Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Assistance Package 69 & 70

The sixty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# She maintains that she doesn't regret her previous post (which is really beside the point), but called me an "asshat" simply because she doesn't agree with me.
It is rather obvious to all that the term used was appropriate.

# I try to find good in people, even if there isn't any.
There is no evidence of this claim.

# Whatever, she's still making herself look like an idiot and making me look better.
On the contrary, Oliver is making himself look like an idiot.

# Those posts don't expose anything; they are merely just her ranting about me and accomplishing little action at all.
It accomplishes a great deal.

# My blog is neither bullshit nor horseshit. Everything I say is true and correct, and that's final.
It's not true and far from final. The stubborn attitude this reveals is harmful.

# Now if only you could overcome your need and desire to harass and belittle autistic people to their wits end.
There is no proof of any general harassment or belittling by these people.

The seventieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# No other curebies have been banned from his blog (except for maybe Paris Tenana and Dave Ayling, but they'll attack anyone kind of like the Asspie Hater).
There is no proof that the people named are curebies, and it has already been shown elsewhere who Asspie Hater was.

# He's just being a pussy and giving in to Phil, rather than standing his own ground.
It is clear from more recent times that this is not the case

# Did you know that four young gay teenagers just killed themselves simply because they preferred men? That is not right! They should've been taught to embrace their heterosexual side (like Ted Haggard did), and it'd have been all smooth sailing from there.
They don't have a heterosexual side. No gay person does. They are homosexual.

# My life is in my hands, as well as those of Big Pharma. They're the ones who want me to be autistic
God wants you to be autistic, Oliver.

# I could ignore the fact that I'm autistic and live a decent life that way
You can't.

# I really don't think God's that fucked up a person if He wants me to be autistic.
This comment has already been addressed.

# I also don't believe I was born with autism (it was vaccine-induced)
It is fairly clear upon investigation that all people with Autism were born with it.

# The health food brands are poor, so I wouldn't be able to get a sizable judgment anyway
This is again based in the assumption that chelation is a pharmaceutical company product and it is not.

# My recent statements were directed primarily at autistic people, so normal people will not likely know that I even said them.
They do.

# My parents don't really associate with my online activities, so no apology to them is necessary.
Yes there is, because you are making their name look terrible.

# Homosexuality is indeed a choice. Just ask James Dobson.
A poor source of information.

# It will be proven that vaccines cause autism once Big Pharma is thrown in jail.
This will never happen.

# Chelation mainly takes out mercury, while Lupron lowers testosterone.
Lupron takes out all heavy metals, including mercury. It is a strong chelator.

# I'd say that more than 50% of people with Asperger's/high-functioning autism are virgins, but I don't know for sure.
It can be easily assessed that the figure is a lot lower than that.

# He (James Dobson) is a very revered figure.
He most certainly is not.

# My blog also doesn't promote "fear" of autism. It merely promotes reality over fantasy.
The "reality" presented is done through fear.

# I am not a whiner. I speak the truth, and I demand justice. That is all.
That is whining.

# Most people who read this blog take it seriously and agree that autism needs to be cured.
I am yet to see anyone take the blog seriously.

# The vast majority of the world believes that autism needs to be cured, and agrees with everything I say.
There is no proof of this claim.

# That would be like saying everyone is a Democrat just because Nancy Pelosi is, when the vast majority of the world is a Republican.
This is a wild claim with no basis in reality.

# I mean, they have 19 children, and if all of them multiply at the same rate, America will be full of Republicans!
It will take four generations to achieve that and even then if the rest of the world multiplies at the same rate this would be countered easily.

# According to John Best, autism was invented in 1931 by Eli Lilly.
John Best is a well known liar.

# The reason Jonathan Mitchell is still a virgin at 55 (a position nobody wants to be in) is because he is autistic and thus is a turnoff to girls.
Apparently there is information that clearly states that this is not the reason.

# Since it's impossible to lose your virginity over the age of 40, Jonathan is pretty much screwed for life.
That is a false statement.

# I think the ideal age to lose your virginity is between 14 and 16.
If there is an ideal age, it would be between 21 and 25.

# I used to think that going to college would help me lose my virginity, but then I realized that autistic people can't go to college.
This is a false statement.

# My blog is one of the few autistic blogs out there that tells the pure and unadulterated truth
It doesn't.

# Autism is the reason for my virginity, as well as all the other problems I have.
It isn't.

# Also, "real world education" is not part of any academic curriculum, but I think I know it better than you do.
It is clear from this blog that Oliver has very little real world education.

# It wasn't until I discovered the blogosphere that I relized what a corrupt organization neurodiversity actually was.
There is no proof of this claim.

# The Wild Boy of Ayeron was mentally retarded, not autistic.
The evidence is increasing that he was in fact autistic.

# All autistic people by definition are poisoned by mercury. If they chelate themselves, they won't be autistic anymore.
This is not true.

# Once you turn 40, the chances of you losing your virginity decrease by about 50-100%.
This is a false statement.

# Everyone knows that way more than 10% of autistic people are still a virgin, and their autism is the only reason.
Again, this is a false statement.

# Jonathan Mitchell had not yet been diagnosed with autism when he attended college
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# The vast majority of the world believes that homosexuality is a choice.
This is completely false and abhorrent.

# My blog is not hate speech.
"Autism is Bad" is clearly hate speech by itself.

# What you don't understand about VGW is that all their academic classes meet state standards, and they have the same authority to give out a diploma as any normal school.
Upon investigation, Village Glen West is a special school and is therefore not qualified academically.

# Anyone who views the fact that autism can be cured as a "bizarre notion" is clearly lacking some real world experience.
On the contrary it is a very real world view.

# I don't know of anyone else who thinks that autism can't be cured.
Scientists know that autism can't be cured, not just think it.

# It was Barack Obama who fucked up our nation, not George W. Bush.
Demonstrably false. Bush threw the US economy into reverse after all the hard work Clinton did.

# Obama bailed out the auto industry and passed a stimulus package that has put us in debt, and he completely fucked up our healthcare system.
The Republicans who blocked Obamacare did that.

# Republicans believe in economic freedom for the people, not for government officials.
They believe in it for business, not the people.

# It's the Democrats who want to tax people and then abuse that privilege.
How do they abuse the privilege?

# We don't have Parliament here, so there would never be a case of a president having a "minority government" as in Australia.
Congress is America's "Parliament".

# Under ObamaCare, people will end up being euthanized, just like your dog was.
This is a false and abhorrent statement.

# If a girl breaks her leg in a skiing accident, she will be euthanized so that Obama can avoid paying her medical bills.
That is a disgusting and reprehensible statement.

# If we leave it in the hands of private insurance companies, we can be sure our tax dollars don't get wasted.
On the contrary, private insurance companies exist for profit and for nothing else.

# All in all, I ended up bankrupting my parents because of it, and they still haven't paid the bill.
There is no proof of this claim.

# I'm smarter than you by 15 points.
There is no proof of this statement either

This assistance shall continue.

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