life via a cure?
Because there isn't one.

# I actually did learn a great deal of social skills at VGW and at Chris Mulligan's
This blog demonstrates how little these skills assisted.

# Also, I would gladly trade in a few IQ points for the ability to get laid any day of the week.
A loss of intelligence would lead to a loss of skills that can be beneficial.

This assistance shall continue.

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