Friday, March 6, 2015

Assistance Package 71

The seventy-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am not the one who keeps dragging this on and on and on.
And yet this entry was uploaded.

# I was being nice when I mentioned how her father died, so for her to turn that back into my face is prepostrous.
It wasn't because this act was a social error of monumental proportions.

# Next, she completely mocks me, while denying that she started this whole thing.
It is debatable as to who actually started it.

# There are other ways to respond to someone else's post that you disagree with than cussing them out.
That rather depends. If the writer is extremely angry and justifies that anger, cussing is understandable and acceptable.

# Even I have a professional enough manner not to do that.
This is a contradictory statement.

# Then, she mocks me again, saying I directly insulted her by calling neurodiversity pedophiles, when she knows that is not what I did.
I think all readers of the blog knew that it is exactly what he did.

# The fact that Belinda the Nobody was sexually molested as a child plays a great deal into the fact that she joined neurodiversity.
This statement has proof to back it up.

# Victims of molestation often are subconsciously drawn to pedophiles, which is why the pedophiles over at neurodiversity drew her in and made her their victim.
There is no truth to this at all.

# I tried to pull her back onto my side a few months ago, but by that point she was beyond being helped.
"Pull her back" suggests bullying took place.

# I highly doubt Belinda the Nobody is a "chessmaster." I doubt she even knows how to play.
A highly presumptive statement with no proof.

# Belinda the Nobody would've made herself look better if she'd calmly disagreed, but she chose to look like an idiot and cuss me out.
Given what appears to have been said by Oliver, he deserved the cussing out.

# She also seems to think that she "owns" a portion of the Internet (i.e. her blog) but that isn't true at all.
It is true because it is her responsibility.

# Nobody owns anything on the Internet, and it is all fair game.
You, Oliver, own the rights to your blog.

# I'm neither a liar nor a hypocrite nor a piece of shit
I think all three have been proven valid.

# I never said all NDs were pedophiles
Yes you did.

# It seems as if all of Phil's World wants me dead, which is why they should be disbanded.
There is no proof of this statement.

# Belinda the Nobody will not see the light and refuses to accept that autism needs to be cured. It's fine if she wants to live that way, but people won't think very highly of her.
People don't think very highly of Oliver so this is a contradictory statement.

# The only one who has is The Informer, and that's only because he's gay and has a sexual attraction toward Phil.
There is no proof of this statement either.

# I'm also not a dipshit because I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
Another attempt to swear on the Bible in effect, and this is not effective.

# As far as I know, Jake Crosby hasn't disowned me. He's still my friend on Facebook.
Many people retain friendship status on Facebook in order to spy on people.

# When multiple people appear to want me dead, it seems as if there may be a forum-wide declaration that that is the case
As stated, there is no proof of this.

# We've both said our peace, so let's just move on and everyone will be happy.
It is clear that the majority will not be happy until Oliver closes his blog.

# And second of all, he (Nixon) wasn't a crook. It was his campaign manager who did most of the bad stuff.
Then why did Nixon resign?

# No, Phil, this isn't an important fight.
That is a debatable point.

# People who advocate for a cure cannot be gagged, as that would be unconstitutional.
If such a advocacy is seen as hate speech it is not covered by the constitution.

# There is no "autism community," Phil.
There certainly is. Everyone affected by Autism is a member of it.

# I have not told a single lie on this blog, and you have no proof that I have.
I have ably proven on this blog that this is a false statement.

# What you consider "hate speech" is constitutionally protected, and doing "damage" in your sense (i.e. derailing neurodiversity) is actually a good thing.
It's not, because it seeks to cause a culture to cease to exist in the eyes of society.

# I have never encouraged violence of any kind, therefore I am constituionally protected.
The constitutional restriction is not just about violence.

# My statement about NDs being pedophiles (that's how it's spelled here) is with merit because of Nick Dubin's arrest.
It has no merit whatsoever.

# Andrew, I'm not gay, so please don't call me that (heaumo).
"Heaumo" means an extreme fool, not homosexual.

# Homosexual activity is intolerable in my bedroom and in anyone else's.
Oliver has no right to dictate to anyone what they do in their own bedroom.

# Using different similar-sounding words based on a technicality is not tolerated either (heaumo).
This has already been explained.

# I do not suck dick, and I am not a fairy, which is just a euphemism for gay.
The term "fairy" is not limited to homosexuals.

# Do you want to be converted from strait to gay?
No such conversion is possible.

# Jonathan Mitchell was a psychology major, and he has a B.A. from UCLA.
There is no proof of this.

# Yes, Andrew, Jonathan's stories are very entertaining, and in a positive way as opposed to a negative one.
The fact that the person concerned is unable to gain a proper publication of his work says otherwise.

This assistance shall continue.

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